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The House that Evil Built -- Part 13



November 19, 2013
by Little Bobby Motch

From THE HISTORY OF THE LIFE of Reverend William Mack Lee:

       “I was born June 12, 1835, Westmoreland County, Va.; 82 years ago. I was raised at Arlington Heights, in the house of General Robert E. Lee, my master. I was cook for Marse Robert, as I called him, during the civil war and his body servant. I was with him at the first battle of Bull Run, second battle of Bull Run, first battle of Manassas, second battle of Manassas and was there at the fire of the last gun for the salute of the surrender on Sunday, April 9, 9 o'clock, A. M., at Appomattox, 1865.

        The following is a list of co-generals who fought with Marse Robert in the Confederate Army: Generals Stonewall Jackson, Early, Longstreet, Kirby, Smith, Gordon from Augusta, Ga. Beauregard from Charleston, S. C., Wade Hampton, from Columbia, S. C., Hood, from Alabama, Ewell Harrison from Atlanta, Ga., Bragg, cavalry general from Chattanooga, Tenn., Wm. Mahone of Virginia, Pickett, Forest, of Mississippi, Mosby, of Virginia, Willcox, of Tennessee, Lyons, of Mississippi, Charlimus, of Mississippi, Sydney Johnston, Fitzhugh Lee, nephew of Marse Robert, and Curtis Lee, his son.

        The writer of this little book, the body servant of Gen. Robert E. Lee, had the pleasure of feeding all these men at the headquarters in Petersburg, the battles of Decatur, Seven Pines, the Wilderness, on the plank road between Fredericksburg and Orange County Court House, Chancellorsville, The Old Yellow Tavern, in the Wilderness, Five Forks, Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg, Boonesville, Gettysburg, New Market, Mine Run, Cedar Mountain, Civilian, Louisa Court House, Winchester and Shenandoah Valley.

        At the close of the struggle, General Lee said to General Grant: "Grant, you didn't whip me, you just overpowered me, I surrender this day 8,000 men; I do not surrender them to you, I surrender on conditions; it shall not go down in history I surrendered the Northern Confederate Army of Virginia to you. It shall go down in history I surrendered on conditions; you have ten men to my one; my men, too, are barefooted and hungry. If Joseph E. Johnston could have gotten to me three days ago I would have cut my way through and gone back into the mountains of North Carolina and would have given you a happy time." What these conditions were I do not know, but I know these were Marse Robert's words on the morning of the surrender: "I surrender to you on conditions."

        At the close of the war I did not know A from B, although I had been preaching two years before the war. I was married six years before the war. My wife died in 1910. I am the father of eight daughters and I have twenty-one grand children and eight great-grand children. My youngest child is 42 years old.

       I was raised by one of the greatest men in the world. There was never one born of a woman greater than Gen. Robert E. Lee, according to my judgment. All of his servants were set free ten years before the war, but all remained on the plantation until after the surrender.

       I have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ the best I knew, with my limited preparation, for 57 years. My master, at his death, left me $360 to educate myself with. I went to school. I studied hard at the letter, but my greatest learning came from Jesus Christ. God sent me out to preach, and when God sends a man out, he is qualified both with the Holy Ghost and the Spirit. He makes his words sharp as a two-edged sword, and his feet as a burning pillar of brass.

        I was ordained in Washington, D.C., July 12, 1881, as a Missionary Baptist preacher. The beginning of my work as an ordained minister was with the Third Baptist Church, Northwest, Washington, D.C., which I built with 20 members, at a cost of $3,000. This church increased from 20 to 500 members during my pastorate. I also built another church in the same city, a frame building, 20 x 36 feet long, at a cost of $2,000. I took this church with 8 members and left it with 200 at the close of two years.

        My next pastorate was at Cantorsville, about eight miles northeast of Baltimore, Md., in Baltimore county. There were 12 members of this church, when I took charge. I erected for a house of worship a frame building 22 x 38 at a cost of $3,500. At the end of four years the membership had increased from 12 members to 365. I resigned this charge and took a church in Norfolk county, Virginia, six miles from the city of Norfolk. In this little town called Churchland, I erected a brick building, stone front, for a house of worship, at a cost of $5,500, in the year 1912, all of which has been paid, with the exception of about $500. When I began the building of this last house for God, I sought aid from abroad. I went into three states and by the help of the Lord, and good friends of Virginia, North and South Carolina, I have succeeded in raising over $5,000 for this last project. I preached in 36 counties in South Carolina in 1915, 28 counties in North Carolina, and 23 counties in Virginia. The following is a list of cities and towns that responded to my call for help in relieving the indebtedness  of my church:--Virginia: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Berkley, Brambleton, Newport News, Hampton, Cape Charles, Eastville, Pocomoke City, Charles City, Suffolk, Lynchburg, Danville, Crewe, Blackstone, Petersburg, Ivor, Waverley, Zuni, Appomattox, Bedford, Roanoke and Hollins. South Carolina: Columbia, Charleston, Summersville, Kingtree, Lake City, Bennettsville, Florence, Mullen, Hartsville, Darlington, Marion, Dillon, Latta, Sumpter, Spartansburg, Orangeville, and Branchville. North Carolina: Raleigh, Wilmington, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Greensville, Greensboro, Selma, Clinton, Tarboro, Little Washington, Edenton, Elizabeth City, Wilson, Windsor, Kinston, LaGrange Beaufort, Durham, Hamlet, Rockingham, Gibsonville, Lovington, Ahoskie, Tunis, Reidsville, Winchester.

        Having stayed on Marse Robert's plantation 18 years after the war and with limited schooling, I am not ashamed to give my history to the world that it might cause some of the young Negroes who have school advantages from childhood and early youth, to consider life more seriously and if men of my type had lived in their time, how far they would exceed them along lines of religious, educational and business activities. I contribute my success to my teaching from God. When John was writing on the Isle of Patmos, God appeared to him and said, "Write no more, John, seal up what thou hast written." John fell face foremost. God said, "Rise upon your feet, fear not, I am he who was persecuted, seal up what has been written and write no more." The apostle Paul says the letter kills a man, but the word of God makes him alive in our Lord Jesus Christ. A man gets nothing for starting a journey, but gets pay for being faithful and, holding out to the end. If a man lives according to the Ten Commandments, he will be blessed, because the chief word in the Decalogue, obedience; and obedience to God is service to man.

        In addition to my pastoral duties I found time to look after the bodily wants of my fellowman as well as his spiritual needs. To this end I organized the State Benevolent Association of Virginia, for colored people, at Charlottesville in 1887. In 1888 I organized at Washington, D. C., the Supreme Grand Lodge United States Benevolent Association of the District of Columbia. The district associations of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are under jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge, whose office and building is located at 428 R Street, N. W., Washington. I am elected Grand Chief for life at a salary of $50 per month and traveling expenses.

        This association pays sick dues and death benefits and aids its members while out of employment by allowing a weekly sum of $2.00 for 4 weeks each, or until employment is secured, and gives each unfortunate a chance to pay back same to the Association in easy installments of 25 cents a month until the amount has been paid, so advanced by the Association's Treasurer. The brotherhood requires its members to help those find employment who are not employed.

        I have some gavels made out of the poplar where Marse Robert bade farewell to his comrades and instructed them to go home and make themselves good citizens and may I urge those who read this book, especially my people, to take the advice of the humble writer, try to make yourselves good citizens by being industrious, save your money, educate yourselves, buy property, etc., let your religion be more practical and less sentimental. The best friends we have are the Southern people who know all about our raising, and if we colored people want to get along well with the white people, we must show our behavior to, respect and be obedient to them. These are my views to our race.” End quote.

Today blacks are taught to hate whites. I was raised by both blacks and whites, and when I graduated from Albemarle County High School in 1975, race relations were far better back then. Truth Be Told with bilderberg Obama and his council directing wife in the offal pile office, race relations have reached an all-time low.

The secret societies are all about division - one means - divide the races by pitting them against each other, which has been successful. Citizens it's a proven fact the secret societies control the carefully edited information contained in this Land's so-called history books.

Last year I mailed Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson two letters and discussed the secret societies in detail. If we had established a dialog my plan was for Jesse to ask Sean bobble head Hannity some tough questions. I also sent BOND, Jesse’s organization two $500 donations and purchased a Copy of Reverend Peterson’s SCAM, a Book I encourage every black to read. Except for Jesse's thoughts on supreme judge/sludge Clarence cnp speaker Thomas, it is right on target.

This year Dr. Ben Carson and Miss Candy Carson received the same donation for the CARSON SCHOLARS FUND. In September I wrote Ben a letter requesting him to discuss the secret societies. I had watched Ben’s presentation at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast where Ben pointed out some flaws in the whole concept of Obamacare. And a week or two ago I watched footage where Ben said the irs paid him an auditing visit not long after Ben’s prayer breakfast speech. (Folks most of what is wrong with the irs was brought to Light in this newscast.) Benjamin this Country cannot be AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL (a Book I have) until the secret societies and their lies have been Exposed.

The First Step is building and testing a model of the South Tower.

Both last year and this year I emailed Black Agenda Report asking Bruce and Glen to mention in their blogs some black secret society members. At the bar website, with few exceptions, everything is whitey’s fault, therefore I can’t type I was counting on a response.

A sort of mystery to me is Walter E. Williams, a black professor at George Mason University due to Walt’s name shows up on a list of bohemian grove owls for 2006. From the webpage: “Walter Cronkite, the infamous and notable TV journalist, is also a member and listed in the directory. The 'P' next to his name denotes "Regular - Professional." Also listed is the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf.

Beyond Presidents and elite world controllers, the exclusive male-only club has obviously used the appeal of the retreat to influence the world of academia-- at least 50 well-known universities are represented at Bohemian Grove, including almost every school in California, at least any that come to mind. The members -- which includes listings of older and deceased members who no longer attend -- are influential faculty members, board members, trustees or presidents of universities.

Stanford University with 17 members and U.C. Berkeley with 19 members, were the most heavily represented schools.

Stanford University (David Michael Kelley, David Beaven Abernethy, Michael J. Boskin, David W. Brady, Carlos A. Camargo, James P. Collman, Thomas H. Henriksen, Ken Jowitt [Hoover Institute], Michael A. Keller, Arjay Miller, Charles G. Palm, John Raisian, Channing Rex Robertson, D.A. Skoog ["Old Guard" member in 1964], John B. Taylor, Bill Walsh, Pete Wilson [Hoover Institute]).

U.C. Berkeley (Walter Alvarez, Jesse H. Choper, Charles Faulhaber, Michael A. Harrison, Andrew G. Jameson, Howard R. Katz, Watson M. Laetsch, Hayne E. Leland, Donald A. McQuade, Charles H. Mel, Richard A. Muller, Kevin Padian, Thomas H. Pigford, P. Buford Price, Vincent H. Resh, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, George W. Rutherford, David A. Shirley [Emeritus], Charles H. Townes).

OTHER UNIVERSITIES IN CALIFORNIA: Claremont-McKenna, (Jack L. Stark), Pepperdine University (Charles B. Runnels, Kenneth W. “cover-up artist for the Clintons” Starr), CA Institute of Technology (David Baltimore, Charles Elachi), U.S.C. (Shelton Berg, Michael L. Garrett, Brian E. Henderson, M.D. [School of Medicine], Stephen J. Ryan, Steven B. Sample), Scripps College, Claremont, CA (John H. Chandler [member since 1983), U.C. Irvine (Robert C. Combs), U.C. Davis (Arthur H. Smith, Lloyd H. Smith, Jim L. Sochor [Emeritus], Joe P. Tupin, Larry N. Vanderhoef, Julian R. Youmans), University of the Pacific (Donald V. De Rosa), California Academy of Science (Robert C. Drewes), U.C. Hastings School of Law (Geoffrey C. Hazard, William T. Hutton, Frederick W. Lambert, Stephen A. Lind), U.C. Santa Barbara (Robert A. Huttenback), University of California (Hugh D. McNiven, Rudi Schmid), Scripps Institute, UCSD (Charles F. Kennel), CA Academy of Sciences (John P. Kociolek), UCLA (James Q. Wilson [also Harvard emeritus]), U.C. San Francisco (Jay A. Levy, Robert G. Miller, Ronald D. Miller, William R. Murray, Stanley B. Prusiner, Arthur N. Thomas), University of San Francisco (John LoSchiavo, John P. Schlegel), SF State University (John E. McCosker, Arthur Mejia), S.F. Conser-vatory of Music (Colin Murdoch), Cal State University (Ward M. McAfee), Harvey Mudd College (Joseph Platt), U.C. San Diego (Kirk L. Peterson), Santa Clara University (Peter O'Malley Pierson).

UNIVERSITIES OTHER THAN IN CALIFORNIA: Princeton University (Orley Clark Ashenfeler), Universit of WA (Thomas L. Bosworth, Edward D. Verrier), Yale University (Gerad N. Burrow), University of Calgary (Barry Cooper), Vermont Law School (Douglas M. Costle), Bates College, ME (Edward S. Harwood), Universite Paris (Bertrand Jacquillat), University VA Law School (Charles W. Johnson), Sante Fe Institute (Edward A. Knapp), University of Texas (Bobby Ray Inman, Darwin R. Labarthe, Jeffrey C. Smith), University of Maryland (John Lenczowski), University of Nevada-Reno (Warren L. Lerude), Morehouse College (Walter E. Massey), Howard University (Kurt L. Schmoke), Rockefeller University (Frederick Seitz [labeled as "old guard"; obtained membership in 1966], Wake Forest University (James F. Toole), Duke University Law School (Francis E. McGovern), University of North Carolina (David F. Merten), Amherst College (Joseph G. Moore), Syracuse University (Sean O'Keefe), Columbia University (Ralph M. Richart), Middlebury College (John Spencer), Oberlin College (S. Frederick Starr), George Mason University, VA (Walter E. Williams).” Walt, I was disappointed when I read your name and my disapointment was compounded after reading "Walter E. Williams" on the list of owls for 2008.

I may be mistaken but I believe Sean O’Keefe is from LSU. Back to Alex's webpage: “Institute of International Education founded in 1919, in the same time-frame of the League of Nations and the C.F.R. (Richard M. Krasno).

Bobby Ray Inman, former head of the NSA and defamed candidate for Secretary of Defense under Clinton, now at the University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs in Austin, TX.

Christopher C. DeMuth of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. and Edwin Meese III of The Heritage Foundation.

James A. Kelly of the Pacific Forum CSIS in Honolulu.

Consul General of Japan, Makoto Yamanaka.

Dennis M. Power, Director of the Oakland Museum.

Fmr. Surgeon General of the U.S., Richard Carmona (term: 2002-July 2006).

Consular Mexico - Alfonso de Maria y Campos.

The Consul General of Luxembourg, Robert Biwer.

Also, the Indian Ambassador to the U.S., K Shankar Bajpai (Jan 25, 1968), also a CFR member.” End quote.

The names above are only a tiny slice of the academics/idiots who expect Clear Thinkers to believe in magic bullets and that a handful of fires caused three concrete and steel buildings on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 to collapse onto their foundations.

Blacks all but one of the Most Honest Accounts I’ve read this year discussing your race were penned by Walter E. Williams. His posts are available here. From Walter’s Feb. 20th 2013 Column titled Abraham Lincoln, Walter: “In an 1858 letter, Lincoln said, "I have declared a thousand times, and now repeat that, in my opinion neither the General Government, nor any other power outside of the slave states, can constitutionally or rightfully interfere with slaves or slavery where it already exists." In a Springfield, Ill., speech, he explained, "My declarations upon this subject of negro slavery may be misrepresented, but can not be misunderstood. I have said that I do not understand the Declaration (of Independence) to mean that all men were created equal in all respects." Debating with Sen. Stephen Douglas, Lincoln said, "I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of ... making voters or jurors of Negroes nor of qualifying them to hold office nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races, which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality."

You say, "His Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves! That proves he was against slavery." Lincoln's words: "I view the matter (Emancipation Proclamation) as a practical war measure, to be decided upon according to the advantages or disadvantages it may offer to the suppression of the rebellion." He also wrote: "I will also concede that emancipation would help us in Europe, and convince them that we are incited by something more than ambition." At the time Lincoln wrote the proclamation, war was going badly for the Union. London and Paris were considering recognizing the Confederacy and considering assisting it in its war effort.

The Emancipation Proclamation was not a universal declaration. It detailed where slaves were freed, only in those states "in rebellion against the United States." Slaves remained slaves in states not in rebellion – such as Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware. The hypocrisy of the Emancipation Proclamation came in for heavy criticism. Lincoln's own secretary of state, William Seward, said, "We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free."

Lincoln did articulate a view of secession that would have been welcomed in 1776: "Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. ... Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people that can may revolutionize and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit." But that was Lincoln's 1848 speech in the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the war with Mexico and the secession of Texas.

Why didn't Lincoln feel the same about Southern secession? Following the money might help with an answer. Throughout most of our history, the only sources of federal revenue were excise taxes and tariffs. During the 1850s, tariffs amounted to 90 percent of federal revenue. Southern ports paid 75 percent of tariffs in 1859. What "responsible" politician would let that much revenue go?” End quote.

Walter’s May 7, 2013 post Honest Examination of Race, Walter: One definition given for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; it might also be a definition of stupidity. Let's look at some cities where large percentages of black Americans live under poor conditions.
Experiencing a violent crime rate of 2,137 per 100,000 of the population, Detroit is the nation's most dangerous city. Rounding out Forbes magazine's 2012 list of the 10 most dangerous cities are St Louis; Oakland, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Birmingham, Ala.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Stockton, Calif.; Cleveland; and Buffalo, N.Y. The most common characteristic of these predominantly black cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by Democratic and presumably liberal administrations. Some cities – such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia – haven't elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. What's more is that in most of these cities, blacks have been mayors, chiefs of police, school superintendents and principals and have dominated city councils.
You might ask, "What's the point, Williams?" Let's be clear about it. I'm not stating that there's a causal relationship between crime, poverty and squalor on the one hand and, on the other, Democratic and black political control over a city. Nor am I saying that blacks ought to vote Republican. What I am saying is that if one is strategizing on how to improve the lives of the poorest black people, he wants to leave off his to-do list election of Democrats and black politicians. Also to be left off the to-do list is a civil rights agenda. Racial discrimination has little to do with major problems confronting black people.

Today 72 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. Being born and finding out that your mother is 17 years old, that your grandmother is 35 and that you don't know who or where your father is is not a good start on life. In fact, it's a near guarantee for school dropout, poverty and crime, but such a start in life has nothing to do with racial discrimination.

Law-abiding poor black people suffer the nation's highest rates of criminal victimization from assaults and homicide. More than 50 percent of homicide victims are black. Would anyone claim that this victimization is caused by racist groups preying on the black community? In addition to victimization, the level of lawlessness in many black communities has the full effect of a law banning economic growth. That's because the thugs are equal-opportunity thugs who will rip off a black-owned business just as they'd rip off a white-owned business.

Black education is a disaster, but who runs the violent, disruptive big-city schools, where education is all but impossible? For the most part, it's not white people. Go to a city such as Detroit and you'll find that blacks have been superintendents, principals and most of the teachers for years. Most black high-school students, in Detroit and other cities, can't read, write and compute as well as sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade white students, but is it because of racism? What the elite teach is not only futile but counterproductive. For example, speaking standard English in an English-speaking country is critical for self-improvement. But that's not the lesson from the nation's multiculturalists, who call for the celebration of native languages and dialects. Sloppy-minded academics and assorted hustlers have taught that poor English, gangsta rap, men wearing pigtails and thug behavior should not be criticized but become a part of the celebration of diversity.

Black people could benefit from an honest examination of the bill of goods they've been sold. Such an examination would not come from black politicians, civil rights leaders or the black and white liberal elite. Those people have benefited politically and financially from keeping black Americans in a constant state of grievance based on alleged racial discrimination. The long-term solution for the problems that many black Americans face begins with an absolute rejection of the self-serving agenda of hustlers and poverty pimps.” End quote.

This one might be my favorite, as it makes me laugh; it deals with the mindset of the politically correct crowd. Walt’s April 30th Column - Liberal Suffering and Confusion, Walt:

"The liberal world vision and reality are often at variance, for example, with equal pay for equal work. I've often watched "Lockup," a show that features California supermax prisons, including Pelican Bay and Corcoran. Often, a recalcitrant prisoner must be extracted from his cell through brute force. I've never seen female guards remove a prisoner. If they are part of the process at all, it's to videotape the extraction for legal purposes. It's my bet that female guards receive the same salaries as male guards while not having to risk injury. Along the same lines, women on aircraft carriers earn as much as their male counterparts, but I have yet to see women hefting a hernia bar to attach a 500- or 1,000-pound bomb to a fighter jet wing. All of this suggests that liberals are for equal pay for unequal work. Or could it be sex discrimination whereby equally qualified women are denied the opportunity to extract beastly inmates from their cells and load heavy bombs on fighter planes?

Here's another bit of liberal confusion. Liberals deny that raising labor cost through minimum wages reduces incentives to hire. But if you asked a liberal for advice on how to stop rich people from shirking their tax obligations, they'd say raise the penalty. Ask low-information Harvard University doctors what should be done to stem gun violence and they answer that government should institute "a new, substantial national tax on all firearms and ammunition." Ask Illinois' Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle how to reduce purchases of bullets and guns. She'd say levy a nickel tax on each bullet and a $25 tax on each gun. Liberals demonstrate they understand the law of demand – that raising the cost of something lessens the amount taken – but they deny that it applies to labor. That's as ludicrous as suggesting that the law of gravity applies to everything in the universe except cute creatures, such as pandas and puppies.

Liberals love political correctness that conceals information. For example, how does one know whether the "chair" of a board of directors or the chair of a city council is a man or woman? This issue arose during my (1995-2001) chairmanship of George Mason University's distinguished economics department. At a chairman's meeting or gathering, I was referred to as department chair. I told the speaker that I am a chairman and that I have empirical evidence as proof. Needless to say, it didn't go over well, but academics don't like the terms chairwoman or chairperson, either, but puzzlingly, God forbid that people refer to their idol as Chair Mao instead of Chairman Mao."

Sisters and Brothers, as to the butcher Mao, explain to me why I read a piece posted by Fox stating a caricature of Mao was one of the Obama family’s 2009 “Christmas” decorations? How many Chinese were killed under Mao? GOD only knows. I have read estimates from 40 to 70 Million. How many Russians were killed from Lenin to Putin? In the range of 50 Million. Which organizations put those putrid hearts in power? The secret societies.

"How liberals identify black people must be confusing to whites. Having been around for 77 years, I have been through a number of names. Among the more polite ones are colored, Negro, Afro-American, black and, more recently, African-American. Among those names, African-American is probably the most unintelligent. Let's look at it. To identify their races, suppose I told you that I had a European-American friend, a South America-American friend and a North America-American friend. You'd probably say, "Williams, that's stupid. Europe, South America and North America are continents and home to different races, ethnicities and nationalities." You might suggest that my friend is a German-American instead of European-American. My friend from Brazil is a Brazilian-American rather than a South America-American, and my friend from Canada is a Canadian-American instead of a North America-American. So wouldn't the same apply to people whose heritage lies on the African continent? For example, instead of claiming that President Barack Obama is the first African-American president, he's the first partially Kenyan-American president. Obama is lucky; he knows his national heritage. The closest thing to a national identity for most black Americans is some country along Africa's Gold Coast. Adding to the confusion, what would you call a white American of Afrikaner or Egyptian descent? Is he an African-American?

Liberals suffer confusion and cognitive dissonance because the rest of us don't help explain things to them.” End quote.

Let’s address guns and bullets. First of all - guns don’t kill, people do after loading and pulling the trigger. What country has the lowest crime rate? Switzerland. Why? Because after each male finishes his mandatory military training, when his time is up, the rifle he used goes home with him. Therefore nearly every Swiss household has a gun. Sometime in the last 12 or so months I read a piece where the keeping the gun part might be changed. That would not bode well for the Swiss. It is within reason to write either a swiss bilderberg or trilateral made that proposal.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder and James Comey, The Reason Why Chief Sitting Bull’s quote: "I Want to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle." was posted on the home page at is this: AMERICA'S Well Meaning are in Dire Need of Ammunition to Fire at Their Citizen stabbing, denying, lying government --- the military industrial-congressional complex. Folks why the hell has dhs purchased 1.5 billion rounds in 2012 alone and nearly 3,000 APCs, armored personal carriers?! I know Janet cfr Napolitano is a conniving pratt house rat, and Napolitano was dhs’s head wolf when those deals were made.

Obama, Biden, Holder, Comey and bilderberg, pratt, sec. of defense Hagel, AMERICA’S “problems” begin and end with the “face” you see whenever one of you certified wolves looks in a mirror.

Barack bones toy, bilderberg in 2008 Obama, the Report: Obama Brags About Killing People With Drones - fits you to T.

AMERICA in Mr. Jones’s The Obama Deception, the footage that Angered Me the Most was of George skull, owl jr, laughing while that bastard was asking his audience, where are the weapons of mass destruction? I don’t know where George was when he and his audience laughed while he kept on looking for fictitious weapons, but I can type with 100% Certainty the venue was a gathering of certified bastards and bitches.

It is time to build a model of the South Tower. Some will ask, why not Building 7? Because that implosion is too Obvious!!! The Best Break Down showing the implosion of #7 is here. The homepage for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. There please scroll down the page until a 15 Minute Documentary with Mr. Ed Asner comes into view. After watching the first 5 minutes most of US will have determined Building 7’s implosion should be academic/idiot Proof.

Citizens the putrid hearts who are Your government know that I have the necessary funds in my attorney’s escrow account to build a 40 Ft. built to scale model of the South Tower. The model is to be constructed with the same fire-proofed steel as used in the Twin Towers. Construction grade steel doesn’t melt until heated to over 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. AMERICA after 24 hours the Model Will Still Be Standing; on the other hand, the black-heart’s lies will tumble to the ground.

A word play because all the wanna be king’s partners in crime, the lying men and women comprising the Bush and Obama administrations/abominations won’t be able to put “humpty-dumpty” back together again.

Robert Adolphus Motch


November 22, 2013

On this day 50 years ago, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered by the military industrial-congressional complex. 10 years ago abc, (a major player in the main-stream-media) which has sponsored the chatham and pratt houses, trotted out Peter bilderberg in 1995 Jennings to lie:  Back and to the left in no way indicates where a bullet came from.

Today at The Patriet’s, Mrs. Devvy Kidd’s website, there’s a link to a news article written by Michael Thomas on November 21st. Michael:  

“Mainstream Media Maintains The Lee Harvey Oswald Narrative - Almost everything we know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy has been planted in our minds over years of mainstream media (MSM) programming. Virtually every theory advanced has been either conjured up or promoted by those who control the MSM. Therefore, just like all the false leads which were published during November of 1963, much of this ‘official’ information is highly suspect.

However, as far as the much more expansive JFK assassination coverup is concerned, many of those accused parties had either a direct or indirect hand. No matter what the degree of participation, a conspiracy of silence is always the most deafening. And always the most successful over the long term.

MO of the JFK Assassination

The most obvious hallmark of the ‘execution’ of the assassination plot is that it was a classic CIA implementation plan. Whoever it was necessary to directly involve in the conspiracy to murder JFK was inserted into this extremely compartmentalized operation, and done so on a strictly need-to-know basis. This same modus operandi applies to the coverup as well.

Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty, that certain elements within the CIA, Secret Service, FBI and Dallas Police Department had to have had a direct hand in both the assassination plot and following coverup. Over the course of time, there were other law enforcement agencies which were drawn into the coverup phase by necessity. All law enforcement agencies are run according to military-style pyramidal hierarchies, so it was very easy for them to control the flow of information over the many intervening decades.” End quote.

Five days ago a Dear Friend of mine emailed a link to a less than 3 minute video all of US should see. After watching it, Those with 40 or more brain cells should come away with – it is no-brainer certain secret service agents were in on President Kennedy’s assassination.

Back to Michael under the sub-heading: Lyndon B. Johnson had both the motive and the power.

"There is no question that Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) had both the incentive and the position of power to ensure a relatively seamless operation. He also enjoyed the protection and influence of the southern good-ole-boy network. Both Big Oil and the Military-Industrial Complex money stood squarely behind him. So did the entire Texas political machine. After all, isn’t that why Dallas was chosen as the site of the very public execution. Simply put, LBJ and his many cronies had “the whole place wired” right down to Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository.

It was common knowledge at the time of John Kennedy’s election that LBJ was chosen as Vice President only because of his political prowess in Congress and his ability to deliver Texas. However, what is less well known is that the level of animosity between the Kennedy and Johnson camps was as intense as it was toxic with a capital “T”. The personal animosities likewise ran so deep that many wondered how the sentiments would play out in the day-to-day outworking of the Kennedy Administration.

JFK did have many enemies in high places, because of his plans for world peace.

For instance, the list of alleged conspirators includes everyone from Cuban exiles to Russian KGB agents, from Fidel Castro to Nikita Khrushchev. Did these accused parties have an axe to grind with JFK, or were they purposely offered up to the MSM as red herrings? Would either of them ever attempt an assassination of a sitting US president? Not very likely at all. However, just like these examples, there are many others who have been proposed as co-conspirators because of having been on the wrong side of the fence with the Kennedy brothers, both John and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

When you examine the list below of the “disaffected” you quickly grasp how easy it would be for LBJ et al. to oversee a coverup with great ease by way of a conspiracy of enforced silence.

• CIA — JFK fired Director Allen Dulles • FBI — JFK was spied on by J. Edgar Hoover • Chicago Mafia — JFK had a run in with Sam Giancana; RFK took on organized crime • Roman Catholic Church — JFK refused to follow their ‘orders' * Israel – JFK rebuffed David Ben Gurion’s request for nuclear weapons • Federal Reserve — JFK issued an executive order which re-established the Treasury’s power to print money • Military-Industrial Complex — JFK was intent on winding down the Viet Nam War • Republican Party — They believed that JFK’s father stole the 1960 presidential election• Secret Societies — JFK revealed their existence in a high profile speech. (John’s speech to a pack of newspaper publishers in April 1961.)

This list goes on, but what we have here is a group of extremely formidable foes of the Kennedy clan. Not only are ALL of them natural friends in the political world; in JFK they saw a common enemy. His policies were quite contrary to their shared desire and notion of the perpetual war economy. Consequently, there was but one solution.” End quote. More of Michael’s reporting is available here.

The warren commission and the house select committee on assassinations reports say the cia, fbi and secret service played no role in murdering PRESIDENT KENNEDY - two Bold Faced Lies!!

James Comey, we may not agree, but I have the opinion Those with Curious Natures as it relates to lying scumbags who have been fbi agents over the years should read this. Citizens the newspaper column doesn’t say much for Thomas lawyer Downing either, but at least he didn’t sign off on the house committee’s report, which is far more than can be said for Louis lawyer, former pratt rat, then house of rats member and ‘select committee chairman’ Stokes.

All that Americans need to know about the house select committee on assassinations can be summed up by rocke-dem senator Christopher bilderberg in 1999, 2000 & 2001, pratt rat, lawyer Dodd, then a member of the house of rats - was on Stokes’ committee. On second thought - Harold lawyer Ford sr., since you were part of that ‘cover-up committee’ would you like to announce why your rocke-dem former house of rats, pratt rat son, Harold jr., was a bilderberg with senators Clinton and Obama in 2008?

When the alfalfa club dined in 2011 – 7 of Dodd’s table 10 diners were former N.J. governor Christine bilderberg in 1998, current pratt house director Whitman; then Mississippi governor, Haley owl, pratt rat Barbour; then Virginia governor, Robert McDonnell (who has been replaced by Terry bilderberg in 2002 McAuliffe); former senator and ambassador to China, Jim pratt rat Sasser; former chairman of the joint chiefs, Michael Mullen; senator Kay bilderberg in 2002 Hutchison and Obama “senior advisor” Valerie lawyer Jarrett, who for years was a player in the crooked federal reserve system. (The link is to the offal pile office, evidently the Obamas and Bidens are proud of Jarrett's federal reserve bankster roots.)  

AMERICA the best breakdown I know of about the rocke-dem party is here. There, Bob Parks points out covered-over rocke-dem history. I also appreciate Bob mentioning the First Americans, Red Americans were denied the right to vote until 1924. Bob the reason why I didn’t type “Mr.” before your name – I think you are aware of the secret societies and holding back.

Bob let’s take look at former rocke-pub ‘national committee chair’ Michael Steele, his comment about then senator Arlen lawyer/liar for hire, magic bullet theory Specter made in April 2009. Steele: “For the senator to flip the bird back to senator Cornyn and the republican senate leadership, a team that stood by him, who went to bat for him in 2004, to save his hide is not only disrespectful but down right rude…” Steele, AMERICANS should be flipping the bird at every member of congress, whether rocke-dem or rocke-pub.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Since the ivy league’s secret societies are directly responsible for a major portion of America’s and the Globe’s problems, an ivy league school should be the host for testing a model of the South Tower, and since Dartmouth is the home of the Thayer School of Engineering, no doubt the college’s faculty including Bridget L. pratt rat Coggins will be ecstatic over the opportunity. (Citizens please follow the link in order to see Chelsea Clinton is a pratt rat like Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton.)

Another group who should welcome the opportunity and by all rights pay for the model’s construction is the rockefellers brothers fund, especially since the fund’s president is none other than Stephen pratt rat Heintz. As I type the name below his on the rat’s roster is Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose skull & bones, bilderberg, alfalfa dining husband is the current good for nothing, war mongering - sec. of state.

Three rocke-brothers fund trustees are Richard maggot, pratt Rockefeller, Steven maggot, pratt Rockefeller and R. Nicholas pratt, trilateral wolf Burns. If Folks follow the link, while scrolling down the list please notice supreme sludge/judge Stephen G. Breyer’s name.

Let’s read Nicholas Burns’ bio at the center for the study of the presidency & congress, or cspc, one of the sorriest think/stink tanks in existence: “The Honorable Nicholas R. Burns is Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a member of the Board of the School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He is Chair of the School's Middle East Initiative and a new program on India and the Subcontinent. He is Director of the Aspen Strategy Group, Senior Counselor at the Cohen Group, a member of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations and of several Boards, including the Richard Lounsbery Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. He served for 27 years in the American Foreign Service including as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (2005-2008), U.S. Ambassador to NATO (2001-2005), U.S. Ambassador to Greece (1997-2001), State Department Spokesman (1995-1997) and for five years (1990-1995) was a member of the National Security Council Staff at the White House on Russian Affairs.” Ladies and Gentlemen, if Burns could spell “honorable”, he would have demanded the rocke-brothers fund or the cspc wolf pack build and test a model of one the Twin Towers years ago.

Some of pratt Burns’ like-minded pals inside cspc include Mel bankster “JP Morgan” Martinez, Edwin owl Meese, Stephen bones Schwarzman, George bilderberg Stephanopoulos, David alibi club Abshire, David trilateral Gergen and Togo alfalfa club West. When the alfalfas dined in 2011, the four table heads at table 1 were John bilderberg Huntsman; the Marine Corps head, gen. Amos (Amos would you like to tell Americans why I have watched video of Marines guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan?!); then lice-vice chairman of the joint chiefs, gen. James Cartwright, who currently sits on the board of directors for chatham and pratt sponsor Raytheon; Jay bankster “Citi” Collins and former Clinton cabinet member Togo D. pratt rat West jr. Sisters studying the lists of chatham hyena and pratt rat corporate sponsors is time well spent.

Ladies, Bridget pratt, ivy league professor Coggins wrote a paper in 2011 for the “project on globalization and the national security state” for the centre of international peace and security studies, a joint venture between the University of Montreal and McGill University. Her title Do Failed States Produce More Terrorism: Initial Evidence From The Non-Traditional threat Data (1999-2008).

Bridget, when put in the proper perspective, in Patrick “Give me Liberty or give me death” Henry’s, Washington’s, Adam’s or Jefferson’s perspective, the most failed state is the United States of America. Coggins here’s a Fact for you, the skull & bones founded cia, an arm of the failed u.s. government has sponsored more terrorism here and abroad than any other organization on the planet.

Gentlemen, harold pratt house rats can lie all they want but that doesn’t change Every American’s Reality – SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 was a u.s. government sponsored Mass Murder.

Brothers more Reality, after accepting the power the skulls wield, take into account the bilderbergs, pratts and trilaterals who led or were placed on the 9/11 Cover-Up commission. One example of the latter is John pratt rat, owl Lehman. So know if he denies making a speech at bohemian grove in 1991, he is lying as usual. Lehman titled his speech Smart Weapons, during which he said 200,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed during the Gulf War.

AMERICA, the owl’s grove is an extension of the military industrial-congressional complex. Skeptics should ask Newt former house of rats, owl, pratt rat for years Gingrich the year he made a speech at the grove? And/or Colin bilderberg, current pratt house director, owl, liar for hire Powell.

November 27, 28 and 29, 2013

Let’s refocus our thoughts on building a model of the South Tower. AMERICA a good place to start is here, which proves the 9/11 commission’s report - the Twin Towers’ cores were "hollow steel shaft[s]" is a Bold Faced Lie! Fact of the matter photographs don’t lie, however people do, especially those with lawyer, bilderberg, pratt, trilateral and alfalfa club roots; the “leaders” of the crooked as can be cover-up commission.

From 9/11 Research:The core columns were steel box-columns that were continuous for their entire height, going from their bedrock anchors in the sub-basements to near the towers' tops, where they transitioned to H-beams. Apparently the box columns, more than 1000 feet long, were built as the towers rose by welding together sections several stories tall. The sections were fabricated by mills in Japan that were uniquely equipped to produce the large pieces.

Some of the core columns apparently had outside dimensions of 36 inches by 16 inches. Others had larger dimensions, measuring 52 inches by 22 inches. The core columns were oriented so that their longer dimensions were perpendicular to the core structures' longer, 133-foot-wide sides. Construction photographs found at the Skyscraper Museum in New York City indicate that the outermost rows of core columns on the cores' longer sides were of the larger dimensions. Both the FEMA's World Trade Center Building Performance Study and the NIST's Draft Report on the Twin Towers fail to disclose the dimensions of the core columns, and the NIST Report implies that only the four core columns on each core's corners had larger dimensions.

Like the perimeter columns -- and like steel columns in all tall buildings -- the thickness of the steel in the core columns tapered from bottom to top. Near the bottoms of the towers the steel was four inches thick, whereas near the tops it may have been as little as 1/4th inch thick. The top figure in the illustration to the right is a cross-section of one of the smaller core columns from about half-way up a tower, where the steel was about two inches thick. The bottom figure shows the base of one of the larger core columns, where the steel was five inches thick. The bases of the columns also had slabs of steel running through their centers, making them almost solid.” End quote.

These photos make it easier to visualize how large the columns were. Now please visit the links and look at photos of concrete and steel buildings that burned for 3 to 16 hours or more. Take a good look at the Beijing Mandarin Oriental Hotel Fire, 9/11 Research: “The most recent example of a spectacular skyscraper fire was the burning of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental starting on February 9, 2009. The nearly completed 520-foot-tall skyscraper in Beijing caught fire around 8:00 pm, was engulfed within 20 minutes, and burned for at least 3 hours until midnight. Despite the fact that the fire extended across all of the floors for a period of time and burned out of control for hours, no large portion of the structure collapsed.

It is tempting to draw parallels between this spectacle and the destruction of WTC 1, 2, and 7 because of the stark opposites: on 9/11/01, three skyscrapers were transformed into piles of rubble primarily as a consequence, supposedly, of fires -- fires spanning small fractions of each building; and on 2/09/09, a skyscraper remained intact after burning like a torch for hours. However such parallels may be limited by major structural differences between the buildings in the two cases -- one being that the Hotel Mandarin Oriental, designed by the famous Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, had a full-height interior atrium, and thus had the hollowness that the 9-11 Commission deceptively attempted to attribute to the Twin Towers.”

Here and here are photos of the handful of fires in WTC 7, which the wolves want US to believe caused #7 to crash straight down. Fact: the 9/11 commission’s deceitful liars knew there was no way in hell to explain it, so they left #7’s implosion out of their bullshit report. 

No doubt Dartmouth’s Engineering Students will have fun constructing a 40 ft. x 40 ft. x 40 ft. model of the South Tower, a steel building that burned for less than 1 hour, before, according to the bilderbergs Hamilton, Kean and Zelikow there was total structural failure and collapse.

To make it easier for the Students and the Army’s Corps of Engineers, the model will be scaled down as per the blueprints for the top four floors; after which scale down the steel column’s and steel bracing’s dimensions to 1/2 of what should be their actual size. Forget about windows in the model, however over the scaled down floor system - pour a 1-inch concrete slab on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

Also at least half of the first floor’s vertical columns should be anchored in cement pads, similar to how the South Tower was anchored to the ground on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. After the concrete floors cure for one week, cut 1/3 of the steel columns half way up one exterior wall between the 3rd and 4th floors, but not the corner as shown in this video. Next cover 1/4 of the 3rd floor with saw dust, kindling and pieces of oak 1 to 2 feet thick sprayed with jet fuel. AMERICA to carry out the test the right way, former president George skull Bush jr., Dick trilateral Cheney, president Barack bilderberg Obama and Joe “how I came to love the new world order” Biden should strike the matches to set the 3rd floor ablaze.

Sisters and Brothers, after 1 Hour the model Will Not resemble a pile of rubble, nor will any thermite be found in the wood ash. On the other hand thermite residue was everywhere after Three Steel Buildings were imploded on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

If Donald bilderberg, owl Rumsfeld & Colin bilderberg, owl Powell or the current sec. of defense Chuck bilderberg, pratt Hagel and current sec. of state John bones, bilderberg Kerry deny thermite was used, they are lying as usual.

What do the bastards Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden, Rumsfeld, Powell, Hagel and Kerry have in common besides hearts blacker than the ace of spades? Each has dined with the alfalfa club. Doubters can ask three current senate skanks for conformation - Mark pratt, rocke-dem Warner; Joe pratt, rocke-independent Lieberman and John pratt, rocke-pub McCain.

Loose Change: Final Cut and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Productions are Excellent. About the only thing missing are the wolves that be secret society memberships.

In this series I have Praised Six Lionesses - The Jersey Girls, Mrs. Devvy Kidd and Mrs. Sibel Edmonds. Readers, there is another Lioness deserving Praise and Thanks, Miss April Gallop, who is black. 

On SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, Miss April was at Her desk inside the pentagon when a missile slammed into the building approximately 40 ft. from where April and Her two month old Son were sitting. Citizens, Miss April has been interviewed by Miss Devvy, Mr. Alex Jones and Mr. Jesse Ventura to name three. When Jesse interviews April for truTV, that episode covers a host of topics few Americans are aware of. Please watch it for Your Children’s Sakes. All of US need to know the cell phone calls supposedly made on 9/11 from the jet liners were figments of the wolves that be imaginations. AMERICA voice cloning technology has been around since the late 1990s. Another Fact: there weren't any on flight or seat back phones on the jets in question.

The first video taken at the pentagon that morning was shot by Mr. Bob Pugh. During this interview Bob describes the hole in the pentagon as no more than 20 feet in diameter before a section of the building collapsed.

When April, holding Her Son, walked out of the pentagon, April exited the building by the hole created by the missile. When interviewed Aprils says She saw no sign of a jet hitting the building, nothing inside or outside the building. Folks, You tell me how is it possible for a jet with a wing span of 124 ft. to fit inside a 20 ft. hole? And then there’s - where are the two holes the jet’s engines would have made?

Bottom line it should be D.L. Hughley and Bill Maher bobble head proof why Robert cover-up artist Mueller ordered the fbi to round all of the security camera footage taken on that morning and lock those tapes away in the wolves’ version of safe keeping.  In time Our damn government released 5 frames, however those frames sure as hell Do Not Show a jet hitting the pentagon. 

Since day one, 9/11, April has had a problem with the official story “a jet hit the pentagon”, because April didn’t see or smell any jet fuel. During a segment, April recalls the visit She received from military brass, Her inferior superiors while in the hospital. There She was told the official “story line” they were selling to the Public. Brothers please watch this 43 minute episode hosted by Jesse for truTV. Gentlemen since this is the so-called “information age”, do your Children a Favor, Educate Yourselves into the ways and means used by the powers that be. Citizens in one segment Jesse interviews Janice 9/11 commission counsel Kephart and as to be expected Kephart reverts to what lawyers do best - deny and lie. 

Here is one of the best reads I’ve found about Miss April Gallop taking on Our government, specifically taking Dick owl Cheney, Donald owl Rumsfeld and gen. Richard owl Myers to court. April filed suit in December 2008. On March 15, 2010 – judge/sludge Denny Chin ruled the case was “frivolous” and based on “cynical delusion and fantasy.”

All that I need to know about Denny Chin is found in one paragraph from his bio at Wikipedia: “In 2012 Chin presided over the criminal sentencing of Anil Kumar, a senior executive of McKinsey and Company in the Galleon Group insider trading investigation. Chin sentenced Kumar to 2 years of probation.” (Denny is Sally pratt rat Chin your kin-folk? And since you attended ivy league Princeton did you receive an invitation to join ivy club?)

Let the record show Anil Kumar is a pratt rat.  As I type his name is between Steven G. Kull and Maria Teresa Kumar on the rat’s roster. 

AMERICA, McKinsey and Company is one of the pratt house’s corporate sponsor “Founders” with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan Chase and Exxon Mobil to point out five.

Four paragraphs from one of the best reads, activistpost webpage: “A December 2010 poll conducted by the prestigious Emnid Institute, and reported in the German magazine “Welt der Wunder,” revealed that 89.5% of German respondents do not believe the official story of 9/11. German Federal Judge, Deiter Dieseroth, stated in December 2009 that:

“No independent court has applied legal procedures to review the available evidence on who was responsible for the attacks.”

The stakes in this case are epic, including the possibility of an overwhelming transformation of the world’s understanding of history, not to mention American citizens’ relationship with their government.

The case of Gallop v. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers will be heard on Tuesday, April 5 at 11 a.m. at the Federal Courthouse at 141 Church Street in New Haven, Connecticut.” End quote. Hmm - New Haven, Connecticut home of the skull and dung institute Yale and beaucou’ more secret societies.

On a separate but related topic, odds are neither April or Mr. William Veale (the attorney representing April) were aware of the skulls, book & snake, scroll & key, wolf’s head and elihu, etc. etc.

According to what I’ve read all three appellate judges attended Yale – they were John M. Walker jr., Ralph Winter jr. (his bio at Wikipedia is an interesting read) and Marina Corodemus. Who appointed judge/sludge Walker to the “second court of appeals”? None other than George skull, former pratt director, owl, trilateral, alfalfa & alibi club Bush sr. I know Walker jr. went to Yale, and I know his father, John M. Walker sr. was bones – class of 1931. Likewise John Walker junior’s uncle, George Herbert Walker jr., was bones class of 1927. Fact of the Matter: judge/sludge John Walker jr. is George skull junior’s second cousin.

Walker was no more going to turn on the wolves that be any more than Porter book & snake, house of rats congressional inquiry, former pratt rat Goss, who skull jr. handed the reins of the bones founded cia in September 2004.

As to judge/sludge Ralph Winter jr., who went to Yale, in his federal judicial center bio I just read Winter has been a senior fellow inside the brookings institute and a adjutant scholar inside the american enterprise institute. At bilderberg 2013 - Richard Perle’s official title was: “Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute”. At bilderberg 2012 - Cheng Li’s official title was: “Director of Research and Senior Fellow, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution”.

AMERICA there is much to be said for – Know Your enemy!!! It is also well within reason one or more those three judges are secret society members as well.

November 30, 2013

I hope Readers have found The House That Evil Built series Eye Opening in the context of who actually runs this gone to hell country.

Thursday the 28th was Thanksgiving, a day few of AMERICA’S Forgotten Race celebrate. Without trying to step on many toes - Mrs. Devvy Kidd’s GIVING THANKS TODAY FOR WAR, KILLING, DESTRUCTION, MURDER posted at NewsWithViews on the 28th accurately describes “Thanksgiving” all the way back to the Massachusetts colony.

Before opening Miss Devvy’s Column, let’s go back to April 1865 and inside Appomattox Courthouse. When General Robert E. Lee was introduced to one of Gen. Grant’s right hands, Lt. Colonel Ely Parker, a Seneca Indian, Lee said: I’m glad to see one real American here. (Hmm - real American here.)

Now let’s look at real history via the keyboard of one of the few academics who types Truths, Mr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo. Thomas:

“In a recent issue of The American Enterprise magazine devoted to the War between the States (see my LRC article, "AEI is Still Fighting the Civil War") Victor Hanson, a visiting professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, defends and makes excuses for Lincoln's intentional waging of war on Southern civilians. This included the bombing, pillaging and plundering of their cities and towns, the burning of their homes, total destruction of farms and livestock, gang rape, and the killing of thousands, including women and children of all races. (See Merchant of Terror: General Sherman and Total War by John Bennett Walters or The Hard Hand of War by Mark Grimsley).” An important side note: the first skull & bones professor to teach at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland was William Chauvenet class of 1840. He arrived in 1845.

“It was all justified, says Hanson, because General Sherman and his men were supposedly motivated by the belief that it was necessary "to guarantee the American proposition that each man is as good as another." Sherman's "bummers," as they were called, were "political avenging angels" who were offended by racial inequalities in the South. They were driven by "an ideological furor, to destroy the nature of Southern aristocracy." The "tyrannical Southern ruling class" needed to be taught a lesson. (Besides, he writes, "rapes during [Sherman's] march were almost unknown)."

In reality, neither Sherman nor his soldiers believed any of these things. (And rapes were not as "unknown" to the Southern people as they are to Hanson). In the Northern states at the time, myriad Black Codes existed that prohibited blacks from migrating into most Northern states and kept them from entering into contracts, voting, marrying whites, testifying in court against whites (which invited criminal abuse), or sending their children to public schools. They were excluded altogether from all forms of transportation or required to sit in special "Jim Crow sections." They were prohibited from entering hotels, restaurants or resorts except as servants, and were segregated in churches, prisons, and even cemeteries. Free blacks in the North in the 1860s were cruelly discriminated against in every aspect of their existence, and were denied the most fundamental of citizenship rights.

Sherman himself certainly did not believe that "each man is as good as another." For example, in 1862 Sherman was bothered that "the country" was "swarming with dishonest Jews" (see Michael Fellman, Citizen Sherman, p. 153). He got his close friend, General Grant, to expel all Jews from his army. As Fellman writes, "On December 17, 1862, Grant . . . , like a medieval monarch . . . expelled ‘The Jews, as a class,' from his department." Sherman biographer Fellman further writes that to Sherman, the Jews were "like niggers" and "like greasers (Mexicans) or Indians" in that they were "classes or races permanently inferior to his own."

The notion that Sherman's army was motivated by a belief that all men are created equal is belied by the further fact that just three months after General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox the very same army commenced a campaign of ethnic genocide against the Plains Indians. In July of 1865 Sherman was put in charge of the Military District of the Missouri (all land west of the Mississippi) and given the assignment to eradicate the Plains Indians in order to make way for the federally subsidized transcontinental railroad. Like Lincoln, Sherman was a friend of Grenville Dodge, the chief engineer of the project. He was also a railroad investor and he lobbied his brother, Senator John Sherman, to allocate federal funds for the transcontinental railroad. "We are not going to let a few thieving, ragged Indians stop and check the progress of the railroad," he wrote to General Grant in 1867 (Fellman, p. 264). As Fellman writes:

[T]he great triumvirate of the Union Civil War effort [Grant, Sherman and Sheridan] formulated and enacted military Indian policy until reaching, by The 1880s, what Sherman sometimes referred to as "the final solution of the Indian problem," which he defined as killing hostile Indians and segregating their pauperized survivors in remote places . . . . These men applied their shared ruthlessness, born of their Civil War experiences, against a people all three despised, in the name of Civilization and Progress (emphasis added).

Another Sherman biographer, John F. Marszalek, points out in Sherman: A Soldier's Passion for Order, that "Sherman viewed Indians as he viewed recalcitrant Southerners during the war and newly freed people after the war: resisters to the legitimate forces of an orderly society," by which he meant the central government. Moreover, writes Marszalek, Sherman's philosophy was that "since the inferior Indians refused to step aside so superior American culture could create success and progress, they had to be driven out of the way as the Confederates had been driven back into the Union."

"Most of the other generals who took a direct role in the Indian wars,” writes Marszalek, "were, like Sherman, [Union] Civil War luminaries." This included "John Pope, O.O. Howard, Nelson A. Miles, Alfred H. Terry, E.O.C. Ord, C.C. Augeur, and R.S. Canby. General Winfield Scott Hancock should be added to this list of "luminaries." Among the colonels, "George Armstrong Custer and Benjamin Grierson were the most famous."

Sherman and General Phillip Sheridan were associated with the statement that "the only good Indian is a dead Indian." The problem with the Indians, Sherman said, was that "they did not make allowance for the rapid growth of the white race" (Marszalek, p. 390). And, "both races cannot use this country in common" (Fellman, p. 263).

Sherman's theory of white racial superiority is what led him to the policy of waging war against the Indians "till the Indians are all killed or taken to a country where they can be watched." As Fellman (p. 264) writes:

“Sherman planted a racist tautology: Some Indians are thieving, killing rascals fit for death; all Indians look alike; therefore, to get some we must eliminate all . . . deduced from this racist tautology . . . the less destructive policy would be racial cleansing of the land . . .”

Accordingly, Sherman wrote to Grant: "We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women and children." Writing two days later to his brother John, General Sherman said: "I suppose the Sioux must be exterminated . . ." (Fellman, p. 264).

This was Sherman's attitude toward Southerners during the War for Southern Independence as well. In a July 31, 1862 letter to his wife (from his Collected Works) he wrote that his purpose in the war was: "Extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least part of the trouble, but the [Southern] people." His charming and nurturing wife Ellen wrote back that her fondest wish was for a war "of extermination and that all [Southerners] would be driven like the Swine into the sea."

With this attitude, Sherman issued the following order to his troops at the beginning of the Indian Wars: "During an assault, the soldiers cannot pause to distinguish between male and female, or even discriminate as to age. As long as resistance is made, death must be meted out . . ." (Marszalek, p. 379).

Most of the raids on Indian camps were conducted in the winter, when families would be together and could therefore all be killed at once. Sherman gave Sheridan "authorization to slaughter as many women and children as well as men Sheridan or his subordinates felt was necessary when they attacked Indian villages" (Fellman, p. 271). All livestock was also killed so that any survivors would be more likely to starve to death.

Sherman was once brought before a congressional committee after federal Indian agents, who were supposed to be supervising the Indians who were on reservations, witnessed "the horror of women and children under military attack." Nothing came of the hearings, however. Sherman ordered his subordinates to kill the Indians without restraint to achieve what he called "the final solution of the Indian problem," and promised that if the newspapers found out about it he would "run interference against any complaints about atrocities back East" (Fellman, p. 271).

Eight years into his war of "extermination" Sherman was bursting with pride over his accomplishments. "I am charmed at the handsome conduct of our troops in the field," he wrote Sheridan in 1874. "They go in with the relish that used to make our hearts glad in 1864-5" (Fellman, p. 272).

Another part of Sherman's "final solution" strategy against this "inferior race" was the massive slaughter of buffalo, a primary source of food for the Indians. If there were no longer any buffalo near where the railroad traveled, he reasoned, then the Indians would not go there either. By 1882 the American buffalo was essentially extinct.

Ironically, some ex-slaves took part in the Indian wars. Known as the "Buffalo Soldiers," they assisted in the federal army's campaign of extermination against another colored race.

By 1890 Sherman's "final solution" had been achieved: The Plains Indians were all either killed or placed on reservations "where they can be watched." In a December 18, 1890 letter to the New York Times Sherman expressed his deep disappointment over the fact that, were it not for "civilian interference," his army would have "gotten rid of them all" and killed every last Indian in the U.S. (Marszalek, p. 400).

To Victor Hansen and the American Enterprise Institute this is the kind of man who “deserves a place on the roll call of great liberators of human history.” Native Americans would undoubtedly disagree.” End quote. The above was posted in February 2003.

Red Nations, since Dick alfalfa, owl, pratt Cheney sits on their board of trustees, that tells me all I need to know about the american enterprise institute. I’ll leave it to the Millions upon Millions of deceived Americans to connect the aei dots between judge Winter, bilderberg Perle and trilateral Cheney in the section posted yesterday.


“How many millions of turkeys and all the trimmings today are paid for with profits from the endless, unconstitutional, grotesque invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and U.S. sanctioned murders in Pakistan by drones? Not a very pleasant subject to interfere with football games, pumpkin pie and the grand kids running around the house, but it needs to be said.

TRILLIONS of BORROWED dollars stolen from we the people to support invasions of foreign countries trying to kill an ideology, not an army. The "war on terror" based on lies, lies and more lies sold to the American people at a moment in time, September 11, 2001, when our nation was at its most vulnerable.

Iraq was destined to be picked off a long time ago. The way to do it was to convince the American people Iraq was a threat to America and when that didn't work, resort to justifying invasion as a "war of liberation."

March 20, 2004: President justifies U.S. war of 'liberation.' "There are still violent thugs and murderers in Iraq, and we're dealing with them," Bush said. "But no one can argue that the Iraqi people would be better off with the thugs and murderers back in the palaces. Who would prefer that Saddam's torture chambers still be open? Who would wish that more mass graves were still being filled? Who would begrudge the Iraqi people their long- awaited liberation?"

Really? 5.1 MILLION Iraq's are now displaced in their own country or are refugees abroad. Estimates are more than one million dead since the yippy-kay-yay cowboy, George skull Bush, Jr., decided to invade that country. Recall the vomit spewed by former SOS, Mad Madeleine Albright during a 60 Minute interview:

Lesley bilderberg, pratt rat Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Secretary of State Madeleine bilderberg, current pratt rat director, trilateral Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."

Somehow I doubt the parents of those children think it was worth it. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan don't hate us because of our freedom, they hate us for invading their countries and the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children who have nothing to do with foreign policy or terrorism.

"Long awaited liberation," Mr. skull & bones Bush? After killing a million or more human beings and destroying their countries, the US has liberated their population? Let me provide a bit of history here: Seven times the U.S. government has engaged in unconstitutional nation building - Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, East Timor and Liberia. EVERY time it's been a monumental failure just as Iraq and Afghanistan will be down the road. The U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to steal from the people's treasury to reconstruct or rebuild any foreign country.

"Our" government created and groomed "terrorists" like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. When the time came, "our" government turned the tables and went after them with the might of our military while feeding the masses reprehensible lie after lie after lie.

War is business and business has been booming since before 9/11 when Bush, Sr., began the toxic 'Persian Gulf War' - something George Washington warned about with words of wisdom:

"The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop. Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none; or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.

Our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course. If we remain one people under an efficient government. the period is not far off when we may defy material injury from external annoyance; when we may take such an attitude as will cause the neutrality we may at any time resolve upon to be scrupulously respected; when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.

Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rival-ship, interest, humor or caprice? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat it, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense. But, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and would be unwise to extend them." End quote. AMERICA how many of US can see the Daylight to darkness differences between President George Washington, the skull Bushes and two of the bones pack’s favorite toys, Clinton and Obama?

Reading Devvy’s Columns inevitably teaches me something; in this case about new world order lover Biden. Miss Devvy: “We have to remember the underbelly was simply one more step to enforcing a world government. From the lips of one of the most inept useful fools ever to hold public office, Joe Biden. Old Joe gave a speech titled “On the Threshold of the New World Order: The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1900s and Beyond," addressed to the U.S. Senate, Washington, DC, June 29, June 30 and July 1, 1992:

"Two years ago, an act of aggression by an Arab despot against a tiny Arab sheikdom led the president of the U.S. [Bush, Sr.] to invoke a magisterial phrase. He spoke, in rare visionary terms, of a "New World Order" in which wrongs would be put right through collective action...." One may surmise that the President did not follow through with the concept of a New World Order because he had not thought it through - just as the Administration has consistently lacked any guiding principle that would give coherence to its policy towards Iraq.

An America Ready for Renewal and Change. To be more than merely utopian, the American agenda for a New World Order must not only aspire to realistic goals internationally, it must be grounded in the only feasible foundation for the foreign policy of our democracy: a sound base of public support."

More from Devvy: “While the figures are a year old, (2011) one can see just how much of an impact the military/industrial complex has on the economy:

The Department of Defense is the single largest employer in the United States, with 1.4 million uniformed personnel on active duty, and more than 700,000 full-time civilians. The defense industry, meanwhile, is believed to employ another 3 million people, either directly or indirectly.”

And: “The "war on terror" has been a golden cash cow for defense contractors like Halliburton: Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 BILLION on Iraq War. Stolen from you and me. Every penny borrowed since OUR treasury has been overdrawn trillions for decades. Every one of those paychecks drips with the blood of innocents.” Please read the entire post.

I’m going to back up to January 2013 and look at dollar figures provided by Brad Plummer on January 7th. Brad: “On Monday afternoon, President Obama will nominate former Nebraska senator Chuck alfalfa club, 3 time bilderberg whore, pratt rat Hagel (R) as secretary of defense. The confirmation hearings are likely to focus on Hagel's views on Israel and Iran. Yet the biggest headache likely to face the next defense secretary will almost certainly be the U.S. military budget.

All told, the U.S. government spent about $718 billion on defense and international security assistance in 2011 — more than it spent on Medicare. That includes all of the Pentagon's underlying costs as well as the price tag for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which came to $159 billion in 2011. It also includes arms transfers to foreign governments.

(Note that this figure does not, however, include benefits for veterans, which came to $127 billion in 2011, or about 3.5 percent of the federal budget. If you count those benefits as "defense spending," then the number goes up significantly.)

U.S. defense spending is expected to have risen in 2012, to about $729 billion, and then is set to fall in 2013 to $716 billion, as spending caps start kicking in.” End quote.

Question: Why hasn’t Obama, Biden, Kerry or Hagel dipped into their money grubbing, war mongering pockets to cover the costs of building a model of the South Tower? Answer: It would put an end to the cash cow known as the military industrial-congressional complex. Bottom line - those four black-hearts are carbon copies of Bush, Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld.

December 1st, 2nd and 3rd,

Last night at around 11:30 I read Mr. Paul Crouch has taken the journey, meaning Paul died yesterday. I won’t deny Paul did a lot of Good in His Life, but I will type Paul and TBN, along with Pat playing on both sides of the fence Robertson and his CBN have failed in their duty; informing their Viewers (Those who have so Faithfully supported those ministries.) about the secret societies.

Robertson tell US why you didn’t mention the bones pack and their whores, the bilderbergs in your book The New world Order? Bottom line - those are the two most predatory packs operating in this Country. Pat, your choices in the near future will determine whether or not you will continue to play on both sides of the fence, or Do WHAT IS RIGHT For A Change. Jay Sekulow, T.D. Jakes and Dr. James Dobson the same applies to you three wanna bees in regards to leadership as well.

James Dobson, I have no respect for the council on national policy or its award winners like you. Jay cnp Sekulow, Truth Be Known the only cnp member who can spell Integrity is Mr. Gary North. James and Jay, Those who have paid your bills over the years should read four paragraphs from Mr. North’s post at on Jan. 22nd 2005, Gary:

“In 1984, I attended a closed dinner meeting of the leaders of the American Right, (the cnp) where the organization gave an award to John owl, pratt Lehman, Ph.D., the Secretary of the Navy. The man who handed him this award was his former roommate, although we attendees did not know this. Lehman had been one of Henry bilderberg, owl, pratt, trilateral Kissinger's aides before he became Secretary of the Navy. He is still in the news: a member of the 9/11 bullshit Commission. He is an investment banker, as his Web site reveals. Anyway, at that awards meeting, he gave a brief speech on the build-up of the Soviet navy. Knowing what I knew, I started to walk out. There are limits to my tolerance. But it was a large room. I didn't make it to the door before I heard him criticize Congressional opponents of a larger U.S. Navy. This got to me: the Russians this, the Russians that. I turned around and yelled, "If they are our enemies, why do we feed them?" There was silence. So, just in case anyone missed my point, I said again, "Why do we feed them?"

Of course, I could have mentioned the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council (USTEC), the highly secretive association of the largest American corporations that were trading with the Soviet Union, and which, despite partial government funding, refused to provide a list of its members. The government also refused to reveal this information, despite Freedom of Information Act requests. I had extensive files on this organization. But no one in the audience, other than Lehman, would have known what I was talking about.

I could also have mentioned the fact that the U.S. government in 1972 had authorized the export to the USSR of the unique, patented ball bearing machine tools that alone made possible MIRVed nuclear warheads, a fact that Tony Sutton had revealed in his 1973 book, National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union (Arlington House). That fact remains unknown in American conservative circles, over three decades later. So, I skipped that, too. But the fact that our farmers had been feeding the Russians ever since Herbert Hoover's days under Harding was well known. So, I asked the obvious question. Why do we feed our enemies? Lehman mumbled. I left.

Sutton had the right answer. They were the best enemies our money could buy.” End quote. Ladies and Gentlemen, about the only difference between the cfr and cnp are those two pack’s initials.

Sisters and Brothers, 1999 was a year I will never forget, as that was the year “hearts” of many so-called Christian leaders were revealed to me. Paul Crouch received a check for $400,000 along with a request, I asked Paul to host a conference - AMERICA BE THOU LOOSED. TBN refused to hold the conference and after Paul tried to keep the money, I contacted Jay Sekulow (American Center for Law and Justice) and made two points with Jay. 1. He was either part of the problem, or part of the solution. 2. In one week’s time the money had better be returned or there were going to be consequences. To give Paul and Jay credit the money was returned within a week. What angered me the most in that scenario, a herd of snot nosed cowards, beaucoup ministries on TBN’s rolodex put me on their begging lists. In turn I never sent them so much as a penny.

AMERICA back in mid-November 2006, I was watching Dances With Wolves when a thought occurred to me in the form of a question, could The GREAT SPIRIT and The HOLY SPIRIT be ONE and The SAME?

So I got up, walked over to the vcr, and rewound the movie to the scene where Lt. John Dunbar asks Timmons (the fellow driving the provision wagons) some questions. John: How come we haven’t seen any buffalo? Reply: You can’t figure the stinking buffalo. You can’t. Sometimes you won’t see any for days. Other times, they’ll be thick, like curls on a whore. What about Indians? Indians? Goddamn Indians! You just as soon not see `em unless the bastards are dead. They’re nothing’ but thieves and beggars.

Unfortunately my life’s trail has taught me Timmons’ last sentence fits the supposed leadership of The Body of CHRIST to a T.

Red Nations, I was “Born Again” on June 7th 1992, but ever since November 2006, I have questioned the “manifest destiny” preached for the last 500 years, since 1513 when Spain began colonizing modern day America in Florida.

Folks let’s open The Gospel of the Red Man to a dinner conversation between Mr. Ernest Thomson Seaton (the Author) and Mr. William (Buffalo Bill) Cody on December 15th 1915: Mr. Seaton later penned Bill’s thoughts, Bill said, “I never led an expedition against the Indians but I was ashamed of our government, and ashamed of my flag; for they were always right and we were always in the wrong. They never broke one treaty and we never kept one.”

Back in the early 1870s Mr. Tom Newcomb lived with Chief Crazy Horse’s (Oglala) band and Tom told Mr. Seaton his observations. Tom: I tell you I never saw more kindness or real Christianity anywhere. The poor, the sick, the aged, the widows and orphans were looked after first. Whenever we moved camp, someone took care that the widow’s lodges were moved first and set up first. After every hunt, a good sized chunk of meat was dropped at each door where it was needed most. I was treated like a brother; and I tell you I have never seen any community of church people that was as really truly Christian as that band of Indians.

Those with practical knowledge about Red Societies of yesteryears north of the Rio Grande river already know the American Indians were the Bravest, Cleanest, most Honest, Kindest and Chaste People to have walked or ridden over this continent.  Bottom line - every American should read The Soul of the Indian by Mr. Charles Eastman, Ohiyesa, and The Gospel of the Red Man.

RED NATIONS, to Lead by Example, I hope todays Chiefs will request those two Books be mandatory reading among the Tribes, as too many have lost sight of their roots. In my case, the wolves who track my every move, including phone calls & email know I have cleaned up my life.

I ask the Northern and Southern Cheyenne to allow me this – I realize in better bygone days, sentries were posted around your camps and they howled a warning at the first sign of danger. Citizens those sentries were called wolves, and my choice of wolves for the putrid hearts is by no means meant as a character reflection towards the Cheyenne. 

Red Sisters and Brothers, I compare the black-hearts to lice-covered wolves, whores, hyenas, owls, weasels and rats because behind the scenes that's who those bastards and bitches, masquerading as sheep, are.

Ladies and Gentlemen let’s open The Soul of the Indian, Ohiyesa: “We also have a religion which was given to our forefathers, and has been handed down to us their children. It teaches us to be thankful, to be united, and to love one another! We never quarrel about religion."

Thus spoke the great Seneca orator, Red Jacket, in his superb reply to Missionary Cram more than a century ago, and I have often heard the same thought expressed by my countrymen.

I have attempted to paint the religious life of the typical American Indian as it was before he knew the white man. I have long wished to do this, because I cannot find that it has ever been seriously, adequately, and sincerely done. The religion of the Indian is the last thing about him that the man of another race will ever understand.

My little book does not pretend to be a scientific treatise. It is as true as I can make it to my childhood teaching and ancestral ideals, but from the human, not the ethnological standpoint. I have not cared to pile up more dry bones, but to clothe them with flesh and blood. So much as has been written by strangers of our ancient faith and worship treats it chiefly as matter of curiosity. I should like to emphasize its universal quality, its personal appeal!

The first missionaries, good men imbued with the narrowness of their age, branded us as pagans and devil-worshipers, and demanded of us that we abjure our false gods before bowing the knee at their sacred altar. They even told us that we were eternally lost, unless we adopted a tangible symbol and professed a particular form of their hydra-headed faith.

We of the twentieth century know better! We know that all religious aspiration, all sincere worship, can have but one source and one goal. We know that the God of the lettered and the unlettered, of the Greek and the barbarian, is after all the same God; and, like Peter, we perceive that He is no respecter of persons, but that in every nation he that feareth Him and worketh righteousness is acceptable to Him.

Those Six Paragraphs penned by Ohiyesa say as much or more about what “religion” should be than any other six paragraphs I know of.

When I was a youngster Islam was sold as the Religion of Peace, Cassius Clay became Mohammed Ali. Looking around the Globe, Islam, via Saudi Arabia’s royals, who have funded and proselytized the salafi mindset, has evolved into a religion of hate. Muslims what happened to Allah the Merciful and Allah the Compassionate? For the most part all I see today is continuous raping, robbing and murdering in Allah’s name. To tell It Like It Is - there is nothing 'righteous' about the bastards committing those acts.

Three years ago I watched a movie, The Kingdom of Heaven, and I am sure most Readers will agree with this part of the script: I put no stock in religion. By the word “religion”- I’ve seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God. Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. And goodness, what God desires is here and here. (He points to Balian’s head and heart.) By what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man. Or not.

I have a question for clerics and imams, since I don’t read or write Arabic are there Muslims who have penned Books uncovering and dissecting the new world order? I can only speak for myself and I Thank CREATOR for Christian men like Sir Antony Sutton, Mr. Pat Riott, Mr. Eustace Mullins, Mr. Des Griffin, Mr. David Rivera, Dr. Edwin Vieira and Dr. Stanley Monteith. And then there is Mr. Tony Gosling, it was Tony's website where I read my first detailed information about the bilderbergs.

I am also Thankful for Mr. Walid Shoebat, a Christian man whose website deals with another facet of the new world order, specifically the removal of the Doctrines of Jesus the Christ from every country on the planet.

Barack bilderberg Obama, I know you bowed before Saudi Arabia’s king in 2009. And by this point even ivy league law degree holders like you should have figured out – hell will freeze over before I would bow before any of the world’s so-called royals.

And then there’s your remark while being interviewed by fellow bilderberg George Stephanopoulos in September `08. Barack: You are absolutely right that John McCain ah has not talked about my Muslim faith, and you're absolutely right that is not some… (George tries to fix it by saying: Christian faith.) My, my Christian faith.

As to “religion”, I used to think of Barack as a pushmi-pullyu, depending on what country bones toy is in, he’ll say he’s a Christian; somewhere else, he’s a Muslim. That typed Barack’s political and financial support at U.S. tax-payer expense for the muslim brotherhood is now common knowledge.

The most Honest Account I’ve read dealing with Saudi Arabia’s royals the last three months is here, under the heading “Geert Wilders targets Saudi Flag and EU simultaneously”. (November 25th 2013) Mr. Shoebat:

“Though he never really went away, Dutch politician Geert Wilders hasn’t been a prominent face in the news lately. Nonetheless, if you were wondering what he’s doing these days, wonder no more. Within a span of less than half of a week, he’s definitely back on the scene and just fired with both barrels.

Yesterday, on his blog, Wilders slapped the Saudis while that country was no doubt, busy being outraged at the sweet nuclear deal Iran got courtesy of the Obama administration. Wilders posted his idea for a new Saudi flag and explained why:

“The flag of Saudi Arabia proudly proclaims the Shahada or the Islamic declaration of faith: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

In remembrance of the past nine years, in remembrance of the thousands of victims who were murdered in that period by Islamic assassins, in London, in Moscow, in Mumbai, in Nairobi, and in countless other places, and in remembrance of the millions of people – women, apostates, non-Muslims – who daily suffer discrimination and humiliation from the evil ideology of Islam and oppressive Islamic Sharia law, I offer the Islamic world a new flag – a flag with a declaration of truth and liberation: “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”

Just a few short days earlier, Wilders penned an op-ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. In it, he essentially predicts that the elections across Europe in May will result in a major defeat for the European Union and victories for patriotism.

Via WSJ:

“Here is a tip if you want to ruin the day of the bureaucrats and politicians in Brussels. Just mention next year’s European elections and they will become extremely nervous and agitated. They will fume with anger and warn you about rising populism, a threat to democracy.

Next May’s European elections, in which almost 400 million people in the 28 EU member states will be allowed to cast their votes, will in all likelihood produce a landslide against the Eurocrats. What will manifest itself, however, is not a rise of populism, but a victory for democracy.

For decades, Brussels has been able to do what it pleases. That period is over. People have finally come to realize that so-called europhiles aim to destroy Europe’s nations, the homes of national democracies. And people are not going to let it happen. They are no longer buying the lie that patriotism is dangerous, that it is a vice and not a virtue. They are reasserting their national pride and identity.

Robert Schuman, who was one of the EU’s founding fathers 60 years ago, used to say that the aim of European integration was “to make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible.” But the idea that Germany, France, Britain and other nations in the past went to war because they were sovereign nations is simply ridiculous. They went to war because they had fallen for totalitarian ideologies. Democracies do not go to war against each other; they trade with one another.”

In his piece, Wilders refers to the EU as a “prison of nations” and clearly believes that the climate for patriotism is ripe for return all across Europe. Read it all.

I have not read Geert’s name on a list of bilderberg whores or trilateral wolves. As to democracy there is no such thing in this land, heck the putrid hearts are riding every rat or skank in every race they deem important. And let no one forget at bones toy’s alma mater Haahvard, brand new rats and skanks take mandatory welcome to the new world order classes. The fledgling’s indoctrination is further ingrained inside the cfr’s office in DC, the district of corruption.

AMERICA is a Republic, which was founded upon BIBLICAL Principals; however the Nation’s Founders never practiced “religion” whether Old Testament or New Testament as well as the First Americans.

Something else: one of the greatest lies ever penned is – “Columbus discovered America.” Red Folks were here long before anyone else. As for me, I no longer buy into the drivel the american historical association prints.

Citizens, As for my thoughts about religion, whether or not The Great Spirit and The Holy Spirit are the Same, I’ll let the late Warrior and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker say it for me. Quanah: "The white man goes into his church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his tipi and talks with Jesus.” Please feel free to substitute the word ‘white’ with the other colors of mankind.

A couple of hours ago I received an uplifting email from Miss Devvy. The subject line – Tips for Jesus. In the email there’s a link to this article. I hope folks will read it. In the comments section, I learned there are some people who would complain if they were hung by a new rope. Why they would want to twist gestures of kindness and generosity is beyond me.

I’ll close this section with what is going on in Bangladesh courtesy of Allah and the Saudi pushed salafi-muslim brotherhood mindset.

From the link: “Bangladesh is on the road to becoming another Afghanistan, fulfilling the clearly stated desires of jihadists and fundamentalists, according to Bangladeshis who have fled their homeland.

Imams describe women as filth and demand that they cover themselves. They accuse exploited female garment workers of prostitution when they are forced to work late into the night to earn a living. School children have to dress in Islamic garb, even if they are not Muslims. 

Workers are discriminated against if they are other than Muslim. Land grabs by Muslims of property owned by minorities occur all the time -- with impunity.  Atheist bloggers are beaten and even killed for "insulting Islam," and all this under the supposedly secular Awami League administration.

In the near future, all the non-Muslims may be "ethnically cleansed" from Bangladesh. The world will have lost one more part of the globe to fundamentalists and gained one more staging ground for new attacks on the West.

The minority population in Bangladesh lives under constant fear of loss of life and property, especially in the countryside, where Muslim transgressions more easily escape being publicized.

Imagine this: You are a peasant farmer living in a thatched house in a remote area. You and your brother try to keep a vigil during the night, expecting another raid, since there have been frequent attacks on your neighbors. Men with torches come at three in the morning and set fire to your house, after dragging out your wife and two daughters, ages nine and thirteen. You must fight alone, because your brother was mutilated by the same men in a previous raid. All his fingers were cut off, and his right leg was amputated at the hip so that he would suffer lifelong humiliation as well as disability.

You are beaten and bound, forced to watch the gang-rapes of your wife and daughters. Your house and all your possessions are burned beyond use.

Your wife and daughters are afraid to file a complaint with the police, because they know that the police usually do not prosecute the attackers -- and they may even turn on the victims. (All this, to say nothing of having to bear the shame of being sexually violated.) You have talked with your neighbors about mounting a stronger defense against the frequent attacks, but all of you feel demoralized, knowing that scores or even hundreds of armed men have descended on others like you to punish you for having the temerity to fight back.

You consider fleeing with your family but do not want to give up the land that has belonged to your ancestors for hundreds of years. But if you stay on your land, which is the only life you know, you may very well be killed.

Such is life today in Bangladesh for Hindus, as well as for all the other minorities: Buddhists, Christians, atheists, and animists. The details of this sketch are all too real. They were culled from photos and verbal descriptions of the persecution of the minorities compiled by a human rights organization of Bangladeshi Americans, the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council.

The Bangladesh Unity Council will meet on November 20, 2013 in Washington D.C. with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Hopefully this time they will see results, since the same group has been meeting with other U.S. officials since 1999 without any sign of improvement.” End quote.

Much more of what the Obama administration/abomination supports is available at Mr. Shoebat’s website. For another example of all that is wrong with the muslim brotherhood, please read this under the heading - Muslims Kidnap People, Butcher Them and Take Photos. Reading Columns there is time well spent. In a word they are Educational.

In time, Walid, my Brother in Christ will put His Thinking Cap on as it relates to September 11, 2001.

As for Little Bobby, I won’t throw rocks at a Well Intended Man who has provided me with so much valuable information.

December 6 – 18, 2013

James fbi director Comey, since there was a time in your life when you could spell integrity answer this for AMERICA’S Well Meaning. When the acting attorney general Eric ivy league Holder pulled his head out of George skull & bones/skull and dung junior’s ass to make room for John elmo society Ashcroft to stick his head up W’s ass – was the band playing Pop goes the weasel?

Again I ask the self-righteous/holier than thou crowd to control their emotions because the descriptive nouns in The House That Evil Built series are heard in Barbershop (a movie I watched for the first time in Oct. 2007), Braveheart, Dances With Wolves and The Patriot.

Sisters and Brothers, let’s review the current attorney general’s and fbi director’s bilderberg, pratt and chatham hyena roots.

After Holder wiped the fecal off his face on Feb. 2nd 2001, he headed to pratt house sponsor Covington & Burling. And in 2002 fellow c & b partner Stuart Eizenstat met in mainstream media blacked out secrecy with Andrea nbc Mitchell, Charlie pbs Rose, Jim washington post Hoegland and Paul wall street journal Gigot and the national heads of the rocke-parties, a pair of dep. of corruption lawyers, a rocke-pub senator, a rocke-dem house of rats member where the sec. of defense Donald alfalfa, owl Rumsfeld announced the military industrial-congressional complex was going to attack in Iraq in 2003.

Which two countries were planning the attack behind the scenes and later led the attack? America and England, the crooked beyond belief anglo-american establishment.

Who did Obama turn to after receiving the bones pack’s and later the bilderberg’s blessing to be Our next crooked president? James bilderberg steering committee member, pratt Johnson and Eric fecal faced Holder, who has his own undeniable pratt and bilderberg affiliations. Citizens, who packed then assistant attorney general Varney’s bags before she hopped on jets for bilderberg 2010 and `11? None other than ivy league (Columbia) lawyer Holder, the dep. of corruption’s sorriest wolf.

After James Comey banked his last dep. of corruption paycheck in 2005, he went to pratt rat sponsor Lockheed Martin. In 2010 over to Bridgewater Associates, another pratt sponsor and earlier this year the planet’s leading drug money washing bank, HSBC, named Comey to their board.

From the Business Recorder on July 31, "James B Comey, Jr., an independent non-executive director of HSBC Holdings plc, has resigned from the board with effect from 4 September 2013, following his confirmation by the US Senate as the next Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation," HSBC said in a brief statement.”

Comey to be blunt, you can remain part of the problem, or you can choose to part of the solution. And since “life” is about choices, the choice is yours to make. James it would be to your benefit to read more script from the Kingdom of Heaven: “A king may move a man. A father may claim a son. But remember this, even when those who move you be kings, or, men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before GOD, you cannot say “But I was told by others to do thus.” Or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.”

AMERICA let’s go back to July and Comey’s senate confirmation hearings. The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman: “James Comey, the former US deputy attorney general, said Tuesday that the secret surveillance court that approves wiretapping requests is "anything but a rubber stamp", even though the so-called Fisa court approves nearly every surveillance request by the government.

But Comey declined to criticize the broad, ongoing collection of the phone records when senators asked if they should be scaled back.

Having been out of government since 2005, Comey said that he was "not familiar with the details of the current programs" and did not wish to opine on them. "I do know, as a general matter, the collection and analysis of metadata is a valuable tool in counter-terrorism."

A secret 2009 draft report by the NSA inspector general – one of the internal watchdogs Comey cited as "very effective" – found that the programs have not changed substantially since Comey left the Justice Department in August 2005. The major difference is that now the collection and analysis of phone and internet "metadata" receives the blessing of the Fisa court, albeit without a specific finding that the bulk collection targets people suspected of a crime.

"I can only say with confidence that it's very important for the next director to continue the transformation of the FBI into an intelligence agency," Comey told the Senate panel.

The former deputy attorney general and federal prosecutor hedged on describing the priorities for his prospective 10-year tenure at the helm of the US's top law enforcement and domestic intelligence arm, contending he wanted to review the bureau internally before committing himself publicly to an agenda.

But Comey said he would be a "voice for transparency", especially when it came to declassifying the secret opinions of the Fisa court, which senator Richard Blumenthal blasted for secretly making law by "fiat". Comey did not commit to advocating declassification, but said that if Americans understood more about the court's boundaries for surveillance "they would feel better about it". End quote.

James, we should breakdown: “…to continue the transformation of the fbi into an intelligence agency.” First of all your statement is an oxymoron because the fbi has proven beyond a shadow of doubt the agency’s badge wearers/holders have to be stupid, simple and/or slow to believe in magic bullets and that a handful of fires caused the South Tower, North Tower and # 7 to implode. Truth Be Told the fbi should be renamed the feral bunch of idiots; deceitful men and women who are clueless when it comes to defining “fidelity, bravery, integrity”. (As found on the fbi’s seal.)

James there is only one Mrs. Sibel Edmonds, and other than having Miss Sibel murdered, the fbi did everything the agency could to stop a Bold and Determined, Admirable Woman from publishing Her Truth Filled Book.

Bottom line - 99% of federal badge wearers regardless of which agency - are living a lie, and they know it. And whenever a handful of Those with Integrity try to come forward, this country’s rotten to its core government tries to smear Them, as was the case in the fast and furious, bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms - gun running operation. And when Miss Sharyl Attkisson (a real journalist) tried to find out the rest of the story Sharyl was screamed at, yelled at and cursed (Eric Schultz) by offal pile office and dep. of injustice/dept. of corruption representatives.  

James in 2011 at what is now the YMCA, one of Grove’s police officers and I began having conversations. To make a long story short, He’s the first person I’ve talked to who was aware of the katzenbach memo. Normally I receive a what are you talking about look when I mention it. Comey, He’s another who knows the liars Kerrey, Gorelick, Thompson, Hamilton, Kean & Lehman etc. spewed bullshit from start to finish.

AMERICA it would be negligence if I failed to mention bilderbergs and trilaterals, black-hearted packs of bastards and bitches whose membership includes cia, fbi and nsa directors along with perpetually lying Citizen stabbing 9/11 commission members.

And there’s another federally protected organization, the council on foreign relations, a secretive pack of rats which Stuart Eizenstat was a member of in 2002 when he was a damn bilderberg with Rumsfeld and two dirt bag assistant attorney generals. On the list for 2002, the name above Eizenstat’s is none other than Michael “Disney” Eisner, the name below, Christine A. Elder.

Now let’s look at another subject tearing AMERICA apart.

Holder in 2009 you howled Americans don’t have “frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.” And you went on to use the word cowards. Eric at best you aren’t half as bright as you like to fantasize, so know up front you are the damn coward, not me.  And there’s the known Fact you were a partner in pratt house corporate sponsor Covington & Burling before being tapped by bones toy, liar boy Obama to be the next crooked attorney general.

Eric pop goes the weasel Holder, I don’t know if you have watched Barbershop, but I do know Eddie was Right On Target when He said: “…black people need to stop lying.” And the first two blacks who need to stop lying are you & Obama. A pair of skull & bones' bitches, two race baiting, snot nosed, fecal faced cowards with law degrees.

Holder let’s read Walter E. Williams assessment of race relations via Walt’s post at on April 10, 2012, under the heading Media Dishonesty and Race Hustlers. Walter: “When NBC's "Today" show played the audio of George Zimmerman's call to a Sanford, Fla., police dispatcher about Trayvon Martin, the editors made him appear to be a racist who says: "This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black." What Zimmerman actually said was: "This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. It's raining, and he's just walking around, looking about." The 911 officer responded by asking, "OK, and this guy – is he black, white or Hispanic?" Zimmerman replied, "He looks black." NBC says it's investigating the doctoring of the audio, but there's nothing to investigate; its objective was to inflame passions.”

Walter, AMERICA’S Well Meaning should know when the alfalfa pack dined in 2011, Steve nbc news president Capus sat at table 5 with George skull Bush sr., Barbara bones whore Bush and Warren wolf Buffet, the player who initiated the bankster bailout in 2008. Skeptics ask David bilderberg Gergen.

Back to Walter: “In his Associated Press article titled "Old photos may be deceptive in Fla. shooting case," Matt Sedensky pointed out that the photos carried by the major media were several years old and showed Zimmerman looking fat and mean and Martin looking like a sweet young kid.

Jesse pratt rat Jackson told the Los Angeles Times that "blacks are under attack" and that "targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business," adding that Martin is "a martyr." President Barack bilderberg Obama chimed in by saying, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

Let's look at some non-news cases. On March 14 in Tulsa, Okla., a white couple suffered a home invasion by Tyrone Woodfork, a 20-year-old black man. Ninety-year-old Bob Strait suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs in the attack. His 85-year-old wife, Nancy, was sexually assaulted and battered to death, ending their 65-year marriage.

On March 4, two black Kansas City, Mo., youths doused a 13-year-old boy in gasoline and set him on fire, telling him, "You get what you deserve, white boy." Last summer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered an emergency shutdown of the beaches in Chicago because mobs of blacks were terrorizing white families.

Several years ago, in Knoxville, Tenn., a young white couple was kidnapped by four blacks. The girl was forced to witness her boyfriend's rape, torture and subsequent murder before she was raped, tortured and murdered. Before disposing of her body, the three men and one woman poured bleach or some other cleaning agent down her throat in an effort to destroy DNA evidence. A jury found the four guilty, and they were sentenced, but because of the judge's drug use, a retrial is being considered.”

Walter is the only black I’m aware of who has discussed what happened in Knoxville in an apologetic manner. Most Americans don’t know those sadistic, vicious crimes took place.

“None of those black-on-white atrocities made anywhere near the news that the Trayvon Martin case made, and it's deliberate. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons, in an effort to "guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion."

One doesn't have to be a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican to see the danger posed by America's race hustlers, who are stacking up piles of combustible racial kindling and ready for a racial arsonist to set it ablaze. Recruiters for white hate groups must love President Obama's demagoguery in saying that a son of his would look like Trayvon but not saying that Melissa Coon's 13-year-old son, who was set on fire, could have looked like a son of his. After all, the president is just as much white as he is black.

Even if the president and his liberal allies in the media and assorted civil rights hustlers don't care much about blacks murdering whites, what about blacks murdering blacks? During a mid-March weekend in Chicago, 49 people were shot, 10 fatally, including a 6-year-old black girl, making for more than 100 murders this year. Philadelphia isn't far behind, with murder clipping along at one a day since the beginning of 2012. Have we heard Obama make a statement about this carnage or that most homicide victims are black and that their murderers are black? No, and we won't, because black-on-black crime, like black-on-white crime, does not fit the liberal narrative of the continuing problem of white racism.” End quote.

As to Jesse pratt Jackson’s remarks last year and this year when he called Florida an “apartheid state”, Jackson’s career was summed up in Barbershop where the script includes: Fuck Jesse Jackson! And while I don’t for sure I believe the film’s Director had read pages 55-61 in Mr. Des Griffin’s Martin Luther King – The Man Behind The Myth.

Folks near the end of Barbershop, Eddie calls Martin a “ho”, which is true. Both President Kennedy and Dr. King were hos. Those are well known Facts. And while Martin’s detractors go on and on about King’s marxist affiliations, I cut Martin some slack along those lines because the anglo-american establishment put Russia’s bolsheviks and later China’s communists in power. Since it’s important to keep the tsa pack and the balance of homeland security’s badge wearers on the same page, bolshevik and communist are synonyms.

Lastly and Most Importantly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sought change through Peaceful Means and that is the Reason Why I Respect Martin. Dr. King: The limitation of riots is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invests in defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by s sense of futility.

How many modern day blacks appreciate the following from Dr. King on December 31st 1955: If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, There lived a great people---a black people---who injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization.

The polar opposite from what is going on today, and after factoring in Obama’s and Holder’s positions in this land’s government, what could blacks possibly be protesting? Brass tacks - change doesn’t begin with the lies politicians tell daily. Real Change begins with the face every American sees in the mirror.

How I view The Big Picture every American should watch Barbershop II as that film contains at least Four Important Truths. One: How Martin should be remembered. Two: How Folks should act. Three: This is a Christian country. Four: Al so-low Sharpton is called exactly what he is.

Let’s read the last paragraph from Chapter 1, THE GREAT MYSTERY, in Mr. Charles Eastman’s, Ohiyesa’s The Soul of the Indian: It is my personal belief, after thirty-five years' experience of it, that there is no such thing as "Christian civilization." I believe that Christianity and modern civilization are opposed and irreconcilable, and that the spirit of Christianity and of our ancient religion is essentially the same. 

Red Nations,I won’t inject my thoughts here, but I will ask Clear Thinkers, what does a Bush, Clinton or Obama know about Christianity, or walking the “old school” Red Way?

Barack it would benefit you and Michelle immensely to read an excerpt from Miss White Dove again: Yet, our Creator tells us: "There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed. Nothing hid that shall not be known."

Bottom line the Obamas and the rest of US could use a history lesson in relation to Barack’s statement on June 28, 2006: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”

From the WorldNetDaily post, the link in the previous paragraph.  Mr. Bill Federer: “Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out “whatever we once were”?

Originally, laws that governed personal behavior were under states’ jurisdiction, not federal.

At the time the Constitution was written, religion was under each individual state’s jurisdiction, and each state expanded religious tolerance at its own speed.

The U.S. Constitution went into effect June 21, 1788, when two-thirds of the states ratified it.

What was in those original 13 state Constitutions concerning religion at the time those states ratified the U.S. Constitution? [Caps added throughout for emphasis.]

DELAWARE – first to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution:

“Every person … appointed to any office … shall … subscribe … ‘I … profess faith in GOD THE FATHER, and in JESUS CHRIST His only Son, and in the HOLY GHOST, one God, blessed for evermore; and I do acknowledge the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine inspiration.’”

PENNSYLVANIA – second to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution, signed by Ben Franklin:

“Each member, before he takes his seat, shall … subscribe … ‘I do believe in one GOD, the Creator and Governor of the Universe, the Rewarder of the good and the Punisher of the wicked. And I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine Inspiration.’”

NEW JERSEY – third to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution:

“All persons, professing a belief in the faith of any PROTESTANT sect, who shall demean themselves peaceably under the government … shall be capable of being elected.”

GEORGIA – fourth to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1777 state constitution:

“Representatives shall be chosen out of the residents in each county … and they shall be of the PROTESTANT religion.”

CONNECTICUT – fifth to ratify the U.S. Constitution, retained its 1662 Colonial Constitution, which was established PROTESTANT CONGREGATIONAL, till 1818:

“By the Providence of GOD … having from their ancestors derived a free and excellent Constitution … whereby the legislature depends on the free and annual election. … The free fruition of such liberties and privileges as humanity, civility and CHRISTIANITY call for.”

MASSACHUSETTS – sixth to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1780 state constitution, written by John Adams:

“Any person … before he … execute the duties of his … office … shall] subscribe … ‘I … declare, that I

believe the CHRISTIAN religion, and have a firm persuasion of its truth.’ … The legislature shall … authorize the support and maintenance of public PROTESTANT teachers of piety, religion and morality.”

MARYLAND – seventh to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution:

“No other test … ought to be required, on admission to any office … than such oath of support and fidelity to this State … and a declaration of a belief in the CHRISTIAN religion.”

SOUTH CAROLINA – eighth to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1778 state constitution:

“No person shall be eligible to a seat … unless he be of the PROTESTANT religion. … The CHRISTIAN PROTESTANT religion shall be deemed … the established religion of this State.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE – ninth to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1784 state constitution:

“No person shall be capable of being elected … who is not of the PROTESTANT religion."

VIRGINIA – 10th to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution, bill of rights, written by James Madison and George Mason:

“It is the mutual duty of all to practice CHRISTIAN forbearance, love, and charity towards each other.”

NEW YORK – 11th to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1777 state constitution:

“The United American States … declare … ‘Laws of nature and of NATURE’S GOD … All men are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights … Appealing to the SUPREME JUDGE of the world … A firm reliance on the protection of DIVINE PROVIDENCE’ …”

NORTH CAROLINA – 12th to ratify the U.S. Constitution, stated in its 1776 state constitution:

“No person, who shall deny the being of GOD or the truth of the PROTESTANT religion, or the Divine authority either of the Old or New Testaments, or who shall hold religious principles incompatible with the freedom and safety of the State, shall be capable of holding … office.”

RHODE ISLAND – 13th to ratify the U.S. Constitution, retained its 1663 Colonial Constitution till 1843, which stated:

“By the blessing of God … a full liberty in religious concernments … rightly grounded upon GOSPEL principles, will give the best and greatest security … in the true CHRISTIAN faith and worship of God. … They may … defend themselves, in their just rights and liberties against all the enemies of the CHRISTIAN faith.”

Bill closes with: Though our government has seemingly abandoned ties to the past, for the student of history, it is still fascinating to find out “whatever we once were.”

Surely he noticed Muhammad, Allah & Islam were not included. So why is bones toy Obama promoting the muslim brotherhood agenda? Michelle, I have Muslims Friends living in Tanzania who don’t support the evil, twisted salafi agenda. I can’t type the same about your husband’s supposed half-brother, uncle, grandmother and cousins living in Kenya.

Those with an interest in learning bits and pieces of Barack Obama’s covered over history should watch this. AMERICA, Red Man Up, ask him to explain why the national press club, which has an owl on their logo just like bohemian grove, willingly played a leading role in covering that hidden information up?

Michelle do US a favor, please ask wanna be reverend Dyson has he and his aspen institute dirt bag pals figured out I practice equal opportunity?

On another subject, Michelle “Chicago council rat director” Obama, it is very well known Sir Thomas Jefferson opposed any kind of federal bank.

What is not so well known is Jefferson’s distrust for the federal judiciary. Let’s read an example of the latter in His letter to William Jarvis on Sept. 18, 1820: You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so, and their power is] the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.

Comey how many fbi agents are bright enough realize their actions help define oligarchy? oligarchy – a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.

Next is a paragraph from Mr. Jefferson’s letter to justice William Johnson penned on June 12, 1823. Thomas: On every question of construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.

Another example is found in a letter dated Sept. 11, 1804 to Mrs. Abigail Adams, President John Adam’s wife. Thomas: Nothing in the Constitution has given them the federal judiciary]a righto decide for the Executive, more than the Executive to decide for them. But the opinion which gives the judges the right to decide what laws are Constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the legislative and executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch. (Amen to that.) John tsa big wig Pistole, look in the mirror because "a despot" is a two bit nothing - "exercising power abusively, or oppressively or tyrannically".

Michelle in regards to Jefferson’s Intelligence, President Kennedy put it the best. Michelle after John invited 43 Noble prize winners to the White House, John said: I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent and of human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.  

Those with an interest in learning about the “real” Michelle Obama should read every word of this. One paragraph: “In 2002, Mrs. Obama began working for the University of Chicago Hospitals (UCH), first as Executive Director for Community Affairs and later, beginning in May 2005, as Vice President for Community and External Affairs. In these roles, she was heavily involved in managing UCH’s “business diversity program.” In early 2005, shortly after her husband had been sworn in as a Democratic U.S. Senator representing Illinois, Mrs. Obama’s annual salary at UCH was suddenly raised from $121,910 to $316,962.” That paragraph may be the most complementary paragraph.

Michelle in case you’re wondering, I bought a copy of The Case Against Barack Obama – The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate a few months after the bilderbergs met in 2008. Folks it’s a shame the author, David Freddoso, a reporter for bones founded (Bill Buckley) National Review Online didn’t make the Austan bones Goolsbee in Obama’s camp connections.

Randall Robinson after looking at race relations in AMERICA, along with today’s destructive, tolerated behavior in many public schools systems, building a model of the South Tower, and how things really are in black ruled Africa, along with Thomas’ Declaration of Independence, I’ll point Those who deserve to be in the Front of the line when it comes to your favorite word - reparations.  

Eric weasel Holder when George Zimmerman was acquitted you said you were going to look into whether Trayvon Martin’s “civil rights” had been violated. Myself, I am a parent and while I do feel for Trayvon’s parent’s, much of his character was hidden by the judge and prosecution. One paragraph from the last link: “Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God,” one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin’s data. He realized that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe.”  

Holder when Antonio Santiago, a 13 month old white toddler was intentionally assassinated at point black range by a 17 year old black in Georgia this year; I never heard you or Obama utter so much as a peep about it. The same applies to Mrs. Gumbinger, a 99 year old white widow who was murdered in New York this year by a 20 year old black. 

There is much more to the hidden black-on-white wave of violence AMERICA finds itself in, including the knock out game, another subject Barack has been mute on. Barack & Eric, you boys should be ashamed as some of those victims have been women.

Walter on May 22, 2012: “Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered. NINETY-FOUR PERCENT of the time, the murderer is another black person. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. Using the 94 percent figure means that 262,621 were murdered by other blacks. Though blacks are 13 percent of the nation's population, they account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims. Nationally, black homicide victimization rate is six times that of whites, and in some cities, it's 22 times that of whites. Coupled with being most of the nation's homicide victims, blacks are most of the victims of violent personal crimes, such as assault and robbery.

The magnitude of this tragic mayhem can be viewed in another light. According to a Tuskegee Institute study, between the years 1882 and 1968, 3,446 blacks were lynched at the hands of whites. Black fatalities during the Korean War (3,075), Vietnam War (7,243) and all wars since 1980 (8,197) come to 18,515, a number that pales in comparison with black loss of life at home. It's a tragic commentary to be able to say that young black males have a greater chance of reaching maturity on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan than on the streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Newark and other cities.

A much larger issue is how might we interpret the deafening silence about the day-to-day murder in black communities compared with the national uproar over the killing of Trayvon Martin. Such a response by politicians, civil rights organizations and the mainstream news media could easily be interpreted as "blacks killing other blacks is of little concern, but it's unacceptable for a white to kill a black person." Bobby house of rats Rush, is wearing a hoodie, your idea of leadership? Bobby as to your comments while standing at the podium, when was the last time you or any member of the bought and sold congress walked justly?

Please read the entire piece as I’m still waiting for the NAACP and Urban League to announce the Truth about black-on-black slavery. Marc trilateral wolf Morial, is it in you to admit it wasn’t blacks who ended slavery on Madagascar?

Over the years slavery was practiced by almost every culture however much of slavery’s history has been covered over in order to promote an afrocentrist lie - blacks never enslaved each other.

Walter on August 14, 2012: “President Barack Obama recently wrote an executive order that established a White House initiative on educational excellence for black Americans that will be housed in the Department of Education. It proposes "to identify evidence-based best practices" to improve black achievement in school and college. Though black education is in desperate straits, the president's executive order will accomplish absolutely nothing to improve black education. The reason is that it does not address the root causes of educational rot among black Americans. It's not rocket science; let's look at it.

The president's initiative contains not one word about rampant inner-city school violence, which makes educational excellence impossible. During the past five years, Philadelphia's 268 schools had 30,000 serious criminal incidents, including assaults – 4,000 of which were on teachers – robberies and rapes. Prior to recent layoffs, Philadelphia's school district employed about 500 police officers. In Chicago last year, 700 young people were gunfire victims, and dozens of them lost their lives. Similar stories of street and school violence can be told in other large, predominantly black cities, such as Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Oakland and Newark.

If rampant school crime is not eliminated, academic excellence will be unachievable. If anything, the president's initiative will help undermine school discipline, because it advocates "promoting a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools." That means, for example, if black students are suspended or expelled at greater rates than, say, Asian students, it's a "disparate use of disciplinary tools." Thus, even if blacks are causing a disproportionate part of disciplinary problems, they cannot be disciplined disproportionately.

Whether a student is black, white, orange or polka-dot and whether he's poor or rich, there are some minimum requirements that must be met in order to do well in school. Someone must make the student do his homework, see to it that he gets a good night's rest, fix a breakfast, make sure he gets to school on time and make sure he respects and obeys his teachers. Here's my question: Which one of those requirements can be accomplished by a presidential executive order, a congressional mandate or the edict of a mayor? If those minimal requirements aren't met, whatever else is done is for naught.

Spending more money on education cannot replace poor parenting. If it could, black academic achievement wouldn't be a problem. Washington, D.C., for example, spends $18,667 per student per year, more than any state, but comes in dead last in terms of student achievement. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School was established in 1870 in Washington, D.C., as the nation's first black public high school. From 1870 to 1955, most of its graduates went off to college, earning degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Williams, Wesleyan and others. As early as 1899, Dunbar students scored higher on citywide tests than students at any of the district's white schools. Its attendance and tardiness records were generally better than those of white schools. During this era of high achievement, there was no school violence. It wasn't racially integrated. It didn't have a big budget. It didn't even have a lunchroom or all those other things that today's education establishment says are necessary for black academic achievement.” There is more, please read it.

I Appreciate more of Walter’s Honesty on August 22, 2012: “If I were a Klansman, wanting to sabotage black education, I couldn't find better allies than education establishment liberals and officials in the Obama administration, especially Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who in March 2010 announced that his department was "going to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement."

For Duncan, the civil rights issue was that black elementary and high school students are disciplined at a higher rate than whites. His evidence for discrimination is that blacks are three and a half times more likely to be suspended or expelled than their white peers. Duncan and his Obama administration supporters conveniently ignored school "racial discrimination" against whites, who are more than two times as likely to be suspended as Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Heather MacDonald reports on all of this in "Undisciplined," appearing in City Journal (Summer 2012). She writes that between September 2011 and February 2012, 25 times more black Chicago students than white students were arrested at school, mostly for battery. In Chicago schools, black students outnumber whites by four to one.

MacDonald adds, "Nationally, the picture is no better. The homicide rate among males between the ages of 14 and 17 is nearly ten times higher for blacks than for whites and Hispanics combined. Such data make no impact on the Obama administration and its orbiting advocates, who apparently believe that the lack of self-control and socialization that results in this disproportionate criminal violence does not manifest itself in classroom comportment as well."

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nationally during 2007-2008, more than 145,000 teachers were physically attacked. Six percent of big-city schools report verbal abuse of teachers, and 18 percent report non-verbal disrespect for teachers. An earlier NCES study found that 18 percent of the nation's schools accounted for 75 percent of the reported incidents of violence, and 6.6 percent accounted for 50 percent. So far as serious violence, murder and rapes, 1.9 percent of schools reported 50 percent of the incidents. The preponderance of school violence occurs in big-city schools attended by black students.

Educators might not see classroom comportment as a priority. According to a recent hire, a Baltimore high school now asks prospective teachers: "How do you respond to being mistreated? What do you do if someone cusses you out?" The proper answer is: "Nothing." That vision might explain why a 34-year veteran of the school had to be taken from the premises in an ambulance after a student shattered the glass in a classroom display case.

MacDonald reports that a fifth-grade teacher in St. Paul, Minn., scoffs at the notion that minority students are being unfairly targeted for discipline, saying "Anyone in his right mind knows that these (disciplined) students are extremely disruptive."

In response to the higher disciplinary rates for minority students, the St. Paul school district has spent $350,000 for teacher "cultural-proficiency" training sessions where they learn about "whiteness." At one of these sessions, an Asian teacher asked: "How do I help the student who blurts out answers and disrupts the class?" The black facilitator said: "That's what black culture is." If a white person made such a remark, I'm sure it would be deemed racist.”

In today's black-speak – dat racis. It’s hard for me not to laugh when I read or hear the term African-American because my African Friends whether white or black, most speak three or more languages in a coherent, understandable manner.  

Walter: “Some of today's black political leaders are around my age, 76, such as Reps. Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, John Conyers, former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, Jesse Jackson and many others. Ask them what their parents would have done had they cursed, assaulted a teacher or engaged in disruptive behavior that's become routine in far too many schools. Would their parents have accepted the grossly disrespectful public behavior that includes foul language and racial epithets? Their silence and support of the status quo represent a betrayal of epic proportions to the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors in their struggle to make today's education opportunities available.” End quote.

Jesse pratt rat, professional race baiter, master mason-follower of the albert pike doctrine Jackson, I’m glad Walter brought your name up. Jesse, no doubt you disagree as to how refreshing it is to see a Black Writing Truths. Jesse the illuminati hasn’t fooled me, I know why Albert may he rot in hell Pike is buried in an ornate crypt in DC.

Blacks for more Real History let’s go back to Nov. 2, 2010 under the heading Virginia’s Black Confederates, Walter: “One tragedy of war is that its victors write its history and often do so with bias and dishonesty. That's true about our War of 1861, erroneously called a civil war. Civil wars, by the way, are when two or more parties attempt to take over the central government. Jefferson Davis no more wanted to take over Washington, D.C., than George Washington, in 1776, wanted to take over London. Both wars were wars of independence.

Kevin Sieff, staff writer for The Washington Post, penned an article "Virginia 4th-grade textbook criticized over claims on black Confederate soldiers," (Oct. 20, 2010). The textbook says that blacks fought on the side of the Confederacy. Sieff claims that "Scholars are nearly unanimous in calling these accounts of black Confederate soldiers a misrepresentation of history." William & Mary historian Carol Sheriff said, "It is disconcerting that the next generation is being taught history based on an unfounded claim instead of accepted scholarship." Let's examine that accepted scholarship.

In April 1861, a Petersburg, Va., newspaper proposed "three cheers for the patriotic free Negroes of Lynchburg" after 70 blacks offered "to act in whatever capacity may be assigned to them" in defense of Virginia. Ex-slave Frederick Douglass observed, "There are at the present moment, many colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty not only as cooks, servants and laborers, but as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down ... and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government."

Charles H. Wesley, a distinguished black historian who lived from 1891 to 1987, wrote "The Employment of Negroes as Soldiers in the Confederate Army," in the Journal of Negro History (1919). He says, "Seventy free blacks enlisted in the Confederate Army in Lynchburg, Virginia. Sixteen companies (1,600) of free men of color marched through Augusta, Georgia on their way to fight in Virginia."

Wesley cites Horace Greeley's American Conflict (1866) saying, "For more than two years, Negroes had been extensively employed in belligerent operations by the Confederacy. They had been embodied and drilled as rebel soldiers and had paraded with white troops at a time when this would not have been tolerated in the armies of the Union."

Wesley goes on to say, "An observer in Charleston at the outbreak of the war noted the preparation for war, and called particular attention to the thousand Negroes who, so far from inclining to insurrections, were grinning from ear to ear at the prospect of shooting the Yankees."

One would have to be stupid to think that blacks were fighting in order to preserve slavery. What's untaught in most history classes is that it is relatively recent that we Americans think of ourselves as citizens of United States. For most of our history, we thought of ourselves as citizens of Virginia, citizens of New York and citizens of whatever state in which we resided. Wesley says, "To the majority of the Negroes, as to all the South, the invading armies of the Union seemed to be ruthlessly attacking independent States, invading the beloved homeland and trampling upon all that these men held dear." Blacks have fought in all of our wars both before and after slavery, in hopes of better treatment afterwards.

Denying the role, and thereby cheapening the memory, of the Confederacy's slaves and freemen who fought in a failed war of independence is part of the agenda to cover up Abraham Lincoln's unconstitutional acts to prevent Southern secession. Did states have a right to secede? At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, James Madison rejected a proposal that would allow the federal government to suppress a seceding state. He said, "A Union of the States containing such an ingredient seemed to provide for its own destruction. The use of force against a State would look more like a declaration of war than an infliction of punishment and would probably be considered by the party attacked as a dissolution of all previous compacts by which it might be bound." End quote.

The biggest surprise for me in the above, the ivy league founded american historical association had failed in what they perceive as their ‘duty’, as bits and pieces of Real History actually showed up in a history book. Readers, Andrew skull & bones White was the crooked aha’s first president.

Walter watching bobble heads and their guests on tv has taught me 95% of time when I hear scholar, expert, knowledgeable, academic or historian used in an introduction, I know I’m about to hear a lie. Citizens, I don’t if Carol Sheriff is related to Alan R. pratt rat Sheriff or not, but since Carol’s phd is from Yale that alone throws up a flag. Plus William & Mary’s chancellor is Robert bilderberg, pratt house rat Gates who succeeded former supreme judge/sludge Sandra alfalfa club, who for years was a pratt rat O’Connor. Her name is on the lists for `91 and `92.  

In 2011, O’Connor was the incoming alfalfa club president. That can be confirmed or denied by Carla pratt house rat co-chair Hills, as Hills dined at table 7 with O’Connor.

The alfalfa pack’s outgoing president in 2011 was senate skank Mark bilderberg whore, pratt Warner, who along with Charles trilateral wolf Robb and Douglas bilderberg whore Wilder qualify as three of the most despicable bastards to have stunk up Virginia’s governor’s mansion. Also there is bilderberg in `02, governor elect Terry McAuliffe, another certified bastard, who by his own money hungry free will was howling for a war in Iraq while prowling up and down the hallways of this nation’s bought and sold congress.

AMERICA all that needs to known about O’Connor and the condition We The People find Ourselves in is found in the first paragraph of this press release: “New York, NY, April 3, 2006 – The Rockefeller Foundation today announced the appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor, retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Raymond Smith, chair of Rothschild, North America, Inc. and former CEO of Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), to its board beginning in June 2006.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, choosing to associate/play ball with Rockefeller maggots & Rothschild management rats proves beyond a shadow of doubt the color of O’Connor’s putrid heart.

James fbi director Comey, why don’t you howl a lawyer’s opinion about why the rocke-foundation and rocke-brothers fund haven’t “stepped up to the plate” and anted up the money to build models of one of the Twin Towers and #7? James since nist investigator Shyam Sunder says burning office furnishings (wood and fabric) caused #7 to collapse; no doubt nist and other alphabet soup agencies like batf, cia, dia, fema, fbi and nsa etc. are salivating over the chance to prove it. Citizens according to Sunder: “It did not collapse from explosives or from fuel oil fires.” James as to his: It did not collapse from explosives why the hell does the dept. of corruption permit such a sham because the nist report states: NIST did not test for the presence of explosive residue.

Citizens if the dept. of corruption’s agencies were worth as much as three dead flies, I wouldn’t be in Grove, Oklahoma typing Everyone should know information. Eric pop goes the weasel Holder, feel free to place my prior sentence into your pipe so you can huff and puff for as long as necessary.

At Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s homepage, videos are available on the left hand side of the page. Please scroll down to the 15 minute Documentary hosted by Mr. Ed Anser. There Readers can watch Sunder spew nist’s bullshit in the first four minutes.

At the 13 minute mark, former senator Mike Gravel (Alaska) says: “Look at the evidence; in fact I’ll say this very categorically, any reasonable person who looks at the evidence that’s been brought forward has got to come away with the feeling that something has to be done. A real investigation has to be put forward.” 

Coming from Mike, those words mean something as senator Gravel read part of the “pentagon papers” into the senate record in June 1971. While doing so Mike said: “It is my Constitutional obligation to protect the security of the people by fostering the free flow of information absolutely essential to their democratic decision-making." AMERICA, Mike’s “the free flow of information” is the Key. Also know two bilderberg senators, Bill rocke-dem Fulbright (Clinton’s mentor, Fulbright was a bilderberg in 1957 and in 1964 with warren commission scum bags  Ford and McCloy and Covington & Burling poster boy - Dean pratt rat, pilgrims society Acheson.) and Charles rocke-pub Mathias had previously refused to bring the information Public, as had senator George pratt rat McGovern. My task is to provide “the free flow of information” Our rotten to its core government spends 24 hours a day covering up.

Comey do we agree the fbi should have removed Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity from the agency’s seal after then deputy attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach via his memo recommended the fbi be placed in charge of covering up PRESIDENT KENNEDY’S assassination by the bones founded cia in cahoots with the military industrial-congressional complex?

Obama, Holder and Comey, you boys should howl shyster lawyer opinions about the memo’s receiver, Bill Moyers; today a well-known bobble head who has sat on the pratt houses’s board of directors and the bilderberg whore’s steering committee. 

Randall Robinson since you’re just another dime-a-dozen ivy league lawyer (Haahvard) like Barack, I want you to know up front, your opinions don’t hold water. For starters I suggest you take a good look at the club of madrid, and see for yourself the Africans rubbing shoulders with beaucou’ bilderbergs and trilaterals.

Randall the BIBLE teaches, you will know them by their fruits, their works. And my life’s trail has taught me, I will know them by their putrid-hearted bilderberg friends and their like-minded trilateral associates.

Robinson if “black rule” is the “cat’s meow” then explain the hundreds of thousands of blacks trying to leave Africa every single Year for Europe and America? Robinson if it’s the cat’s meow then why does Africa have so many refugee camps? Next what are your excuses on Africa’s tyrants and their cronies posing as public servants who siphon off billions a year from economic aid into their personal bank accounts?

And then there’s why hasn’t the organization you founded announced 20 to 25% of free blacks living in the South were slave owners? On the other hand less than less than 5% of white Southerners were slave owners. Robinson that’s a major problem today, due to most blacks prefer denying and lying about the present and the past instead of Telling The Truth.

Randall after writing Quitting America: The Departure of a Black Man from his Native Land, you packed your bags and moved to St. Kitts. Guess what – I have dual citizenship, America & St. Kitts and Nevis. My Saint Kitts’ passport number is R0009842 and my Certificate of Citizenship is 7558. You can call or take the ferry over to Nevis and look up the year I received my passport and citizenship on your own. (2006)

I could also be living in Tanzania; in 2006 I met president Jakaya Kikwete at a gathering of hunting safari operators in Dar es Salaam, and two days later I sat down with one of Jakaya’s second cousins who had with him the forms I needed for citizenship and a passport. Randall ask Jakaya how many millions has he siphoned off the top from monetary aid to Tanzania? And if you’ll look at the club of madrid, you should notice former Tanzania president - Benjamin Makapa’s name. Robinson, show some stones for a change, give club of madrid MaKapa a call and ask him how he much makes/takes a year from Kiwira Coal Mine, which he privatized? An unlawful act according to Tanzania’s Constitution.

Fact: what Randall knows or is willing to admit about Africa, I could write with a grease pencil inside a matchbook cover. First of all Africa’s leaders, whether chief of a tribe or headman of a village, lived off the effort of their subjects. Folks, ‘Africans’ know I’m typing truths. Whereas Red Societies especially the plains tribes, chiefs and band leaders saw to the needs of the people first. Randall reading The Gospel of the Red Man would benefit you and Africa’s tyrants immensely.

Let’s look at Africa through the thoughts of Tears of the Sun’s Director, Mr. Antoine Fuqua: Tears of the Sun is about man’s inhumanity to man. It’s also about good men doing something about evil.

The people make about a dollar a day. If they protest - at all - they send in these guerrillas, these rebels, these so-called police in those areas to pretty much chop their hands off. Chop their jaws, so they can’t speak, to set examples. I mean they’re primitive.

In another section Antoine states there aren’t enough movies made about the conditions found in most of Africa. He is also Honest Enough to admit He’s glad his Daughter lives here.

Let’s read from Blood Diamond’s script, another of the few Tell It Like It Is movies about the Continent. Danny Archer: Peace Corps types only stay around long enough to realize they’re not helping anyone.  Government only wants to stay until they’ve stolen enough to go into exile somewhere else. And the rebels, they’re not sure they want to take over. Otherwise, they’d have to govern this mess. TIA – This Is Africa. The link gives insight into what is going on right now in CAR, the Central African Republic, where the supposedly disbanded rebels have killed at least 400 people in the capital Bangui during this last week.

Now look at DRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 7,000,000 have died at the hands of army, rebel and u.n. troops since 2008. And there's the ongoing blood bath in South Sudan.

Readers to fully understand Blood Diamond, Van De Kaap is the Oppenheimer family controlled firm De Beers, the diamond monopoly. I doubt whether Kitumile club of madrid Masire (Botswana) and Thabo club of madrid Mbeki (South Africa) have the integrity to admit it. Mbeki since you’re a former president of South Africa, what are the exact years Frene “Speaker of the National Assembly, Parliament of South Africa” Ginwala was a damn trilateral

Robinson since you are an “expert” on Africa here’s an easy question; who did De Beers choose to send to Mobutu (Zaire) Seko in the early 1960s? If you need a few hints, the bastard is still alive and his name is on the current pratt roster under T. This 2007 spot on piece about Kenya provides an overview into how Africa’s politicians operate. Another spot on piece was written in 2009. Next a more recent 2012 piece discussing the in bed relationship behind the scenes between world banksters and Africa’s politicians. Today Zaire is the Deomocratic Republic of Congo and GOD only knows how much money the Kabila family has looted and then banked. The blame lies at the feet of the united nations, the anglo-american establishment and the mindset of the continent's tyrants.

Heck I could write 20 pages on Uganda since quote “independence”, and then there’s Mugabe’s rape of Zimbabwe. Brass tacks - Rwanda’s Paul caked in blood Kagame, a pal of Bill club of madrid Clinton, knows the list of Africa’s tyrants delving in theft, rape and murder goes on and on and on.

Randall if you ever read The House That Evil Built series, you’ll figure out I was aware of the bilderbergs and other like-minded societies in 1999. But I didn’t learn bits and pieces from Sir Antony Sutton’s Book about the bones pack until early November 2006, which should help to explain why individuals on a government pay roll tried to kill me on November 9th near Mena, Arkansas. Those who have watched the Clinton Chronicles understand what a devil’s den Mena is, and then there’s the “Trail of Tears” left by the bilderbergs Bill and Hillary during their occupation of Arkansas’s governor’s mansion.

George skull, owl jr., I’d like for the Well Meaning to know it took the wolves Thirteen Days to get their cover-up stories straight, after which here comes the police to arrest me as if I’m the bad guy.

Agent McLaughlin (from the Springfield, MO office) of the secret service, instead of being released as per your request to sergeant David Martin, instead I was transferred to another jail, Jasper County.

Near the conclusion of our conversation, and right before shook we hands, agent McLaughlin remarked: Mr. Motch, I can see that you are an educated man. Reply: No son, all I have is a high school degree.

AMERICA with emphasis to the Red Nations, after I got out of jail, I decided if the wolves want to play hardball, I’m going to show the bastards and bitches how.

Why would the powers that be want me out of the way? No doubt it had a lot to do with my writing the offal pile office in Dec. 1998 and the pentagon in Jan. 1999 and telling them I was sick and tired of their non-stop lies. After which I asked Paul Crouch to host AMERICA BE THOU LOOSED, and then there’s making a fool out of a feral/federal judge after he tried to intimidate me with his bullshit version of history.

As for the Book he received, AMERICA’S GOD And COUNTRY, I hope he has figured out the best policy is to open a gift and read it before writing a rebuke based on ignorance.  

That scenario was actually kind of funny because after I made a fool of him, I mailed hundreds of copies of how and why I did it to gut pile hill and a copy to the offal pile office. In an attached note, those who could read between the lines figured out I was asking - is there anyone else who wants a piece of me?

The powers that be in DC knew I’d made a fool of him, so the judge contacts the fbi’s office in I’m 99% sure Newport News and two agents drove to Rapidan, Virginia where we had a discussion. After they left, I sat down at my desk and wrote a pile of judge sludge a Blistering letter and I haven’t heard from him since.

Citizens, I don’t think the wolves appreciated me spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to place full page ads filled with Historical Christian Truths in newspapers all across this Once Promising Country in 1999 either.

In the second newspaper the ad was placed, the paper’s editor chose to surround the ad with American Flags, and those Flags made me feel as if I was doing my Patriotic Duty - first to my GOD and then to my Country. From then on every paper surrounded the full page ad with Flags.

I think AMERICANS should know, General later President George Washington’s Prayer for the United States of America appears on a plague in St .Paul’s Chapel in New York city and at Pohick Church, Fairfax County, Virginia, where Mr. Washington was a vestryman from 1762 to 1784:

Almighty God,

      We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served in the Field.

     And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation.
     Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

If the aclu was worth as much as three dead flies the organization would pay for Washington’s Prayer to be placed on the front page of at least 50 of the largest newspapers in this country.

Mr. Richard “Dick” Gregory, our hearts are one as it applies to what the American flag has become. Those links are to The Alex Jones Show on September 14, 2010. During the interview Dick says it was Condoleezza national security advisor Rice who called San Francisco mayor Will Brown and told him not to fly on 9/11. Dick also shares insight on the closest fire station to the WTC complex. Please listen to those segments as they are Educational.

In another segment Dick discusses his younger years: When I go to the movies and see John Wayne, man, that’s who I wanted to be like.  

James fbi director Comey, the bombshell Dick drops on the conniving fbi near the end of Dick’s and Alex’s conversation on March 19, 2012 is by no means a feather in the agency’s cap. 

Dick, I don’t know who has Chief Sitting Bull’s Rifle but I can type serial # 1 of the Mr. John “Duke” Wayne Commemorative Winchesters was bequeathed to me in my Mother’s will. Dick that Rifle was given to Mom and in turn Miss Sallie passed it on to who She knew was the warrior in the family. Mom birthed one daughter and four sons, but only one graduated from Albemarle County High School, the home of The Patriots.

Dick, the wolf packs sure as hell didn’t like it when I tried to announce via the Washington Times the conniving bilderbergs were going to meet inside the Library of Congress on November 4th & 5th.

I didn’t do much of anything from 1999 until I wrote a one page letter to George skull jr. on November 4th 2006, which nsa was reading while I was typing it. (My computer was online.) And on November 9th I met Mr. William Jefferson “Bill” Federer at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Joplin, MO and asked Bill to handle mailing the letter to four hundred members of congress. (All the stationary I had at the time.)

Coincidence or not, that night the powers that be tried to kill me in Mena.  

The letter’s closing paragraph: “There is so much to say George and so much that I would like readers of this letter to understand as the last time I picked up my pen was in 1999. Three members of the House and one member of the Senate sent me short notes of thanks while other members of government decided to send the FBI to my home and tap my phones. Then what I have described above were only thoughts on paper but now they are taking shape in the form of concrete and steel and I feel compelled and duty bound to unleash this appeal.” (Soon we'll look at what duty meant to one of Virginia's Finest Sons.)

Barack Obama the first school I attended was Robert E. Lee Elementary and Mr. Lee was one the most Respected Men of His Time, perhaps the Most Respected; as Robert is the only man I know of to have been offered the command of two opposing armies. Michelle, very few Americans are aware of that.

Joe Biden, you should read one of my favorite Mr. Robert Edward Lee quotes: Duty is the most sublime word in the English language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.

Joe, my Sense of Duty requires me, Compels me to make a Stand For What Is Right, meanwhile you and your fellow bones toy support all that is wrong today in the Land of Chief Sitting Bull’s and Marse Robert Lee’s birth.

AMERICA when Sister White Dove, Jess and I had a brief five minute or so conversation in late March, early April 2007 inside Dr. Jess Kessinger’s office (a Chiropractor in Carthage, MO), we didn’t discuss any of the above, but before we parted company White Dove asked me for my address, so it’s up to You The People to decide why White Dove wrote: “You are a man who will stand up for what he believes or what is right. Creator says you are a very special person, you’re one of a kind, none other like you. ” In a note along with three more of Dove’s thoughts in an envelope mailed from Grove, Oklahoma on July 2nd.

For Americans with curious natures, I’ve read Oklahoma means Red Man’s Land in Choctaw. At one time it was Red Man’s Land however things changed for the worse.

Citizens, I’m in the trenches fighting for all of US, whether Red, Yellow, Black or White which happen to be the four primary colors of mankind, however it is only Fair and Just that the First Americans receive the most Benefits.

Randall Robinson is it in you to admit which race is actually owed reparations? Or are you standing pat with the lie - blacks did not capture and then sell most of the slaves brought to America?

To keep things real the overwhelming majority of Americans are uninvited guests, meaning for some 300 million residents, your roots are elsewhere. Let’s look at two facts. 1: Everyone born here is Native to America. 2: Red Folks are the First Americans. 500 years ago there wasn’t any poverty, and believe it or not - prostitution and taxes were unheard of. Those detriments along with many more arrived with the uninvited guests, meaning the Spanish, French, English and Dutch who proclaimed: we are bringing civilization to these heathens and savages; a statement which is false because the most Civil Societies I know of were already here. A side note: I may stand for correction but I believe Africans were first brought to America’s shores by the Spanish around 1525.

Something to consider, why were Red Men called Braves? Answer those Men were the Bravest Men the other races had ever seen.

Looking over America today I see cowards and thugs, in street clothes and in uniform, and then there are the Millions who need to put Their Thinking Caps on. Brothers where are the Brave Hearted Gentlemen who will Unite behind What Is Right?

That too presents a problem because no one has provided any leadership for the Well Meaning to Unite behind. Mrs. Devvy Kidd knows I’ve been writing about building and testing models of the South Tower & Building 7 since 2009, two years before I was aware Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth existed.

Miss Devvy also knows since 2008 I’ve been working on a letter to AMERICANS - These Truths Will Set You Free. My goal is to finish in January. The letter’s salutation: Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Nations and Every Citizen of the United States of America,

An excerpt from the first page: “And before this effort’s end, I hope Readers see me as a straight to the point, honorable individual who writes from his heart. My skin color is mostly white however my heart beats American Indian Red and please understand my Children are the Tracks I will leave behind. I write this letter for our Children’s sakes, and for the many generations to come. To a country boy, the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was Right On Target in His June 10, 1963 speech: For in the final analysis, Our Most Common Link is that We All Breathe The Same Air, We All Cherish Our CHILDREN’S Future and We All Inhabit This Small Planet.

Please read more from President Kennedy on June 10, 1963: What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children—not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time.

Today the expenditure of billions of dollars every year on weapons acquired for the purpose of making sure we never need them is essential to the keeping of peace. But surely the acquisition of such idle stockpiles—which can only destroy and never create—is not the only, much less the most efficient, means of assuring peace. I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary, rational end of rational men. I realize the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war, and frequently the words of the pursuers fall on deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task.

First examine our attitude towards peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are man-made; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

Shirley current pratt director Jackson, I don’t need a degree from MIT to figure out why the military industrial-congressional complex led by the bones founded cia - assassinated President Kennedy later that year in November. Citizens look at the bones bastard (John Cooper), bilderbergs, owls, pratts and master masons who were placed on the warren cover-up commission. Brass tacks – it should be Crystal Clear AMERICA’S and the GLOBE’S problems are man-made.

Thousands of posts flood the internet each week but I haven’t read one which addresses the problems this Country has while correcting them in a Just Manner. Sadly most residents whether well intended or not have forgotten or don’t care about the First Americans.

Any quote historian worth his or her salt knows the red race valued honesty. Like or hate me, the virtue Honesty was the Root of yesteryear Red Societies. A Red Man’s Word was His Bond. Today and in years past, it’s an unfortunate fact that America is rooted in lies. The lies used to pertain primarily towards red folks, all the broken treaties. Today the lies affect all of US, but I can’t find any Red members in skull and dung/skull & bones or the bilderberg, trilateral, pratt, chatham, owl, alfalfa and pilgrims packs. Or the master masons in bed with the illuminati doctrine as spewed in AMERICA by Albert Pike. Bottom line - turn the new world order cards over and the faces shown are white, black, brown and yellow along with Arabs and Jews.

Red Nations, I realize it was Jefferson who first proposed sending all Tribes west of the Mississippi river and that by itself makes Thomas a bad guy in Your eyes, which I certainly understand. So know I’m not trying to play on both sides of the fence; my task is point out history from both perspectives, Red and Colonial.

To bring about change in the proper manner We The People should review a Document penned in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, His Declaration of Independence. And before doing so Americans should know Mr. Jefferson’s personal seal was Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Another Pertinent Fact the american historical association and aclu have covered over.

Barack and Joe, putrid-hearted bones toys, liar boys like you two along with Clinton and Gore should know I was raised less than seven miles as an Eagle flies from Monticello, not that the cover-up artists, those in charge of Monticello today would mention Jefferson’s personal seal.

Barack has the fbi or secret service provided you with a copy of the document written by officer Cruz of the Carthage pd where Cruz wrote my name as Thomas instead of Robert - over and over again? Joe, in case you haven’t figured it out, Mr. Thomas Jefferson and I are Patriots, which is certainly more than can be penned about two former squawking senate skanks.

Let’s review Sir Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence via Mr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, perhaps the Best Example of a modern day Academic. Thomas titled His July 4, 2012 post:  When Americans Understood the Declaration of Independence. Mr. DiLorenzo:

“The Fourth of July was not always a national celebration of the militarization of American society and of the federal government’s never-ending quest for world domination (disguised as "defending our interests abroad"). Americans did not always attend church services on the Sunday before the Fourth of July to "honor" their "military heroes" and pray that they may kill many more human beings in other countries that have done them no harm. Americans once actually read and understood the Declaration of Independence for what it was: a declaration of secession from the British empire and a roadmap for opposing a highly centralized, militaristic empire of the sort the U.S. government has become.

The Declaration of Independence was the ultimate secessionist or states’ rights document. "Governments are instituted among men," Thomas Jefferson wrote, for the sole purpose of securing God-given, "unalienable" rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Moreover, governments derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed" and nowhere else. And "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government . . ."

The way in which "the People" were to express their consent (or lack thereof) was through state and local political organizations. Hence, in the final paragraph of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson wrote that: "We . . . the Representatives of the united States of America . . . are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do."

It is important to note that the word "united" is not capitalized but "States" is, and that the individual states are described as "Free and Independent." Thus, the free, independent, and sovereign states were united in the cause of secession from the British empire. The phrase "united States" did not mean, and does not mean in any of the founding documents, the "United States government," as is commonly believed today. It is always in the plural to signify that the free and independent states are united in their common cause of protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To Jefferson and the other signers of the Declaration of Independence, each American state was sovereign in the same sense that Great Britain, France, and Spain were sovereign states. It was through "representatives of the united States" that the consent of the people was to be expressed (or not).

It was Abraham Lincoln, who Murray Rothbard once described as a masterful "liar, conniver, and manipulator," whose rhetoric began to fog the understanding of Americans of their Declaration of Independence. Lincoln’s twisted language in The Gettysburg Address that focused solely on the words "all men are created equal" in the Declaration, were designed to reinterpret the preeminent secessionist document as an anti-secessionist document. It was an attempt to fool Northern voters into believing in the absurd notion that he was a Jeffersonian.

Not that Lincoln ever believed that all men were – or should be considered to be – equal in any sense. As he stated in the September 18, 1858 debate with Stephen Douglas: "I will say than that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that here is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race" (emphasis added).

In his first inaugural address Lincoln strongly supported the Fugitive Slave Act and the proposed "Corwin Amendment" to the Constitution, which had already passed the House and Senate, which would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with Southern slavery. Thus, it was his position that slavery should be explicitly enshrined in the Constitution, made "express and irrevocable" to use his exact words, which is hardly the position one who believes that "all men are created equal" would take. It was empty political rhetoric at its worst.

At the time, nearly everyone else in the Northern states understood the actual meaning of the Declaration of Independence, as opposed to Lincoln’s attempt at the rhetorical bastardization of the document. This point is documented in a two-volume work entitled Northern Editorials on Secession, edited by Howard Cecil Perkins. It is a collection of 495 Northern newspaper editorials from September 1860 through June 1861 on the issue of secession. The majority of Northern newspaper editorials, writes Perkins, favored peaceful secession because Northern editorialists generally believed in the Jeffersonian dictum that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. The Southern states no longer consented to being governed by Washington, D.C., they reasoned, therefore, they should be allowed to go in peace, however misguided their reasons for secession might have been. "During the weeks following the election [of Lincoln], Perkins writes, "[Northern] editors . . . assumed that secession as a constitutional right was not in question . . . . On the contrary, the southern claim to a right of peaceable withdrawal was countenanced out of reverence for the natural law principle of government by consent of the governed."

Perkins highlights what he calls "a classic statement" of this position, written by New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley on November 9, 1860: "We hope never to live in a republic whereof one section is pinned to the residue by bayonets." At the time, the New York Tribune was the most influential newspaper in America. There are dozens of other statements to that effect from newspapers all over the Northern states. On December 17, 1860, the New York Tribune further editorialized that if "Mr. Jefferson’s statement in the Declaration of Independence that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" is accepted, and "if it justified the secession from the British Empire of Three Millions of colonists in 1776, we do not see why it would not justify the secession of Five Millions of Southrons from the Federal Union in 1861."

This view of the Declaration of Independence, the pro-Lincoln Indianapolis Daily Journal wrote on December 22, 1860, "shows us the course to be pursued towards South Carolina. It is to let her go freely and entirely . . . without resistance." On January 11, 1861, the Kenosha, Wisconsin Democrat added that "the very freedom claimed by every individual citizen, precludes the idea of compulsory association, as individuals, as communities, or as States . . . . The right of secession adheres to the people of every sovereign state." "The founders of our government," moreover, "were constant secessionists . . . not only in theory, but in practice," the Wisconsin paper reminded its readers.

"[I]f disunion must come, let it come without war," wrote the Albany, New York Atlas and Argus on January 12, 1861. For war would mean "the ruin of business, the destruction of property, oppressive debt, grinding taxation and sacrifice of millions of lives . . ." On the same day the New York Journal of Commerce advocated the peaceful secession of the Southern states by asking, "Shall we, by such a policy [as war] change our government from a voluntary one, in which the people are sovereigns, to a despotism where one part of the people are slaves? Such is the logical deduction from the policy of the advocates of force."

On February 19, 1861 the Detroit Free Press expressed the hope that "By recognizing the independence of the Southern Confederacy, we should, to a considerable degree, disarm its people of the hostility they naturally feel towards the people of the North." If so, then the two sections could trade with one another, establishing ties that could eventually lead to a reuniting of the union.

On March 11, 1861 the Trenton, New Jersey Daily True American editorialized that failing to acquiesce in the peaceful secession of the Southern states would be to "embark in the mad and Quixotic attempt of conquering and holding the seceded States in subjugation." Furthermore, the pro-war argument that "the laws must be enforced at all hazards" [i.e., Lincoln’s argument], "are not new arguments; they are such as prevailed with Lord North and the other minions of George III and their futile efforts to crush out American Independence." A union maintained by force "would be worse than a mockery," the New Jersey newspaper wrote.

On March 21, 1861 the New York Times pointed out that even "the Abolitionists everywhere have been in favor of a dissolution of the Union from the beginning" as a way of politically isolating the Southern states and pressuring them to end slavery. (It should be noted that New York did not emancipate its last slaves until 1853). "Let us separate in peace," the Times editorialized, for "force, as a means of restoring the Union . . . is out of the question." Even the Springfield Daily Illinois State Journal, from Lincoln’s home town, wrote on April 3, 1861 that "the sooner we cut loose from the disaffected States, the better it may be for all parties and for the nation." "Public opinion in the North seems to be gradually settling down in favor of the recognition of the New Confederacy by the Federal Government," the Hartford, Connecticut Daily Courant editorialized on April 12, 1861.

Once Lincoln manipulated South Carolinians into firing on Fort Sumter as a pretext for invading his own country (the very definition of treason according to Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution), newspapers that were associated with and controlled by the Republican Party invented the fiction that there is a supposed difference between a right of secession based on Jefferson’s words in the Declaration and a "right of revolution." The former was illegitimate, they said, whereas the latter was not. This was not something that Jefferson or any other founders believed. It was an invention of the Republican Party propaganda apparatus, and is repeated to this day by pseudo-historians such as Harry Jaffa and his fellow "Straussian" neocons.

Another Republican Party fiction is the bizarre claim that Lincoln was a Jeffersonian for having mouthed the words "all men are created equal" in the Gettysburg Address. This fiction is the cornerstone of the Jaffa/Straussian false "history" of the "Civil War." (Jaffa has never written anything about the war per se, or even many of Lincoln’s actions and behavior. His books have to do mostly with the rhetoric of Lincoln’s speeches).

This second fiction has long been a cornerstone of the culture of lies and propaganda that supports American military imperialism. It is the language of permanent revolution, as the late Mel Bradford wrote in numerous articles and books, not too different from the ideology of the twentieth-century communist propagandist Leon Troksky who was also known for his theory of "permanent revolution." (It should not be surprising that many of the founders of "neoconservatism" who were students of Leo Strauss or his students, proudly boasted that they were Troskyites in their youth. The late Irving Kristol would be the best example).

By the late nineteenth century Lincoln’s bastardization of Jefferson’s language in the Declaration of Independence was employed to "justify" aggressive military imperialism in the name of spreading "equality" around the globe. "All men" means all men, not just American men, the "progressives" argued. Therefore, in the name of the sainted "Father Abraham" [Lincoln], Americans were told that it was their "divine" duty to invade, conquer, and occupy such places as the Philippines in order to bring American-style freedom to those lands. Today the Philippines, tomorrow Europe. For example, one of the most vociferous proponents of the Spanish-American war was Indiana Senator Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, who advocated the war in a speech before the U.S. Senate in which he declared that: "It was America’s destiny to set the world its example of right and honor, for we cannot fly from our world duties. We cannot retreat from any soil where Providence has unfurled our banner. It is ours to save that soil, for liberty and civilization" (Quoted in Gregg Jones, Honor in the Dust: Theodore Roosevelt, War in the Philippines, and the Rise and Fall of America’s Imperial Dream, p. 95).  

More than 200,000 Filipinos were murdered by American soldiers in order to "save" their "soil" for liberty. As for the real Jeffersonians who opposed the Spanish-American war, Beveridge mocked them by saying, "the opposition tells us we ought not to rule a people without their consent." But Filipinos were not capable of self-government, he said. They needed their American occupiers to "rescue" them from "savage, bloody rule of pillage and extortion." This "march of the flag" is "America’s divine destiny," he bloviated. This last passage sounds more like the effects of the American invasion and occupation of the Philippines than the cause.

If Americans ever began celebrating the real meaning of the Declaration of Independence, then they would embrace the Jeffersonian rights of secession and nullification as a means of fighting back against governmental tyranny. They would also withdraw their support for the U.S. government’s aggressive wars of imperialism in the Middle East and elsewhere, along with its hundreds of military bases on every continent on the planet. They might even begin an opposition to being plundered by the incredibly corrupt military/industrial/congressional complex and its main funding sources, the Fed and the income tax.” End quote. Professor DiLorenzo struck the nail square on the head – the incredibly corrupt military industrial-congressional complex, the fed and income tax.

Brass tacks - the Declaration of Independence is the ultimate We The People Document. "Governments are instituted among men," Thomas Jefferson wrote, for the sole purpose of securing God-given, "unalienable" rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Moreover, governments derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed" and nowhere else. And "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government . . ."

Even though Professor Walter E. Williams is a confirmed owl, I’ll give Walter a free pass for writing this: “One definition given for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; it might also be a definition of stupidity.”

Our government is based on England’s – a major mistake. Our house of rats equates to their house of commons. Our senate equates their house of lords, and then We have the federal judiciary, which Mr. Jefferson warned about. You don’t have to read many of Thomas’s letters to come away with - in His Wise Opinion - banksters and the federal judiciary were going to be the downfall of AMERICA.

The only supreme court judge who can spell Constitution is Anthony Scalia. As to whether he will admit to making a speech at bohemian grove in 1997 is up to him. 

Earlier this year Mrs. Mary Moore was kind enough to mail me the list of owls for 2004. Twelve names: George skull sr., Walter Cronkite, Charles Koch, Colin Powell, William Webster, Gene “nfl” Washington, David maggot Rocke sr., W.R. Hearst III, Kissinger, Joseph Ralston, David Gergen and Bill bones Buckley.

Sisters, Mary is no longer as active as She used to be however Miss Mary is another American whom I would like to Publicly Praise and Thank for Her efforts.

Next are three paragraphs from a letter penned by Miss Mary in 1992 under the title - Weaving Spiders Come Not Here!! Mary: “On Saturday, July l8, the day scheduled for the annual protest at Bohemian Grove, about l5 of us arrived early for a monitors meeting. What a scene!! There was a large Sheriff's bus that had just dropped off 24 deputies parked in downtown Monte Rio and a noisy Sheriff's helicopter overhead. The tennis courts had been cordoned off in anticipation of the need for a holding pen for arrestees. There were nine highway patrol cars cruising the area, five sheriff cars near the gates to the Grove and two canine units. An arbitrary line had been drawn on a public road several hundred feet down from the gate, over which no protester was allowed to venture. Across the line were eight sheriff's deputies in full riot gear.

Some of the guests this year included Ed Rollins (fresh from the Perot campaign); William Sessions, F.B.I.; and Jack Kemp who was doing some heavy lobbying against Bush. Through our "man inside" we learned that there was a lot of Bush/Quayle bashing going on this year and the overriding theme of many of the Lakeside Talks was the importance of making alliances with the New Russia. New markets to exploit!! The big play this year was (surprise!) about Columbus, and our man was able not only to tape it but liberated a script! The whole play was a glorification of Columbus, where the parts of Native Americans were played by old white guys in body paint. This is not at all surprising when you consider that all the women’s parts are played by old white guys in drag! One of the most telling lines was at the end of the opening monologue: "The Middle Ages are at an end and the Age of Imperial Conquest has begun". They got that right, and aren't particularly shy about admitting it!

Besides Nixon, other speakers at the "Lakeside Talks" included Gerald Ford, General Vernon Walters (C.I.A. during the Chile coup in `73, U.S. Ambassador to Germany and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.) talking about the "Integration of the European Community" and Admiral Charles Larson, whose topic was "Looking Westward: America's Pacific Interest in a New Age". Reports from inside indicated that a lot of military brass was present for these talks. Also on the agenda was Prince Bandar Bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, whose talk on the Middle East Peace Process was never given because he had to meet with James Baker elsewhere. One of the most well-attended speeches was that of Miguel De La Madrid, ex-president of Mexico, whose subject was "The Mexican Free Trade Agreement". Space prevents me from including the entire list of speakers but other subjects were "Can God Survive in America?", "l994-What Orwell Missed", "Where Goes U.S. Technology?", "P.O.W. Communication", and "Observations on the Soviet Union". End quote. Bottom line - only a fool denies how conniving 99.99% of the owls are.

The only reason Perrot was in the presidential race in `92 was to take votes from George skull sr. which provided the ways and means to get Clinton into the offal pile office. Something else, the only reason Hillary was not the 44th president - bones overruled the Rothschild rats, who were backing Hillary. You don’t have to believe me, but I’m trying to show Americans how powerful the skull & dung pack, which went co-ed in 1992 and now comprised of bastards and bitches – is!!! Myself, I call the wives of bones bastardsbones whores. Readers can choose for Themselves the appropriate nouns for the low-lifes who are sorry enough to marry female bones scum.

I won’t type any of the female bones pack member's first names; however You can read many of their first, middle and last names at the link above.

Three last names are Austin, Boren and Stanley. On a related subject as a senator, Barack had at least one female member of bones of his staff. The last time I tracked in her direction she had a position at Yale. Since she was raised in California, that opens the door for me type if California’s current attorney general Kamala Harris or governor Jerry Brown denies knowing about bohemian grove, We have more examples of lawyers lying as usual. Folks while scrolling down this web-page I read Jerry’s father Edmund governor Brown was an owl.

We cannot defeat Our enemies, those who wish to pursue the “age of imperial conquest” at the expense of America’s and the Globe’s Well Intended, until the People know who Their enemies are. An example is prince Bandar Bush, a black-hearted, money grubbing Saudi royal family dirt bag. If Louis former fbi director Freeh was the least bit honorable I would ask him to spill the beans on Bandar, but since he isn’t, I won’t. However I will mention Freeh now has Italian citizenship; a case of I think he knows in the Fullness of Time the Masses here are going Wake-Up to all that is going on behind the scenes.

Our government is going to spend in the range of 800 billion dollars next year under the pretext of “national security”. And the stockholders of the federal reserve bankster system are going to receive in the range of 400 billion dollars in so-called interest payments.

Since Our damn government is forever willing to spend ka-zillions on projects to benefit the military industrial-congressional complex, it should be easy to figure out why the wolves won't want to build and then test models of the South Tower and Building 7.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers - 100 thousand dollars will stop the powers that be in their tracks.  

Our government knows a Revolution is coming and that is one of the primary reasons Barack is in the offal pile office. His number one priority is to divide AMERICA; the wolves’ goal is to keep The People from Uniting in a Just Cause, overthrowing the new world order’s planned enslavement of All of US.

Please take two minutes and watch this. The video shows Mr. Alex Jones confronting an fbi agent about the massacre in WACO, Texas. Alex: I am a law abiding citizen and I am sick of it! I am sick and tired of your lies, you machine gunned a bunch of men, Women and Children!!! You sit over there and talk about how the Children huddled in a corner, and how the ammunition they had is what killed them, all the rest of your garbage. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You don’t stand for the Constitution; you stand for zip, nada, zero. You can follow people around, you can harass people, you can back up your gangster but a REVOLUTION Of PEACEFUL INFORMATION is coming, and when it comes time, you people are going to be brought to punishment.

After the fbi agent says: I think I’ve assessed you. Alex: You can assess me all day, I want you to assess me. I’ve assessed you; a smiley faced slime ball that sits here and soft peddles and tries to placate the media. WACO: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, shows your agents machine gunning Men, WOMEN and CHILDREN as They tried to exit. One of the inventors of FLIR technology (Dr. Edward Allard), worth hundreds of millions of dollars in on that Documentary! He is of the establishment. We don’t need somebody coming in here and saying, I’m sorry we did this, we need indictments!!!

At this point in time, Alex has realized the judiciary won’t side with The People. The judicial branch has screwed The People whenever the opportunity presented itself. And from the outside looking in, Scalia is the only so-called ‘justice’ who might admit that. However his cozy relationship with Dick trilateral, cfr, owl, alfalfa Cheney along with his fear of reprisal, leaves US out in the cold.

Now let’s look at division besides the “common core crap” meant to divide US which is being taught in public schools, as there are plenty of online posts dealing with that subject.

Please read Todd Starnes’ post on Oct. 31, 2013. The title: Pentagon training manual: white males unfair advantages, Todd: “A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The manual, which was obtained by Fox News, also instructs troops to “support the leadership of people of color. Do this consistently, but not uncritically,” the manual states.

The Equal Opportunity Advisor Student Guide is the textbook used during a three month DEOMI course taught at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Individuals who attend the training lead Equal Opportunity briefings on military installations around the nation.

The 637-page manual covers a wide range of issues from racism and religious diversity to cultural awareness, extremism and white privilege.

I obtained a copy of the manual from an Equal Opportunity officer who was disturbed by the course content and furious over the DEOMI’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information on “extremist” groups. 

“I’m participating in teaching things that are not true,” the instructor told me. He asked not to be identified because he feared reprisals.

“I should not be in a position to do that,” he said. “It violates Constitutional principles, but it also violates my conscience. And I’m not going to do it – not going to do it.”

EOMI instructors were also responsible for briefings at bases around the country that falsely labeled evangelical Christians, Catholics and a number of high-profile Christian ministries as domestic hate groups. 

I contacted the Pentagon as well as the DEOMI multiple times for comment on this story, but so far they have not responded to my requests.

DEOMI opened in 1971 in response to the civil rights movement. It’s responsible for Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity education and training for military active duty and reservists, according to its website.

The subject of white privilege emerged in a 20-page section titled, “Power and Privilege.”

“Whites are the empowered group,” the manual declares. “White males represent the haves as compared to the have-nots.”

The military document advises personnel to “assume racism is everywhere, every day” and “notice code words for race.” They are also instructed to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism.”

“Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,” read a statement in a section titled, ‘How to be a strong 'white ally.'"

“One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states. “We have to learn to see the effect that racism has.”

On page 181 of the manual, the military points out that status and wealth are typically passed from generation to generation and “represent classic examples of the unearned advantages of social privilege.”

“As such, the unfair economic advantages and disadvantages created long ago by institutions for whites, males, Christians, etc. still affect socioeconomic privilege today,” the manual states.

The guide also points out that whites are over-represented and blacks are underrepresented in positive news stories, that middle class blacks live in poorer neighborhoods than middle class whites and that even though there are more white criminals than any other race, the news coverage of black criminals is about equal to the news coverage of white criminals.

The military manual goes into great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

“In spite of slave insurrections, civil war, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, the women’s suffrage movement leading to the 19th amendment, the civil rights movement, urban rebellions and the contemporary feminist movement, the club persists,” the document states.

DEOMI states that “full access to the resources of the club still escape the vision of equitable distribution.”

The military also implies that white Americans may be in denial about racism.

In a section titled, “Rationalizations for Retaining Privilege and Avoiding Responsibilities,” the military lays out excuses white people use.

“Today some white people may use the tactic of denial when they say, ‘It’s a level playing field; this is a land of equal opportunity,’” the manual reads. “Some white people may be counterattacking today by saying political correctness rules the universities or they want special status.”

DEOMI points out that if “white people are unable to maintain that the atrocities are all in the past, they may switch to tactics to make a current situation seem isolated.”

They said some of the ways whites may claim to be victims include saying things like, “I have it just as bad as anyone else,” “They’re taking away our jobs,” or “White people are under attack.”

 The military concludes the section by urging students to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism” and “support the leadership of people of color.”

I called former Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West (ret.) to get his take on the manual. In a nutshell – he wants a congressional investigation.

“This is the Obama administration’s outreach of social justice into the United States military,” he told me. “Equal Opportunity in the Army that I grew up in did not have anything to do with white privilege.”

West said he is very concerned about the training guide.

“When the president talked about fundamentally transforming the United States of America, I believe he also had a dedicated agenda of going after the United States military,” he said. “The priorities of this administration are totally whacked.”

West said the DEOMI manual reminded him of a similar program inflicted on the military by President Clinton.

“They came down with a new training requirement called, ‘Consideration of Others Training,’” he said. “The soldiers were supposed to sit around and go through vignettes and talk about their feelings.”

I truly wish the Pentagon and the DEOMI would return my telephone calls. I’d like to know how teaching soldiers, airmen and sailors about white privilege and fomenting racial division helps them protect our nation from the enemy.” End quote.

While I appreciate West’s comments, he’s just another dancing chicken like every other former and current member of the house of rats regardless of rocke-party or squawking caucus.

I do appreciate Alan Grayson grilling Bernanke and the fed’s inspector general about the bankster bailout as those two couldn’t account for trillions of dollars!!! And I appreciate Alan’s remarks made earlier this year. “Now that bin Laden is dead, and now that 9/11 is a decade behind us and more, I think that a good argument could be made that the documents that the federal government has regarding the 9/11 attacks should be declassified, and then the truth will come out.”

The problem is Osama bin Laden has been dead for years and until a member of congress mentions the secret societies, Your supposed representatives and senators are nothing but a waste of time.

I’ve read Alan Grayson worked with Ruth pratt rat Ginsburg and Anthony owl Scalia in the mid-1980s, and on page 17 in Glenn Beck’s book Cowards, Glenn writes Ginsburg used to be the aclu’s general counsel. How do I know Glenn is an ass kissing coward like Holder and Obama? On page 14 he wrote: “I’ve met George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. They are both decent, kind, courteous people.” 

Next are excerpts from an Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Oct. 31, 2013 post penned by Miss Pamela Senzee: “The ReThink911 congressional outreach effort was a resounding success on September 16 – with over a dozen constituents seeking meetings with their Senators to discuss the 9/11 evidence. They were joined by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, former Reagan White House policy analyst Barbara Honegger, M.S. 

The team gathered in front of the U.S. Senate offices and proceeded to deliver packets of information about the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 to legislative correspondents. Most of the recipients seemed genuinely interested in passing along the information to the senators.

We even met up with Senator Jay Rockefeller in the hallway and walked awhile with him, telling him about the third tower that fell on 9/11, and provided him a VIP packet of DVDs and literature. Take that, Jay!” End quote.

The lack of information most Americans have, including Pamela and Richard is - senator Jay maggot Rockefeller is a pratt rat, a trilateral wolf and a member of the alfalfa club. According to the NotableNamesDataBase, he was the alfalfa pack’s president in 97-98. AMERICA building and testing models will back bones scum, bilderberg whores, maggots, rats and wolves into a corner they won’t be able to howl their way out of. Fact: denying and lying are what Jay maggot Rockefeller and lawyers like the alfalfa dinning Obamas do best.

Todd Starnes, most of AMERICA’S enemies are within, the damn secret societies. And the sooner the American People know al-qaeda was founded by the cia and Saudi, Israeli and English intelligence, the better off Everyone will be. Fact: Osama bin Laden’s cia code name was Tim Osman.

Three more paragraphs penned by Pamela: “Back in June, I visited Sen. John McCain’s office, accompanied by fire protection engineer Scott Grainger and structural engineer Rick Fowlkes, two Arizona experts from the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. We were also accompanied via conference call by retired physics teacher David Chandler and radio talk show host Andy Steele of 9/11 Free Fall.

We showed Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 to Sen. McCain’s Arizona office coordinator, Meghan Kielty. She was so engaged that we had to stop the film several times so that she could ask the array of experts some very astute questions.

In addition, we submitted a letter to Sen. McCain asking for him to obtain the computer input data from NIST, request public explanation of the free fall of Building 7 from NIST, and seek an investigation into the presence of nanothermite, a sophisticated incendiary with explosive properties that was found by a team of scientists in the WTC dust.”

So much for Our worthless senate. Mr. Richard Gage when the alfalfa club dined in 2011, senator McCain sat at table six with George skull & bones Bush jr., Vernon bilderberg Jordon, senator Mark Rubio, Franklin trilateral Raines, former senator Mike Lee and Ursula Burns the ceo of pratt house corporate sponsor Xerox. Richard tracking wolves has shown me I will know them by their putrid hearted - bones, bilderberg, pratt, trilateral and alfalfa club pals --- their like-minded friends and associates. 

Like or hate me, Barack bilderberg, lawyer Obama is the biggest scam ever put before the American People and John bilderberg in `99, pratt rat McCain knows it. Millions voted for him because they were tired of the prior bones administration. Reality every administration since President John F. Kennedy's has been a bones run administration. Citizens, John refused to play ball with their every wish, so they assassinated Mr. Kennedy, and numerous federal agencies actively/willingly participated in the cover-up.

Now please smoke on this, since the chairman of the council on foreign relations was placed of the warren commission and since Michelle Obama is a director for the pratt rat’s largest spin off, the Chicago council on foreign affairs/relations – doesn’t that Show You who she is?!

To me when the cfr’s chairman, John bilderberg McCloy, was placed on the warren commission, that's a case of “useful idiots” shooting themselves in the butt.

As to race relations, I believe Michael Massie summed things up very well in his most recent post at WorldNetDaily. If America Is So Bad, Blacks – Why Stay? Michael closes with: “If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?

According to Sails, it is an act of disdain for blacks that leads to a white Santa Claus and a white Jesus. According to people like Sails, white people are happy that blacks aren’t living long enough to “grow old.” Jeremiah Wright uses God’s name in vain as he condemns America. Louis Farrakhan, Wright and even Obama have stated that America brought terrorism on herself because of her mistreatment of peoples of color. There’s Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and the media, who are the pre-eminent expositors of the unfair treatment of blacks. There’s no way to get around it. Literally not a day goes by that blacks in America do not complain that they are mistreated and denied because of the color of their skin.

If that is truly the case, why do they stay here? Why not leave and go where they will be happy? Why not leave and go to a country where “true” opportunity exists? A place where they are taken care of and provided for better than they are in America?

It’s a conundrum to me as to why a group of people – who supposedly are as mistreated and persecuted as blacks are in America – would want to stay here. Let them leave, and let them take liberals, socialists and the Obamas with them. Because it’s obvious that America cannot satisfy any of them.

Let them go to Liberia. Maybe they can do more with it than Marcus Garvey was able to. But by all means, let them leave here, so that We the People who love America and what she represents can live in harmony enjoying the traditions that made her the envy of the world.

But alas, they won’t do that. They’ll stay here and spread immiseration and complaint because, in truth, they understand there is no other nation that will work as hard as America has to accommodate their malcontent.” End quote. (Let the record show Michael Massy is black.)

Blacks – bones toy, liar boy, healthcare/nightmare Obama isn’t the first black president, there have been hundreds of black presidents and millions upon millions of blacks have left Africa to get away from those black presidents. And the sooner blacks living in America realize Obama is doing his damndest to bring African tyrannical rule and sharia law here, the better off all of US will be.

After smoking on that awhile, let’s switch gears. But before I do, I’ve read GOD Only Knows how many posts and it is hard to find one that Steps Up to the Plate and gets in the faces of the wolves that be to bring a Sliver of Justice to the First Americans.

Alex as gently as I can type it, we both know you wasted a prime opportunity earlier this year during a live interview inside the bbc’s studio in London to blast a gaping, fatal wound in the anglo-american establishment. Unfortunately that opportunity is now water over the dam, so let’s move on.

Last month (November) Mrs. Kidd mailed Alex a gift, a copy of The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. In Her letter Devvy was kind enough to write: “There are many fine books about secret societies, but no one has done more in-depth research on all of them than Robert.”

Alex over the past seven years I have learned a tremendous amount by reading Columns at InfoWars. At the same time this series has provided information for you in return. One for instance is the katzenbach memo. Fact: no one has BROUGHT TO LIGHT every single facet of the new world order, however Your Listeners now have Three Words the wolves won’t be able to hide from – Build the models!!! Alex, those Tests alone will bring the black-heart’s house of cards tumbling to the ground.

As to the congress, a Friend of mine sent an email after reading Part 8. To prove his intelligence, he graduated from Annapolis in the mid-1970s. The email begins with: “This is brilliant. Well done!” My friend closed with: “I disagree with you on one point. There are a few honorable people in Congress. Pray for them.”

 If there were “honorable people” in the congress, they would have banded together and held a press conference in 2004, last year or this year to tear apart the crooked 9/11 commission’s report. And since that isn’t the case that proves my point. It is up to We The People, due to the rocke-parities, tea party, green party and every one of the squawking caucuses are comprised of self-serving, money hungry, gutless individuals.

The best comment I’ve read about the black caucus was written by a Black Woman in the comments section under a bar blog; in Miss Beverly’s word’s the black caucus should “shut the fuck up”. Bruce and Glen, for a change of pace, instead of race baiting, why not go through your archives and post Beverly’s comment on the website’s homepage?  Fellows “Change Begins” with the face you see in the mirror.

As for Praying, We could pray until the end of time, but that won’t change one thing. The Founders of America also prayed and after those Men got up from Their knees, They Took Action. All You have to do is Demand the district of corruption build and test some models; after which bilderbergs like Obama, Hagel and McCain, and bones scum like W. and Kerry will be pissing their pants and running for cover.

AMERICA, one of the most important Keys is to let them live while they choke down for the rest of their lives a dose of Public, Global Wide - humiliation.

Some history most Americans aren’t aware of – Sir Patrick Henry was Standing inside St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia when Patrick spoke from His Heart. Please read the thoughts of a Brave Hearted Gentleman, Sir Henry’s first, second and last paragraphs: For my own part I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to GOD and to Country.

Sir, we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on. We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its ministry and parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt. An appeal to arms and to the GOD of Hosts is all that is left to us!

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. Forbid it Almighty GOD! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

In Our day and age – congress/gut pile hill, the offal pile office and the federal judiciary equate to king George’s throne.  Fact: every member of congress has been peeing down his or her pants legs since the cia orchestrated the demise of Congressman Lawrence McDonald via Korean Airlines Flight 007 in 1983. Why take out Larry? Because Congressman McDonald went on live television (Crossfire) roughly four months before where Larry point blank Blasted the council on foreign relation’s rats and the wolf filled trilateral pack.  

I have Thanked GOD more than Readers will ever know that Miss Devvy, The Patriet was unsuccessful in Mrs. Kidd’s two attempts for a seat in the house, because Devvy would have been murdered due to The Patriet’s Honor, Integrity and Strength. Bottom line - Devvy is hands down the Most Admirable Woman in AMERICA and I am Proud to write Devvy considers me a real friend.

From an email I received yesterday: Over my life time I have had very few real friends. Oh, I know lots of people like you do, but real friends you would trust with your life are damn far and few in between.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, The Patriet has been in the trenches Battling, Standing with a Defiant Fist in the wolves’ faces for over 20 years. How I see things it’s Time for You The People to take up a Just Cause for your Children’s sakes and let Devvy rest. She has already done More than Her share. 

Those who have been to Devvy’s homepage are aware of Her Exterior Beauty. Devvy’s CHRISTMAS DAY 2008 Column - THE MOTHER, THE SON And GOD’S PROMISE - is an example of Her Inner Beauty. First She quotes Mr. Jefferson: “I hold the precepts of Jesus as delivered by himself, to be the most pure, benevolent, and sublime which have been preached to man.” Thomas Jefferson to Jared Sparks, November 4, 1820.

Then Devvy wrote from Her Heart: Today is a big day. Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lots of cheer, the Christmas trees, and too much snow in many places. I hope everyone is able to be with their loved this day. I know things are very bad, but family is what makes our lives worth living, at least for me. Of course, our troops are not home, but I’m not going to use this column for any commentary on the war. Just to say God bless our troops and their families. I also wish to send God’s blessings to everyone and hope this brings joy to your heart.

Know one of things I think about today? I think about the Blessed Mother and her pain of bringing forth a child into the world knowing that one day she would see her son die in the most horrific manner because that is what Almighty God intended:

John 3: 16-17 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For god sent not his son into the world  to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

Mary must have treasured each day with Jesus as he grew to manhood. The pain the Blessed Mother went through as she watched her son die a slow agonizing death must have been beyond what most of us can imagine. As a mother, I cannot imagine such pain and sorrow. When my daughter had surgery (three times), I just sat there like a lump praying to God that He keep her safe the operations. The agony of Mary bringing forth the Savior of the world for you and me knowing the outcome. How can we not weep to think of it?

Our Heavenly Father promised us through his son, Jesus Christ that if we lived by His Commandments and repented of our sins, our reward when we leave this human body would be greater than any earthly riches. As I am fond of saying, eternity is a long time.

God commands us not to sin: kill, lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, worship false gods; honor our parents and so on. Unbelievably, today's modern pastors of these mega social houses called churches who make millions personally, care no more about saving souls than they do about an ant on the sidewalk. This may offend some, but I have read a load of material on Rick pratt rat Warren and Joel Osteen (who gives me the creep factor) and I wonder what Bible they preach from? I see these IRS sanctioned churches of all denominations who have allowed themselves to be silenced and instead, preach feel good rhetoric instead of what each of us must do to enter the Kingdom of God. Heaven forbid they should chastise the congregation and remind them of God’s Commandments and the price they will pay for ignoring them! For those who admire Rick pratt rat Warren, I say to you beware of this wolf cloaked in “good works”. Best-selling author, social activist and mega church pastor Rick Warren described the social gospel supported by many mainline churches as “Marxism in Christian clothing. We don’t need to care about redemption, the cross repentance. All we need to do is redeem the social structures of society and if we make those social changes better, the world will become a better place,” explained Warren as he described the beliefs behind those who support the “social gospel”, in his interview with, which was posted Monday. “Really in many ways its just Marxism in Christian clothing,” he criticized.

We don’t need to concern ourselves with redemption, asking God to forgive our sins? We don’t need to care about the cross where Christ met a most horrific death? The cross is the symbol that has given hope to billions for over two thousand years be reminding us of Jesus’s sacrifice for us. What shocking words from a pastor.

If we desire God’s blessings can we expect them if we lie, cheat, beat ,steal, kill unborn babies in the womb, use his name as a curse word, wallow in the filth of sexual deviancy, sleep around like dogs on the street and worship pagan pastors who lead their flocks astray? Can we expect God’s blessings by picking and choosing which of His Commandments we like even though the act of disobedience brings the stain of sin upon our soul? Can we expect God’s blessings by forgetting His gift to the world, His son, Jesus Christ – except when we want something material?

I know secularists in this country disparage people of faith and that my questions are most likely considered corny. The good news is, I don’t care. Secularism is a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all form of religious faith and worship. Those who believe in nothing are but one heart beat away from eternity. I would not wish to be in their place.

We so dearly love our spouses, parents, children, and good friends, but God’s love above all is what we seek through his son, Jesus Christ. I believe that’s what today is all about, isn’t it?

After reading the above, if you can’t see Devvy’s Inner Beauty, then it is time for you to admit, you are dumb as a rock. When I read the above in early 2009, Devvy’s words touched me similar to how Braveheart moved Devvy’s soul. We have never met, but in Devvy, I see a like-minded spirit.

I hope next Christmas the American People have will have something to be Merry about since change is up to You. I hope the same for the Globe. Change starts here and there is no reason why “Change” can’t be Global wide.

For those unaware the Russian People suffered tragedies similar to September 11, 2001 by Russia’s government in September 1999. Please watch the 10 minute video. I have spent months with Russians and Ukrainians, and wherever my life’s trail has taken me, I always meet Quality Individuals whether Mexico, Canada, Africa, Europe, Central or South America. Bottom line - All of US are in Dire Need of Shedding the secret society’s yokes of bondage.

We do have some obstacles but since there are billions of US and less than a 100,000 certified wolves the odds are in Our Favor. One obstacle is the not worth a damn united nations. According to their website “It’s your world.” So why not take Your world back? Folks how can group howl: we are about peace when its inner core, the security council supplys the arms and munitions for all the wars? It makes no sense if You Will Stop and Think about it. Track down Kaddafi’s speech at the u.n. After reading excerpts I’m positive that speech got him killed. Ask Susan trilateral Rice or Hillary bilderberg Clinton.

For a dose in how sorry the u.n.’s secretary general Ban Moon is, next are excerpts from the link under the heading U.N. Head compares Muslims to Jews while at Auschwitz: “While on his way to… wait for it… a Climate Change conference in Poland, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stopped to visit Auschwitz in an attempt to pay respects. In so doing, he compared the Jews who died there to Muslims he says are being persecuted today and are getting virtually no help.

 “In the years since, the flames of hatred and persecution have risen again to consume other societies – from the killing fields of Cambodia to the forests of Srebrenica and to the hills of Rwanda. Even today, the fire smolders. Anti-Semitism retains its hold in too many places. In Europe and elsewhere, migrants, Muslims, Roma and other minorities face rising discrimination — and find too few defenders.” {emphasis ours)

Did you catch who Ban omitted from his list of victims? That’s right, the hundreds of thousands of Christians who are actual victims of barbaric Muslim persecution today. In Pakistan, Christians are being arrested, tortured, charged, and in some cases executed for violating blasphemy laws meant to enforce Sharia. The hell that has befallen these people rivals what happened in Auschwitz. Yet, Ban visits an empty Auschwitz while defacing it with his comparisons during a stopover on a trip to tout junk science while real victims are ignored.

Before the ‘Arab Spring’ there were an estimated 176,000 Christians martyred around the globe for their faith in just one year.

Memo to Hanky-Ban Ki Moon… Not only has the “epicenter” of evil moved but it’s moved to a place beneath the feet of a group that collaborated with Hitler and the Nazis to exterminate so many of those Jews – the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the entity perpetrating a modern day holocaust all around the globe while the Nazis are essentially a non-factor comparatively speaking. In fact, far more Muslims are dying at the hands of Muslims than from any other group.” End quote. And Well Put.

Ban Moon is it you to admit your mentor is Joseph bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Nye jr.? I doubt it. Readers, Moon and Nye go all the way back to Haahvard where Nye was one of his professors. Currently Nye chairs the trilateral pack's north american division. Doubters should ask Fareed bilderberg, trilateral Zakaria or Fred skull & bones, pratt house director Smith.

I haven’t heard Obama open his mouth the Christians being murdered by Muslims either. More proof it’s against his nature to speak out about what is wrong, which sums up his hidden from the Public real life.

Barack do US all a favor by howling why you refused to say “under God” as from the Gettysburg Address when you read Lincoln’s words for filmmaker Ken Burns? Would you have been comfortable saying under Allah? Because nothing you or Michelle supports lines up with the BIBLE. Citizens, I Appreciate the Thousands of Black Preachers and Reverends who know that is the Truth.

Barack another question, as a senate skank did you sponsor a bill to end congressional and supreme court insider trading? Ladies and Gentlemen, reading Mrs. Devvy Kidd’s Columns has Educated me on a host of subjects.

Devvy: “Have you ever wondered why an incumbent in the Outlaw Congress goes into office with a net worth of a hundred grand or so and within a decade is worth millions?

Being in the trenches nearly 24/7 going on 21 years, very few things shock me anymore. However, when I found out insider trading is legal for members of the U.S. Congress, I was speechless.

People wonder why I refer to the U.S. Congress as the Outlaw Congress? They are outlaws. There is no longer any concern for the U.S. Constitution and too many of them have been lining their pockets using insider knowledge of bills likely to pass where they will benefit financially.

Too many of those miscreants violate laws everyday of the week with impunity because they know by promising "bacon" to their district (along with the massive electronic vote fraud and illegals voting), they'll get right back into office. Here's another example courtesy of

Just what is Congress illegally downloading?
(Dec. 28, 2011)

“Are members of Congress online pirates, stealing copyrighted material and viewing porn while they are, ironically, working on federal legislation to stop Internet theft of intellectual property? The answer is yes, according to a report that examines the downloading habits – legal and illegal – of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Online monitors at TorrentFreak researched the surfing habits of lawmakers via in the analysis. ‘YouHaveDownloaded is a treasure trove full of incriminating data on alleged BitTorrent pirates in organizations all across the world,’ the report states...

“The U.S. House was targeted for review since lawmakers are drafting the much-discussed Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, which some fear could be a tool for mass censorship in the name of copyright protection.

“‘Since it's the birthplace of the pending SOPA bill, we wondered how many of the employees there have engaged in unauthorized copying. The answer is yet again unambiguous – they pirate a lot,’ the report says. ‘In total we found more than 800 IP addresses assigned to the U.S. House of Representatives from where content has been shared on BitTorrent. After a closer inspection it quickly became clear the House isn't just using it for legitimate downloads either, quite the opposite.’”

“Congressional downloads include pornographic material.”

Aww. Probably just “research” and if you believe that, I can sell you some sand over in the Gobi Desert.”

Five more paragraphs: “The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2011, which would prohibit members or employees of Congress, as well as executive branch employees, from using nonpublic information obtained through their public service for investing or any attempt at personal financial gain. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is introducing a slightly different version of the legislation on Wednesday.

2: “Out of 975 federal entities, Congress and the Supreme Court are the only two that have no rules or laws prohibiting them from trading securities based on nonpublic information.”

3: “Congressmen can get away with ‘the type of insider trading that would send Martha Stewart to prison,’ Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist for the consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen, told in June. ‘They go into hearings and confidential meetings with business interests, understanding new legislation is going to come out next week,’ and are free to trade on that information.”

4: “On Dec. 6, 2011, House Financial Services Chairman Spencer Bachus (R-AL) scheduled a markup of the STOCK Act for Dec. 14, 2011. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) indefinitely postponed the markup session on Dec. 7, 2011, stating that ‘a large group of bipartisan members of the committee felt the legislation was flawed and being recklessly moved solely in response to media pressure. Members of both sides of the aisle wanted more time to gather information and develop appropriate alternatives.’” (Source:

5: “On Dec. 13, 2011, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee advanced the STOCK Act by a vote of 7-2. Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) dissented, calling the bill "unnecessary and rife with potential unintended consequences." Senator John McCain (R-AZ) also opposed the bill, but was absent from the vote.” (Source: End quote.

The above sums up the bought and sold, insider trading congress and supreme sludge court.

Citizens ask senator Tom Coburn was he or Austan bones Goolsbee the first speaker when the trilaterals held their first of four pack meeting in 2011? Without having to track it down again I’m almost positive the year was 2011, and if I remember correctly the pack meeting was held in the district of corruption. I don’t remember the name of the hotel.

Since Charles house of rats Rangel and senator Jay maggot Rockefeller would know, Cowboy Up and ask those putrid hearted members of congress. AMERICA there’s a difference between Cowboys and yippy-ki-yay wanna be 'goat ropers' like the Bushes, Clinton and Obama.

I’m going to end here and if all goes well write another 3, 4, 5 or 6 pages on Christmas Day.

Gentlemen between now and then please ask Yourselves: What can I do to help bring about Change in a Peaceful Manner?


Christmas Day 2013