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The House that Evil Built -- Part 9



November 1, 2013
by Little Bobby Motch

Part 8 ended with information pertaining to former national security advisor McGeorge bones, bilderberg, pratt rat Bundy and Bernard bilderberg, federal reserve bankster chairman Bernanke.

Since the current national security advisor is Susan pratt rat, trilateral wolf Rice Cameron, let's visit 18 or so of Emmett bankster, former federal reserve board governor Rice's (Susan's father) fellow pratt rats in 1973.

1.   David K. E. pilgrim Bruce, who was a bilderberg in 1965 with the duke of Edinburgh. Ladies, queen Elizabeth's husband was also a bilderberg in 1967. Three of the duke's bilderberg pals in `67 were Bill katzenbach memo receiver Moyers, future chancellor of Germany - Helmut bohemian owl Schmidt (scroll down the webpage), future Canadian prime minister Paul Martin and future U.K. prime minister Edward Heath. Gentlemen from the New York Times on March 16, 1973: “President Nixon announced today that he had recalled Ambassador David K. E. Bruce from retirement to head a United States liaison office in Peking.”

2.   McGeorge skull & bones Bundy, his acceptance letter to bilderberg 1957 was included in Part 8. Two paragraphs from his bio at Wikipedia: In 1949, Bundy took a position at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York to study Marshall Plan aid to Europe. The study group included such luminaries as Dwight Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, Richard M. Bissell, Jr. and George Kennan. The group's deliberations were sensitive and highly secret, dealing as they did with the highly classified fact that there was a covert side to the Marshall Plan, where the CIA used certain funds to aid anti-communist groups in France and Italy.[5]And: “He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1954.[7] He moved into public life in 1961, becoming national security adviser in the Kennedy administration. He played a crucial role in all of the major foreign policy and defense decisions of the Kennedy and part of the Johnson administration. These included the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and, most controversially, the Vietnam War. From 1964 he was Chairman of the 303 Committee, responsible for coordinating government covert operations.[8]In 1973 McGeorge was the president of the ford foundation. Bundy was succeeded at the ford foundation by one of the first black bilderbergs, Franklin bilderberg in 1980 Thomas. Two things - McGeorge was a damn bilderberg in 1980 as well, and then there's the 303 committee. That committee along with its predecessor and successors has "called many of the shots" fired in AMERICA.

3.   William “Bill” skull & bones Bundy, from Wikipedia: “After finishing law school in 1947, Bundy joined the Washington-based law firm of pratt house sponsor Covington and Burling.” And: “During the 1950s he worked as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was chief of staff for the Office of National Estimates. In 1960, Bundy took a leave of absence from the CIA to serve as staff director for Eisenhower's Commission on National Goals.[2] During the Kennedy years he was deputy to Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs Paul Nitze and worked for the Secretary of the Navy. During much of the LBJ era he was Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs. After resigning from the executive branch in 1969 he taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1972 he moved to Princeton University where he remained for the rest of his life. He edited the influential journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (of which he was a member) — Foreign Affairsfrom 1972 to 1984, after declining the offer of the Council's chairman, David Rockefeller, to be the Council's president.” And: “Bundy was Honorary American Secretary General of the Bilderberg Meetings from 1975 to 1980.[3][4]

4.   George H.W. skull, alfalfa club Bush, who after leaving his post as the ambassador to the united nations on January 18, 1973 skull sr. was named the national chair for the rocke-pub party on Jan. 19th. On Sept. 26th 1974 George trilateral wolf, alibi club Bush replaced David bilderberg, pilgrims society Bruce as the U.S. trade rep/liaison/ambassador to mainland China.

5.   William T. trilateral commission lifetime trustee, alfalfa club Coleman jr., who Ford named his sec. of transportation on March 7th 1975. When the alfalfa pack dined in 2011 Coleman was sitting at table 2 with the current sec. of defense, former senator Chuck bilderberg in 1999-2000-2001, pratt rat Hagel. James race baiter Cone, in case you haven't noticed lifetime trilateral trustee Coleman is black.

6.   Eli elihu society, pilgrim Debevoise, co-founder of the pratt house sponsoring law firm Debevoise & Plimpton in 2009 where Michael judge/sludge Mukasey went after his days as attorney general.

7.   John bilderberg, former pratt chairman, warren commission, pilgrims society, world bankster McCloy.

8.   Douglas bilderberg, pilgrims society Dillon, he used to chair the conniving brookings institute and the rockefeller foundation. Next are twelve putrid hearted American trilateral wolves in 2010 - brookings current president Strobe rhodes scholar, pratt Talbott; Philip bilderberg in 2006, executive director 9/11 commission, pratt Zelikow; Condoleezza bilderberg, pratt Rice; Richard federal reserve bankster (Dallas) Fisher; Walter bilderberg, rhodes scholar, aspen institute Issacson; Robert bilderberg, pratt Kagen; Charles house of rats Rangel; former ambassador to China, Winston bones, bilderberg, owl, pratt Lord; gen. Joseph owl, pratt Ralston; Charlie bilderberg, pratt Rose; Lee Dallas Morning News, pratt Cullum and senator Jay maggot Rockefeller. Those wolves can be confirmed by their pack members William former cia & fbi director, owl, pratt Webster and John bilderberg, former cia director, pratt Deutch.

9.   John former cia director, bohemian owl McCone, who replaced Allen bilderberg, pratt rat, warren commission Dulles as the cia’s director. I haven't read Dulles’ name on a list of bilderbergs, the reason I say Dulles was one is this: the cia was in charge of providing security during their meetings and I have no doubt whatsoever he had bugs placed inside the hotels to record every conversation while Dulles was the cia’s director. Bottom line – “blackmail” has always been one of skull & bones’ and their creation, the cia’s favorite tools to keep everybody else in line with their agenda. Doubters should contact their so-called representatives in DC, the district of corruption, or supreme court sludge John alfalfa diner Roberts for confirmation. Folks the problem is - rarely does a rat, senator or judge tell the truth.

10. Stansfield future cia director Turner. Turner succeeded George skull sr. as cia director for Jimmy owl, trilateral in 1973 Carter on March 9, 1977.

11. Eisenhower’s national security director Gordon alibi club Gray. More deceased members of the alibi club include former supreme sludge, Potter skull & bones Stuart; former cfr/pratt house rat president - Allen cia director, warren commission Dulles and his brother, one of the cfr’s founding rats in 1921, John Foster alfalfa & alibi club, I.G. Farben lawyer, cia operation ajax supporter Dulles.

12. Former deputy attorney general Nicholas katzenbach memo Katzenbach, at the time working for pratt house sponsor IBM. How was Katzenbach rewarded for his cover-up role in President John Kennedy's murder? Lyndon mason, wolf Johnson made him his attorney general. From Wikipedia: “A 1979 account of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), reported that on November 25, 1963, only 3 days after the John F. Kennedy assassination and before any formal federal investigation had been conducted, Nicholas Katzenbach, then deputy attorney general, had written a memo to presidential assistant Bill Moyers at the White House. Katzenbach's memo comes the closest of any known official document speculation, citation needed to discussing a government cover-up [sensationalist language]: "It is important that all of the facts surrounding President Kennedy's Assassination be made public in a way which will satisfy people in the United States and abroad that all the facts have been told and that a statement to this effect be made now. The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he had no confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial...Speculation about Oswald's motivation ought to be cut off...Unfortunately the facts on Oswald seem about too pat—too obvious (Marxist, Cuba, Russian wife, etc.)...We need something to head off public speculation or Congressional hearings of the wrong sort." The Committee's final report implies [speculation] that Katzenbach, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and others were the key actors behind the creation of the Warren Commission. According to the report, Hoover told staff members on November 24, 1963 that he and Katzenbach were anxious to have "something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin," though the idea of a commission was initially opposed by President Johnson.” Folks, I don't who inserted “sensationalist language” and “speculation” in the above, but I Do Know the warren commission was a lie from start to finish.

13. Bill receiver of the katzenbach memo, bilderberg steering committee Moyers, who has told more lies on television than most. Three of Moyers fellow bilderbergs in 1973 were Bill bones Bundy and the trilateral wolf commission's co-founders David maggot Rockefeller sr. (then the pratt’s chairman) and Zbigniew if it's wrong he's involved Brzezinski.

14. Barber house of rats member, quill & dagger, trilateral in 1973 Barber.

15. A member of the senate, Stuart elihu Symington.

16. Former senator and a member of skull & bones pack, John warren commission Cooper.

17. Cord scroll & key, cia big wig in 1973 Meyer. From Meyer’s obituary in the New York Times: “Mrs. Meyer was fatally shot in 1964 as she walked along the towpath of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Georgetown. A day laborer found hiding in the bushes along the canal was acquitted of the crime, and it remains unsolved.

After her death, Mrs. Meyer's sister and brother-in-law said they saw the top C.I.A. counterintelligence officer, James J. Angleton, try to break into her home and take her diary.

Mrs. Meyer's brother-in-law, Benjamin C. Bradlee, later became executive editor of The Washington Post. The diary, which Mr. Bradlee and his wife found later that day, disclosed an affair between Mrs. Meyer and President John F. Kennedy.

While at the C.I.A., Mr. Meyer eventually became second-in-command of worldwide clandestine services...." End quote.

18. Thomas bilderberg in 1968, pilgrim Gates jr., who replaced George skull sr. as the trade rep./liaison officer/ambassador to Peking (now Beijing) on April 14th 1976. Something else: ask Bill pilgrim Farrish about the role he's played in trilateral Bush senior's finances. Gentlemen reading THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION – The Bush Crime Family Exposed by General Russell S. Bowen is time well spent.

Don't those names go a long way to explaining all that is "wrong" in AMERICA along with who rules US behind the scenes, and who began shipping Your jobs south of the Rio Grande and overseas? When I went to school 2 + 2 equaled 4. Jimmy owl, trilateral Carter, it seems your real heart showed whey you shared the stage with bilderberg Obama; bilderberg Clinton; skull, trilateral Bush sr. and George skull W. at junior's library dedication.

If that isn't enough Robert bilderberg, lifetime trilateral McNamara is on that list, likewise senator in 1973, Walter trilateral in 1973 Mondale who was a damn bilderberg in 1974, and Carter's lice-vice president. Hubert Humphrey, Johnson’s lice-vice president was a pratt rat in 1973 as was Averell skull & bones, moscow conferences, state department player, pilgrim Harriman and his pal gen. Lyman bilderberg in 1963 Lemnitzer. If Americans will track down “operation northwoods” it won't take long to realize how sorry the “joint chiefs” are!!

To show how Christians are being played - father Theodore pratt rat in 1973 Hesburgh, as president of Notre Dame, attended bilderberg 1975 with Robert “let's develop AIDS” McNamara, baron Edmond rat Rothschild; Ronald owl Reagan’s buddy, future U.K. prime minister Margret chatham hyena Thatcher; Bill skull & bones, National Review Buckley (whose skull & bones brother, senator James Buckley, denied the bilderbergs existed in a letter to one his Constituents in 1974) and president Gerald alfalfa club, warren commission Ford's chief of staff - Donald bilderberg again in 2002, owl, alfalfa club Rumsfeld.

How did the oval/offal pile office and the department of corruption handle Miss McArthur’s letter to president Gerald multiple time bilderberg including 1964, master mason Ford?

"Dear Ms. McArthur:

Your letter to the President of March 10, 1975, has been referred to this office for reply, because no one in the White House has any information regarding "The Bilderbergs." Unfortunately, after some investigation, we have not been able to discover any information regarding "The Bilderbergs" either.

I am sorry I cannot be of more help.


Mary C. Lawton"

Bottom line - all DC knows how to do is deny, withhold & lie. (Sounds like the name of a law firm.)

For Those with a Conscience it is difficult to accept how evil the powers that be are because Your Conscience wouldn't allow You to play a role in the wolves’ black-hearted schemes. My wake up call came in 1991 while watching the film footage taken by Mr. Abraham Zapruder at Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963 in JFK. When I saw President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's head snap back and to the left, I knew for a FACT the head shot John received was from His Front and to John's Right!!

Now let's move to Peter bilderberg in 1995 Jennings on November 20th 2003 – “Peter Jennings Reporting: THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION – BEYOND CONSPIRACY: Good evening, I'm Peter Jennings. Forty years after the assassination the latest abc news poll tell us more than Two Thirds of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill the President. What we will do tonight is demonstrate that those theories are wrong.”

Abc shows Mr. Malcolm Kilduff (assistant White House press secretary) answering a question, Malcolm: “He died of a gunshot wound in the brain.” And abc’s footage ends there. The network left out all that Mr. Kilduff said: “He died at approximately 1:00 central standard time here in Dallas. He died of a gunshot wound in the brain. Dr. Berkeley told me it was a simple matter, Tom of, of a bullet right through the head.” While Malcolm was speaking he was pointing to his right forehead indicating from which direction the fatal shot came! I may have copied the link wrong, I can't go there any more.

In 1971 Lyndon mason Johnson published The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency, 1963-1969. His version of Mr. Malcolm Kilduff’s statement - President John F. Kennedy died at approximately 1:00 CST today here in Dallas. He died of a gunshot wound to the brain. I have no other details regarding the assassination of the president.”

When bilderberg Jennings addresses President Kennedy's Head snapping back and to the left, Peter says: Back and to the left in no way indicates where a bullet came from. Eight of Jennings’ fellow bilderbergs in 1995 were Emma Rothschild; the king of Sweden; Jon pratt Corzine, at the time Goldman Sachs’ chairman; Clinton advisor David owl, pratt, trilateral Gergen; Austria's chancellor Franz Vranitsky; Walter Frehner - chairman Swiss Bank Corp.; the Netherlands’ queen Beatrix and the bilderberg’s chairman in 1995 - lord Peter chatham hyena, pilgrims society Carrington. Which two governments were howling in September to bomb Syria? England and America – the crooked as a snake anglo-american establishment.

Former speaker of the house Thomas “Tip” O’Neill published Man of the House in 1987. Tip: “I was never one of those people who had doubts or suspicions about the Warren Commission's report on the president's death. But five years after Jack” (John was called Jack by his friends) “died, I was having dinner with Kenny O’Donnell and a few other people at Jimmy's Harbor Side Restaurant, and we got to talking about the assassination. I was surprised to hear O’Donnell say that he was sure he had heard two shots that came from behind the fence.” (The fence on top of the grassy knoll.) Tip: “That's not what you told the Warren Commission,” I said. “You're right,” he replied. “I told the FBI what I had heard, but they said it couldn't have happened that way and that I must have been imagining. So I testified the way they wanted me to. I just didn't want to stir up more pain and trouble for the family.” “I can't believe it,” I said. “I wouldn't have done that in a million years. I would have told the truth.” O’Donnell: “Tip, you have to understand. The family-everybody wanted this thing behind them.”  

Tip: “Dave Powers was with us at dinner that night, and his recollection of the shots was the same as O’Donnell’s. Kenny O’Donnell is no longer alive, but during the writing of this book I checked with Dave Powers. As they say in the news business, he stands by his story.

And so there will always be some skepticism in my mind over Jack’s death. I used to think that the only people who doubted the conclusions of the warren Commission were crackpots. Now I'm not so sure.

But I'd rather focus on Jack's life. He really did have charisma, the glamour, and the talent that has become part of his legend. He had a radiance that made people glow when they were in his company. He brought to all sectors of the American public a new feeling that they were wanted, that there was a place in America for them regardless of religion or race. And perhaps most important, when Jack Kennedy was the president, people had trust in their government. I look forward to the day when that will once again be true." End quote.

Since George skull & bones, trilateral wolf, former pratt house director, bohemian owl, alfalfa & alibi club Bush sr. says whatever Gerald “Jerry” bilderberg, alfalfa, master mason, owl, pratt Ford signed his name to was good, let's  take a minute and examine the flight path of Yale law school grad Arlen Specter’s “magic bullet”. Bear in mind the magic bullet was fired from roughly 60 feet above President Kennedy and slightly to John's right, so initially the bullet was moving from right to left. Specter and Ford say the bullet entered John's back at a downward angle of 17 degrees. The bullet then changes its downward flight path and decides to move upward and exits John's body in the center of his neck. Folks according to the 5.6 seconds established by Earl alfalfa, master mason, owl, chief supreme sludge Warren's warren commission as the time frame three shots were fired, evidently the magic bullet hovered in mid-air for 1.6 seconds because while John is clutching his throat (wound #2), Texas gov. Connally is shown in the Zapruder film still holding his Stetson in his right hand. After hovering in mid-air for 1.6 seconds the bullet turns right, then left and also down so it can enter Connally at the rear of his right arm pit. The bullet heads downward at an angle of 27 degrees and shatters his 5th rib and exits from the right side of his chest, wound #4. The bullet turns right and enters Connally’s right wrist shattering the radius bone. After leaving his wrist (wound #6) the bullet does a U-Turn and buries itself in Connally’s left thigh, wound #7. Was the bullet recovered from Connally’s thigh during surgery? No it wasn't! Ford's and Specter’s magic bullet was found on a gurney in the hallway at Parkland Hospital in near pristine condition. The bullet had not mushroomed (which is a Key) and had retained 97% of its original weight.

My late Mother was an avid hunter and after I explained to Mom what the warren commission report swore was the truth, nothing but the truth, Miss Sallie knew their report was in a word - bullshit. Brass tacks - every Honourable police officer and military member should be shaking Their heads in agreement. Bottom line – film footage cannot lie, however lawyers lie daily. Ladies and Gentlemen for the so-called “law profession”, lying is how the majority of them make their money.

Sisters and Brothers, my life's trail has taught me: in looking for a Straight Answer, an Honest Answer, I don't ask a lawyer. Granted there are some Honourable attorneys out there, but They are few and far in-between.

Mr. Abraham Zapruder’s film footage is available online and in JFK, please watch it.

From New York Times’ writer Tom Wicker on November 22, 1963: “Mr. Kilduff indicated that the President had been shot once. Later medical reports raised the possibility that there had been two wounds. But the death was caused, as far as could be learned, by a massive wound in the brain.

Later in the afternoon, Dr. Malcolm Perry, an attending surgeon, and Dr. Kemp Clark, chief of neurosurgery at Parkland Hospital, gave more details.

Mr. Kennedy was hit by a bullet in the throat, just below the Adam's apple, they said. This wound had the appearance of a bullet's entry.

Mr. Kennedy also had a massive, gaping wound in the back and one on the right side of the head. However, the doctors said it was impossible to determine immediately whether the wounds had been caused by one bullet or two.”

Tom Wickers would later attack Mr. Oliver Stone's JFK, likewise George bilderberg in 1981, media bobble head Will. Seven of his bilderberger pals were Jeanne “u.n. ambassador”, pratt Kirkpatrick; Bill bones, bilderberg advisory committee, pratt Bundy; senator Charles pratt Mathias; Sweden's Marcus bilderberg steering committee, bankster Wallenberg; Vernon bilderberg steering committee, bankster, lawyer, pratt Jordon jr.; John bones, bilderberg advisory committee, pratt Heinz and the UK’s Denis chatham hyena Healy. In 1981 Healey’s title was “shadow foreign secretary”. Fact: the bilderberg’s "mode of operations" is to stay in the “shadows” while calling the shots from behind the scenes. Skeptics can ask Canada's current prime minister, the right dishonorable Stephen bilderberg in `03 Harper. Brothers, bilderberg 2003 is where David maggot Rockefeller sr. told Mr. Tony Goslings, “We do things in various settings, congress etc.”

Let the record show bilderberg Will said Oliver was "a man of technical skill, scant education and negligible conscience". Will only a fool believes in magic bullets. AMERICA, Will's lack of a conscience allows him to stand pat with the crooked warren commission. Citizens, Will and skull & bones go way back; Everyone's proof – from 1972 to `78 George was an editor for Bill bones, bilderberg in 1975 Buckley’s National Review.

Paragraphs from an associated press piece posted at Huffington on August 18, 2010:HAVANA (Associated Press) -- Fidel Castro is showcasing a theory long popular both among the far left and far right: that the shadowy Bilderberg Group has become a kind of global government, controlling not only international politics and economics, but even culture.

The 84-year-old former Cuban president published an article Wednesday that used three of the only eight pages in the Communist Party newspaper Granma to quote -- largely verbatim -- from a 2006 book by Lithuanian-born writer Daniel Estulin.

Estulin's work, "The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club," argues that the international group largely runs the world. It has held a secretive annual forum of prominent politicians, thinkers and businessmen since it was founded in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland.

Estulin's book, as quoted by Castro, described "sinister cliques and the Bilderberg lobbyists" manipulating the public "to install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self."

The prominence of the group is what alarms critics. It often includes members of the Rockefeller family, Henry Kissinger, senior U.S. and European officials and major international business and media executives.

"It's great Hollywood material ... 15 people sitting in a room sitting in a room determining the fate of mankind," said Herbert London, president of the Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan policy think tank in New York.

"As someone who doesn't come out of the Oliver Stone school of conspiracy, I have a hard time believing it," London added.

A call to a Virginia number for the American Friends of Bilderberg rang unanswered Wednesday and the group's website lists no contact numbers.” End quote.

As I type on the pratt rat's roster Herbert I. London's name is between Clark B. Lombardi’s and Mary Beth Long’s. At bilderberg 2010 the hudson institute was represented by Marie Jose-Kravis. And just like London, Kravis has been a pratt rat for years. Please verify it here.

Marie Jose-Kravis’ title at bilderberg 2013 – “USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute”. And let no Reader forget David prime minister Cameron hosted the bilderbergs when those Citizen stabbing, lying, denying, money grubbers met in Hertfordshire, England, June 6-9 this year!

One paragraph from the current head of the fbi, James Comey’s bio at Wikipedia: “In December 2003, as Deputy Attorney General, Comey appointed the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, close friend and former colleague Patrick Fitzgerald, as Special Counsel to head the CIA leak grand jury investigation after Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself. In August 2005, Comey left the DOJ and he became General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin. In 2010, he became General Counsel at Bridgewater Associates. In early 2013, he left Bridgewater to become Senior Research Scholar and Hertog Fellow on National Security Law at Columbia Law School. He also joined the London-based board of directors of HSBC Holdings.

James fbi Comey, as I type both Lockheed Martin and Bridgewater Associates are pratt house rat sponsors, and HSBC bank, the planet's largest drug money washing machine - sponsors London's chatham hyenas, just like the U.S. embassy in London. Comey according to the bilderberg’s own website HSBC’s group chairman Douglas Flint and the bank's deputy chairman Simon Robertson were cuddled up with Cameron,  Kissinger, Robert bankster, pratt house co-chair Rubin, Netherlands’ prime minister Mark Rutte, Obama’s pal James steering committee member Johnson and Shirley house of lords Williams, a former member of the pratt rat’s international advisory board.

James what’s your opinion, should Angela Merkel announce why she was a bilderberg in 2005 which was the year before her upgrade to Germany’s chancellor? Angela why was Helmut Schmidt a bilderberg before he was Germany’s chancellor? And why did he write in his memoirs how much he enjoyed bohemian grove? James ask former prime minister, John chatham gavel holder Major, “When did you last visit the owl’s grove?”

A few years ago at (which no longer works) I read the cover page for a 492 page fbi report: The Council on Foreign Relation, a sister organization to the Institute of International Affairs (which is the chatham house’s formal name) in London, was formed in 1922 as a noncommercial, nonpolitical organization supporting American foreign relations. Although the FBI never investigated the Council on Foreign Relations, the FBI received numerous inquiries from private citizens who were concerned that the organization was subversive and communist inspired. The FBI investigated a matter in which an unknown subject using the name of the Council on Foreign relations distributed material their “goal for world communism” to numerous United States Senators and United States Representatives.

That’s all I copied. James the cfr’s own damn website says the modern day council was whelped in 1921. It is impossible for the Citizen stabbing fbi to report anything in a straightforward, honest manner. The agency tries to track down the sender but not the perpetrators of much of Globe’s misery and despair. Another example is the fbi’s treatment of Mrs. Sibel Edmunds, Miss Sibel’s Efforts to Tell the Truth. Ladies and Gentlemen please visit Sibel has proven Herself to be a Bold and Determined Woman.

James fbi director Comey, in 2004 you showed a nickel’s worth of integrity. Between then and now it appears your mindset changed for the worse. James, soon it will be “show time” in a manner of speaking, and Clear Thinkers are Curious as to whether or not you will stand pat with the bullshit spewed by the bones, bilderberg & pratt - crooked beyond belief 9/11 and warren commissions.

James do you share the opinion every American should watch Mr. Robert Groden’s JFK The Case for Conspiracy Documentary at In Parts 6 and 7 medical personnel including Doctors state They saw the back of John’s Head blasted out! How many fbi badge wearers will lie by saying an exit wound is smaller than the entre wound? Bottom line - it doesn’t matter if you shoot hollow points, soft points or solids, the exit wound is going to be larger than the entre wound. Readers one of the Doctors at Parkland says the wound in the back of John’s head was the size of a baseball.

One of the theories surrounding President Kennedy’s murder has been the cia wanted retaliation over the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco. Earlier this year I read Mr. David Ratcliffe’s 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired), and many of Book’s Chapters are Eye Openers. Experiences of and Perspectives on the Bay of Pigs is an example. Colonel Fletcher Prouty was heavily involved in the preparations leading up to Bay of Pigs.

Col. Prouty:On Saturday morning, April 15th 1961, three B-26 bombers flew over Cuba, and hit the military base near Havana, and destroyed all but three of Castro's combat-capable aircraft. It was a pretty successful trip.

We knew that the odds of getting them all in one shot would be a slim chance, so we were ready again to strike a second time. And we had already had briefings on two strikes, one earlier and then one to follow up. We had to follow it up. So we had U-2's fly all over Cuba and we found the three planes that were missing. They were three of what we call T-birds, T-33 jets. They were just training planes, but each one had two 50-caliber machine guns. They were fast little airplanes, easy to maneuver, and they were a great threat to the B-26's of our Cuban-exile air force. We had to destroy them. We found them down in the southern part of Cuba, all in the same little base, sitting on the ground, wingtip to wingtip.

The plan for the second attack was that we would hit them just before sunrise with four B-26 bombers. One bomber could have destroyed them, but we would go with four: right at sunrise, because the brigade was due to land on the beach at sunrise. And if we were bringing the brigade in, certainly that would alert their aircraft, and their planes would be in the air. We had to hit them just before sunrise or everything was gone. So this was approved when we briefed the President on Sunday afternoon, which was April 16th, 1961.

He approved the whole plan. And he approved the strike with the Cuban-exile's bombers for the morning of the 17th which was absolutely necessary. Without that we could not have hit the beach. Nobody had any problem with that whatsoever. In fact, a very good friend of mine (an old Agency friend) was the base commander for this operation at Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua where we had the four B-26 bombers just ready to go.

That was about 3:30 on Sunday afternoon. The ships were at sea; the President said OK -- that was the first time he approved it, by the way. Here we were a few hours before the attack, before he even approved, that he first said they could go. You could see how reluctant he was, really, to approve this program.

At one o'clock in the morning (Monday) my telephone rang, right here in Washington. On the phone was my old friend in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. He was saying, "Fletch, you have got to get approval for my bombers to leave. Somebody canceled the strike." I said, "That's impossible. We got the approval this afternoon from the President. Who can cancel that strike?" He said, "I don't know. But I've been told I can't let the bombers go." And he said, "Listen." He was living in a little tent and he had a field telephone, and he held the telephone out and I could hear the engines on the bombers going. And I said, jokingly, "Let them go!" And he said, "No, they gave me orders. I can't let them go." I said, "OK, I'll call the city and see what I can get."

So I called into this control center (that I'd been working with every day since that New Year's Day of 1959) and I said, "Listen. Why aren't the bombers going?" And they said, "General Cabell got a call saying he cannot let them go unless he can talk to Secretary Rusk and get Secretary Rusk to approve, and he's trying to find Secretary Rusk now." And I said, "Yes, but we've got a sunrise attack and the sun is going to come up." It'd take the bombers four hours to fly from Puerto Cabezas to the base where the T-33's were in Cuba, and any time we lost there would put the arrival of the bombers after sunrise. The B-26's wouldn't be there, and the brigade would be attacking the beach -- which is what they did, of course.

I called as many as I could and all I found was that everybody was in an uproar. Everything was in a shambles. After all this careful planning, the whole CIA section in there was just distraught with the developments. General Cabell was off trying to make some arrangements -- trying to find Mr. Rusk, I guess, or make arrangements with him. And -- in a strange little side episode -- Allen Dulles, who was in charge of the whole thing, was out of the United States. He wasn't even in the country. He'd gone out to a speaking engagement in Puerto Rico. In other words, he's out of the cycle. We had to use General Cabell or nothing. (General Cabell was his deputy, as you will recall.)

I had done what I could do. I was not that close to the program in a command sense; I couldn't order them to go. I had called everybody I knew to alert them. I went to sleep. I went to the office the next morning and found out that the bombers had not gone. And I found out that already those jets had been attacking the ships. One ship had pulled offshore, trying to escape; the other ship had been sunk. The men had landed on the beach. The beach landing was pretty good, but we knew the effort was lost.

In that first day, we lost 16 B-26s. The jets just chopped them up. And all due to this call to Cabell saying, "You can't go unless you can get Mr. Rusk or unless you want to confront the President." The President was out of Washington; he was in Glen Ora, Virginia, his home in Northern Virginia. General Cabell had been with the Agency for years. He was an Air Force lieutenant general. He had a lot of administrative experience, but not combat experience. He was not exactly the man you'd want to have fight his way through this kind of a situation, especially when somebody like the President was involved.

People have looked at this with a lot of different views. McGeorge Bundy was a Special Assistant to the President; he was in the White House. He and his brother, Bill Bundy, had been very close to the CIA (in fact, Bill Bundy worked for the CIA for years) and they also were acquainted with President Kennedy. McGeorge Bundy for some reason called Cabell.” In this case: Special Assistant meant National Security Advisor.

“What the Taylor committee found out was that he had been talking with Adlai Stevenson, our Ambassador to the UN. And Ambassador Stevenson had been seriously embarrassed when he was asked to tell the UN that the bombers that struck Cuba on the first attack (Saturday morning) did not have anything to do with America; that they were Cubans who were defecting, and as they defected they shot up the air force. He showed pictures. He showed the front page of the New York Times with a picture of one of the defector's planes on the ground in Miami: it had Cuban markings on it and everything.

Within an hour after Stevenson had held that picture up to show the UN, Castro had proved, beyond doubt, that that airplane was not one of his. He didn't have an airplane with eight guns in the nose and all that sort of thing, and he blew Stevenson's argument out of the water. And that seriously embarrassed Stevenson, who had been our ambassador to the UN only recently having been appointed by Kennedy (a month or two at the most). He was irate to think that his own government would set him up for that.

So Stevenson had reason to want to talk to McGeorge Bundy and to say: "No more air attacks. We're not going to get into this business", without ever thinking about the landing on the beach. He didn't know about the landing on the beach. He just didn't want another "air attack." And McGeorge Bundy may have (may have, this is conjecture, but he may have) been sufficiently convinced by Stevenson of "no more air attacks," without realizing the enormous significance of that air attack, that last strike to wipe out the last airplanes of Castro's force. So you can make an allowance for how that happened.

But the record is perfectly clear that, at 9:30 that Sunday night, McGeorge Bundy reversed the President's decision and called Cabell and said "no air strike tomorrow." That doomed the whole affair, because the airplanes destroyed the mission.

Now, people have said: "OK. Bundy was Kennedy's Assistant, right in the White House. Why didn't Kennedy straighten this out?" That's a good question. But let's go one step further. That is true; but within weeks Bobby Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor, Admiral Burke and Allen Dulles were writing this in a letter to the President to tell the President this was their finding. Why would they have to tell him, in an official letter, that this was the reason it failed, if he had been the man that called McGeorge Bundy?” End quote. I didn’t include every paragraph due to trying to keep this under 7,500 words.

Why would McGeorge bones Bundy do that, and why wasn’t he reprimanded, at least knocked on his ass by President Kennedy? Answer as far as I know the bones pack is untouchable, that’s how powerful the secret society is. Ask Joe rocke-independent, pratt rat, alfalfa club, elihu Lieberman, Al bilderberg in 1999 Gore’s vp running mate in 2000, why he never pursued bones during his years as Connecticut’s attorney general?

How I see it, the skull pack's inner circle decided to leave Castro in place. What better way to play the “cold war” game? And it is more than ironic the only head of state I know of to have voiced an Honest opinion about the perpetually lying, denying bilderbergs is Fidel Castro.

There are many Eye Opening Chapters including JFK Prepares To Get Out Of Vietnam; The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report Of October 1963 and NSAM 263; The Murders of President Diem and Kennedy; NSAM 55 – JFK’S Attempt to Get CIA out of Clandestine Operations; Bay of Pigs Report: Taylor’s Letter to the President and the Origin of NSAM Nos. 55-57; Canceling Secret Service, Military and Police Units in Dallas and inserting False Actors in Their Place; Secret Team Foundations: Creation of the CIA Focal Point System Throughout the Government and The Christchurch Star’s Impact Upon the Facts of the Assassination.

Col. Prouty: “This is an interesting aspect of the President's murder, and I'd like to know more about what was printed in overseas papers. But I was in New Zealand (specifically Christchurch) at the time the President was killed. I was with a U.S. Congressman and we were having breakfast at 7:30 A.M. Of course it was shocking news; but limited over the radio. They only announced that he had been killed and he'd been killed in Dallas. And that's all we knew for several hours.

Then the Christchurch newspaper came out. This was Saturday morning November 23, 1963 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was an Extra. They were hawking it down the streets, and of course I ran out and grabbed the first copy I could get -- which I still have.

So we read the paper, the Congressman and I -- there's a big picture of Kennedy in the paper, obviously -- and a story about Kennedy and his 1000 Days in Washington and the significance of those events. The other half of the paper is devoted to what reporters right on the scene had sent out from Dallas. One report, either attributed to a reporter from Reuters or British AP, said that he heard "three bursts of automatic weapons fire."

Then we read a little further down the column, and they began to talk about Lee Harvey Oswald. Now remember, on that date Lee Harvey Oswald was a nondescript American, ex-Marine, 23-24 years old. Of course, police have files on people and the newspapers have files, and with a little bit of research they can put these things together, and you can expect you'd get some information. But, what they printed about Oswald was very elaborate: that he had gone to Russia, he'd worked in Russia, he had defected to Russia, married a Russian wife, had come back and gone to work in Dallas, had worked with a Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans. It's almost like a book written five years later. There's enough information about Oswald to fill pages. Furthermore, there's a picture of Oswald, well-dressed in a business suit, whereas, when he was picked up on the streets of Dallas after the Presidents death, he had on some T-shirt or something. Just dressed average with a polo shirt or something like that on, but not a business suit with a necktie and all.

Of course I had no reason not to believe what I read in that first paper. These things I've studied since then. But even so you wonder, now where did the paper get that information so immediately, and such complete information? But the headline was even more important. It said: "This is the man alleged to have shot the President." Well now, the police in Dallas had picked up Oswald in a theater on the grounds that he may have been the killer of a Dallas policeman named Tippett. It was nearly one o'clock the next morning before the Dallas police had finally issued the charges against Oswald long after the paper had been printed.

Who had written that scenario? Who wrote that script? Who had packaged all that information and distributed it, all over the world (if it got to Christchurch, New Zealand, it must have been everywhere else)? Who had handled all that type of information prior to the President's death?

So much news was already written ahead of the time of the murder to say that Oswald killed the President and that he did it with three shots. Still, events like the statement of automatic-weapon fire nullify some of that; this is the clash between the reporter on the spot or the man who just got this big pre-arranged release coming over the wires that said Oswald was the killer of the President. I suppose if somebody got newspapers from 100 different cities around the world, you'd be able to corroborate this even better, because the information fed to them was all work done prior to the shooting. Somebody had decided Oswald was going to be the patsy. And that's what the newspaper's were saying. Here's his picture, right in the Christchurch, New Zealand, paper -- right along in the same issue with the picture of President Kennedy. Where did they get it, before the police had charged him with the crime? Not so much "where", as "why Oswald?" End quote. Again I didn’t include every paragraph.

Mr. Ratcliffe: "What is significant to me is that you said you got that paper by midday on Saturday, your time -- put it at about 4:30 in the afternoon on Friday, November 22nd, Central Daylight Time -- which was at least eight hours before Oswald was charged officially with the murder of the President.”

From the beginning, “three shots were fired” was the “official story”, from the news wires to Walter bohemain grove Cronkite on television. From "As The World Turns" was interrupted by a CBS special bulletin. The anchor, Walter Cronkite, said: "Here is a bulletin from CBS News. In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas. The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting."

For the record Walter owl Cronkite was a member of the grove’s “hill billies” campground. More hill billies are George skull, trilateral, alfalfa, rocke-pub Bush sr.; former Baltimore mayor, Kurt trilateral, pratt, lawyer, rocke-dem Schmoke and James lawyer, former house of rats, rocke-dem Symington, who I’ve read is a member of Yale’s berzelius secret society.

Another example, less than 5 minutes after President Kennedy was shot – United Press International: DALLAS NOV. 22 (UPI) – THREE SHOTS WERE FIRED AT PRESIDENT KENNEDY’S MOTORCADE TODAY IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS.” Please ask Yourself why upi refused to print not once but twice, Sir Antony Sutton’s Revelations about the U.S. government arming the Soviet Union in 1972, who in turn were arming the North Vietnamese? Bottom line wars and the threat of war are the mainstays of the powers that be

James fbi director Comey, We are both citizens of the United States of America but that is where our similarities end. James, I couldn’t get to Challenging the powers that be in Part 9 due to the mountains of information to cover, but I will in Part 10. James between now and then I hope you will read this. One of the many Tributes paid to my late Mother, Mrs. Sallie Marie Busch Motch, later Wheeler.

Ladies and Gentlemen shortly before Miss Sallie took the journey on September 21st 2001 Mom said: “I can see my Angel.”

James Comey, surely you don’t believe Nicholas pratt director Katzenbach, J. Edgar master mason Hoover, John bilderberg McCloy, Earl master mason Warren, Allen pratt president Dulles, Gerald bilderberg Ford or John skull & bones Cooper saw and said the same?

James one last question – is it a coincidence the implementer of Barack bilderberg in 2008 Obama’s “Obamacare” is a fellow bilderberg in 2008, Kathleen Sebelius? Of course not, no more so than Michelle Obama sits on the board of directors for the largest of the pratt rat’s spin offs, Chicago's counsel on foreign affairs/relations.

Red Nations, Sister White Dove's: “…We pray you have more love, joy and happiness in your life. I felt a very unhappy, sad person when we shook hands. …” is as true today as it was in 2007 when Dove wrote it. Without getting into specifics the last seven years beginning on November 22, 2006, have been the saddest of my life.