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The House that Evil Built -- Part 5


by Little Bobby Motch
August 29, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen when Ann media talking head Coulter bad mouthed The Jersey Girls, Coulter showed her true ivy league colors, in her case Cornell. And since many of our problems start with the ivy league's secret societies, let's take a brief look at three of Cornell's quill & dagger pack - Sandy Berger, Stephen Friedman and Paul Wolfowitz. For starters each is a pratt rat.
Sandy former national security advisor is a damn bilderberg and Berger has an undeniable history of removing documents from the National Archives. Paul Wolfowitz is another bilderberg, a former head of the world bank and Wolfowitz was one the pnac members howling for a war in Iraq. Stephen Friedman is a trilateral, a former ceo of chatham house and pratt house sponsor Goldman Sachs and a former chairman of the federal reserve bank of New York.
Two 'honorary' quill & dagger(s) are supreme court judge Ruth pratt rat Ginsburg and former attorney general Janet alfalfa club diner in 1995 Reno. Sisters and Brothers, do we agree Ginsburg and Reno would take up a collection to print the katzenbach memo on the front pages of the Dallas Morning News, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Herald Tribune and Washington Post etc. etc., if one of those dagger lawyers possessed a shred of  integrity? Ruth and Janet, I typed the kazenbach memo in Part 3.
For the record Condoleezza bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Rice succeeded Sandy bilderberg, pratt, quill & dagger Berger as the next Citizen stabbing national security advisor.
Red Nations, Mrs. Devvy Kidd and I have been exchanging emails since December 2012 and I am very proud in Devvy’s May 12th 2013 Column Wounded Knee – Much More Than Gun Confiscation, I was referred to as a “good friend”.
Red Nations, I paid The First Americans a Well-Earned Compliment in Part 4. Brothers, I type information I don’t think our Clear Thinking, Courageous Brother Mr. John Trudell is aware of. Sisters it is my hope and prayer in the very near future John will have an opportunity to read these posts.
AMERICA in late March, early April 2007, I met Miss White Dove (a Northern Cheyenne) at Doctor Jess Kessinger’s office (a Chiropractor) in Carthage, Missouri where we had a five minute conversation and at the conclusion, Sister White Dove asked me for my address. In July 2007, White Dove mailed a large envelope from Grove, OK containing Dove’s thoughts on four subjects. Please read the first three sentences from Miss White Dove’s greeting:
Brother Robert,
It sure was a pleasure to meet you at the Doctor’s office. You are a man who will stand up for what he believes or what is right. Creator says you are a very special person, you're one of a kind, none other like you.
Readers at this point We the People are still Free to disagree, so know up front I Whole Heartedly Believe the GREAT SPIRIT- HOLY SPIRIT Are ONE And THE SAME.
Mr. Richard Gregory from interviews with Mr. Alex Jones, I learned the late Mr. John “Duke” Wayne was Your Hero growing up. Richard when my Mother took the journey in September 2001, I was bequeathed serial #1 of the 1,000 Winchester Commemorative John Wayne Rifles and one of the 1,000 Colt John Wayne Commemorative Pistols. Mom received the Winchester from one of the Duke’s good friends and fellow actors, Mr. Ben Johnson. Richard the youngest of my half-brothers, Douglas was Mom’s favorite. On the other hand, Mom knew for an absolute fact Her first born son is the warrior in the family. Richard the odds of my Mother and later me receiving serial #1 of the Winchesters are at least 300 million to one, which is somewhere in between minuscule and none. Therefore I hope Well Meaning individuals like You will accept I can Cowboy and I can Indian in a manner similar to my late Father, Mr. D. R. “Bobby” Motch.
Whether I received those Commemoratives can be confirmed by asking current nsa head Keith bilderberg in 2011 Alexander because the national security agency (nsa) has been listening to my phone calls and reading my emails since December 1998 when I challenged Bill bilderberg, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Clinton, and the conniving pentagon in January 1999, about the “lies spewed” by Earl master mason, bohemian grove attendee Warren and his warren cover-up commission. A crooked commission filled with master masons, bilderbergs, a member of skull & bones, the pratt house’s chairman at the time (John bilderberg, bankster McCloy) and a pratt director (Allen cia Dulles) along with attendees of bohemian grove, the owl pack. A very important side note: the bones pack whelped the cia via Robert bones scum Lovett’s - lovett committee in 1947.
Please visit the link and notice Christine u.s. assistant attorney general Varney, one Russian and the two Chinese bilderbergs with Alexander. Since all Relationships are Built on Truth and Trust, please believe me when I type everything is a game within a game, a game played by conniving wolves like Eric dept. of in-justice/dept. of corruption Holder, a former partner inside pratt house corporate sponsor Covington & Burling.
Since George H.W. skull & bones Bush sr. was in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, I will leave it to skull sr., (W. is also a skull, as was W’s grandfather, Prescott.) a pratt rat board of director’s member in 1977 with David Rockefeller sr. and Nicholas Katzenbach, the deputy attorney general who wrote the hushed up memo, to announce why senator John bones Cooper was placed on Earl alfalfa, master mason, owl Warren’s cover-up commission.
A list of bones scum from 1833-2006 is here.
Lynne alfalfa diner, trilateral Cheney, Franklin alfalfa, bilderberg, pratt Raines and gen. Joseph owl, trilateral Ralston, it sure would be handy if Readers will study the list of bones scum – scum bags you three chose to pack with for as long as necessary.
Four points for Americans to reflect on. 1. Why did John bones Kerry's senate committee recommend deploying the Troops in Iraq to Afghanistan instead of bringing Them home? Why is it Bill bones Bundy and McGeorge bones Bundy are known as architects and esculators of the war in Vietnam? Why did Henry bones Stimson, master mason Roosevelt's and master mason Truman's sec. of defense, cut off all military aid to Chiang Kai-shek after Japan surrendered in `45? Answer to facilitate Mao Zedong's rise to power in China. 4. A passage from Stimson's diary on November 25, 1941 - bones Stimson: "He [Roosvelt] brought up the event that we were likely to be attacked perhaps (as soon as) next Monday, for the Japanese are notorious for making an attack without warning, and the question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the fist shot without allowing to much danger to ourselves. It was a difficult proposition." Now please ask Yourself  - Why weren't those sentences included in one of my history books at school? Since bones founded the crooked american historical association in 1884 to write/edit our history books, that plays a large role in the reason why.   
Michelle alfalfa dinner Obama, since you've been a board member for Chicago’s council (which was the first, whelped in 1922, and the largest of over 100 pratt spin offs) for the last 5 years, would you like to announce why Austan bones scum Goolsbee was placed inside your husband’s senate and presidential campaigns?
Mr. Jeff Rense, I want to Publicly Thank You for converting the list of 2011 alfalfa club dinners into a pdf file for Americans and Everyone else to view. I tracked that list of wolves down which includes Obama’s good friend and advisor Goolsbee at a currently dead link over a year ago but since I know nothing about computers I emailed the list to Devvy last week who forwarded it to Her long time good friend, Jeff Rense.
That list is an eye opener; please take the time to study it. Brass tacks - alfalfa club diners over the years include the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Warren Buffet, John Warner, Coin Powell, Bill Cohen, Elizabeth Warren, Kenneth Chenault, Reagan and Dick Cheney etc. while their bones, military, congressional, ambassador, owl, media, pratt, trilateral, bilderberg and bankster friends and supreme court associates crack jokes and laugh behind the Well Meaning’s backs.
To help show the contempt the Obamas, Bidens, Cheneys, Quayles and Al Gore have for AMERICANS in general, during the 2012 alfalfa dinner, bilderberg in 2008 Obama announced: You’ve heard it from pundits: ‘Obama is cloistered in the white house.’ ‘He’s aloof.’ ‘He’s in the bubble.’ ‘He’s not connecting.’ One of my big goals this year was to get out and be among Americans like the men and women of the alfalfa club.”
Seven of Barack’s dinner partners were George skull, owl jr., Mark bilderberg Warner, Jeb owl Bush, John bones, pratt Kerry, Joe pratt Lieberman, John pratt McCain and Sandra judge O’Connor.
Mr. Richard Belzer, who prepared and signed the legislation paving the way to lock Clear Thinkers up and throw away the key? (ndaa 2012) Answer the rotten to its core military industrial-congressional complex. Richard lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing are Revealed while studying a list of alfalfa club members and their quests.
Richard it was at a Christian Englishman’s website, Mr. Tony Gosling’s, where I first read detailed info about the bilderberg pack. In 2003 Mr. Gosling managed to interview David founding bilderberg, founding trilateral Rockefeller sr.

“Tony Gosling, this website's editor, in conversation with David Rockefeller and his bodyguard James Ford in the gardens of the palace of Versailles.

As I mentioned on the Alex Jones show I had a chat with David Rockefeller at this year's meeting. This is an transcript of our conversation:

G - What have you been talking about inside the bilderberg meeting?

R - Exchanges about the state of the world.

F - I think you'd probably get more information by just asking each individual participant what their own views are.

G - I think with a press conference it would be seen to be more open.

F - Although there are lots of people in the press who are actually attending.

G - I know but - it's funny - because only the independent press will cover it. How come The Times of London never covers it?

R - There's nothing secret about it. It is a private meeting. There's a difference between private and secret.

F - It's non-governmental organizations.

G - But there are a lot of government people there too. And there's things like third world debt, which is a serious problem for millions of people in the world, and it's not even on the agenda

R - It wouldn't be appropriate. We pick subjects that the group is interested in discussing.

G - With the power that a lot of you people have also comes responsibility -to be in some way accountable particularly the government people who are here now.

R - We do things in various settings, congress, etc."

Ladies and Gentlemen, David founding bilderberg Rockefeller’s: “We do things in various setting, congress etc.”  Let the cat out of the bag for Those who can add 2 + 2.

Jay Rockefeller since you were a trilateral wolf pack member in 2003 with Winston bones Lord and David owl, pratt rat Gergen, would you like to announce why your wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller was a bilderberg in `97 with two proven liars - Lee 9/11 commission Hamilton and Colin owl Powell? On the list of 2003 trilateral wolves, senator John “Jay” Rockefeller’s name is between Hartley Richardson a Canadian and Haahvard’s Kenneth Rogoff.

Oxford grad David bilderberg, chatham hyena Cameron, are you familiar with Mr. Charlie Skelton’s information filled 11 June 2010 post titled Bilderberg sinister with a smile? Cameron, since you were huddled up with two HSBC representatives, the world’s leading drug money laundering bank at bilderberg 2013, l'll share four paragraphs.

Mr. Skelton: “An extraordinary thing happened last weekend. The world's most secretive strategy group, Bilderberg, poked its nose out of the shadows and launched its own website: For an organisation that prefers to cordon the press a mile from its meetings, whose press relations policy to date has been to arrest, harass and search journalists, this was an astonishing turnaround.

Until now, David Rockefeller's policy forum carried on quietly out of sight. It welcomed politicians (David Cameron in 2008, George Osborne 2006-2009) to strategise in secret with corporate heads, European royalty and bank bosses. This year saw Google CEO Eric Schmidt take part alongside Robert Zoellick (president of the World Bank), Bill Gates and the usual sprinkle of EU commissioners and Goldman Sachs heavyweights. If you didn't know it was going on, that's understandable. It's what they wanted.

Still, never mind the guns: this year all the furious secrecy and bonkers policing didn't stop the story breaking. The bizarre atmosphere of confusion, paranoia and misapprehension – a direct result of Bilderberg's half-century history of press suppression, of delegates crouching on limo floors, or lying to their parliaments that they've attended (I'm talking to you, Tony Blair) – is finally lifting.

On the Bilderberg website, they've just changed one of their tabs from "meeting" to "press release". It's hilarious. Less hilarious is the damage-control strategy that is kicking into place. No longer able to deny its existence, Bilderberg has shifted gear: the story they're putting out now is that "nothing goes on", "just some old chaps having a chinwag" – old, insignificant chaps like José Zapatero (the Spanish PM), Peter Voser (CEO of Royal Dutch Shell), Paul Volcker (chairman of Obama's economic advisory board), Richard Holbrooke (Obama's special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan), Josef Ackermann (CEO of Deutsche Bank). Have a look online at our Bilderberg 2010 "Power Gallery" for more "golfing buddies"." End quote.

Miss Katherine Albrecht and Mr. Mark Watson, You both have curious Well Meaning natures and since Eric bilderberg Schmidt hosts the annual google-zeitgeist conclaves held in England, please know one of Barack’s, Hillary’s and Cameron’s fellow bilderbergsin 2008, Frans Timmermans was the first speaker at google-zeitgeist this year. Last year it was Niall Ferguson, another damn bilderberg and he’s sorry enough to writes books praising Rothschild rats. Niall don’t hold your breath while waiting for me to write a book praising Rockefeller maggots.

AMERICANS, Cowboy Up-Red Man Up!!! Ask money grubbing perpetual liar slick Willy bilderberg, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Clinton was he invited to goggle-zeitgeist 2011?

Mrs. Sibel Edmonds, like Mrs. Devvy Kidd, You are a Brave-Hearted, Admirable Woman. Sibel, no doubt You have been an AMERICAN long enough to realize the “statue of liberty” is actually the statue of deceit. Sibel please know that statue was designed by a mason, and while I can’t prove it, I believe the idea for a statue of liberty/deceit was hatched inside the Paris branch of the Rothschild’s bank.

Ladies at Miss Sibel’s website I read a very informative piece discussing the illegal activities practiced by pratt and chatham corporate sponsor Citi.

Mr. David Rivera, Mr. Richard Gregory, Mr. Alex Jones, Mr. Jeff Rense and Mr. John Trudell, now that most of the preliminaries have been taken care are of, we are just about ready to dive in the deep end of the pool via excerpts from Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

Alex, there are some things Everyone should know about former British prime minister  Winston chatham hyena, pilgrims society member Churchill. First off when the butcher Stalin met with a pair of master masons, Roosevelt and Churchill in Tehran, Iran in 1943 and in Yalta, Ukraine in 1945, it was Churchill’s role to howl Stalin’s a bad guy while Roosevelt howled Stalin is a good guy. Meanwhile those three wolves remind me of bones scum, which is about the lowest form of black, white and yellow skinned mankind there is.

Alex, Churchill was the U.K.’s crooked prime minister in 1946 when chatham sponsor Rolls-Royce, a firm represented at bilderberg 2013, shipped Stalin 50 of their jet engines to get the Russian’s Mig series of jets off the ground in time for a war in Korea. For more details please read Antony’s Chapter Soviets in the Air.

Bottom line reading Sir Antony Sutton’s Books is Time Very Well Spent. Antony’s Magnus Opus, His America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to The Order of Skull & Bones contains documented research about the U.S. army guarding Russia’s trans-continental/trans-Siberia railroad for the bolsheviks during their black-hearted revolution which was financed by our government and England’s. 

What follows was printed in the New York Times on February 15, 1920, under the heading – “Revolutionist Staff Thanks Graves for Preserving Neutrality:

VLADIVISTOK, Feb. 1 (Associated Press) – Parades, street meetings and speech making marked the second day of the city’s complete liberation from Kolchak authority. Red flags fly on every Government building, many business houses and homes.

There is a pronounced pro-American feeling evident. In front of the American headquarters the revolutionary leaders mounted steps of buildings across the street making speeches calling the Americans real friends, who, at a critical time saved their present movement. …”

The Graves in the heading is the last name of the two star gen. commanding the U.S. army’s forces in Russia, under orders from president Woodrow federal reserve bankster act signer Wilson. (The entire Times’ piece is in the pdf file.)

The bones and ivy league founded american historical association  was tasked with making sure none of what Folks just read made it inside a history book provided to our Children. Myself, I have nothing against the Russian People and neither should You. Our Anger along with the Blame lies at the paws of the denying, lying wolves that be.

Mr. John Coleman and Mr. David Icke, why other writers haven’t included Sir Antony Sutton’s Research in their Books published during the last 15 years, the computer age, is a mystery me.

Mr. Jim Marrs in Part 4, I asked Readers to go online and watch Loose Change – Final Cut, to see for Themselves pratt house sponsor Time-Warner’s cnn and chatham house sponsor the british broadcasting company (bbcannouncing Building 7 was crashing/had crashed to the ground Before #7 was imploded.

Jim, Mr. Dylan Avery and Others did a heck job with Final Cut, and as far as I concerned cnn and the bbc jumped the gun so to speak when they prematurely announced the pre-scripted events that took place on SEPTEMBER 11th 2001. Jim the above is a Seeing is Believing example of the crooked beyond belief anglo-american establishment shooting themselves in the butt.

Alex, the last six plus years I’ve been tracking the powers that be full time, and while listening to one of Miss Devvy’s Informative CDs in January or February is when I first learned about Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

Fellow Graduates of Albemarle County High School with emphasis towards Miss Barbara Brooke Dickie, Mr. William Hieder Chisholm and Mr. David Coleman Rhodes, a few days later Miss Devvy’s Copy arrived in the mail.

The information contained handed me one of the most important – all of US should be aware of ties between the chatham and pratt houses; a pair of hyena and rat comprised evil twin sister organizations which help to define the anglo-american establishment.

Joe alfalfa club, former pratt rat Biden, can a war mongering five time draft deferring coward like you tell the difference between squawking “Auks”, your high school's mascot and Patriots?

Jill before Albemarle I attend Jack Jouett Junior High, a Virginian who once rode all night long in order to save the lives of Mr. Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Patrick Henry and more Founding Fathers.

Joe after no more than 15 minutes of research you should have figured out Paul mason Revere wasn’t man enough to carry Captain Jack Jouett’s jock strap.

Jesse master mason, pratt rat, race baiter Jackson, sr, just like your rocke-dem rat pal Biden my previous paragraph applies to you too! Jesse, if you haven’t watched the movie Barbershop where a black actor says: “F**k Jesse Jackson!”, you should. And while you’re at it, watch Barbershop 2: Back In Business because the role “Kenard” fits your son, Jesse con artist jr., to a T.

Folks we have been swimming in the shallow end for long enough, so let’s dive in the deep end of the pool via Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 which was published in 1994. Brooke, Bill, David and Miss Laura Williams, a Patriot and a Cowgirl like Brooke next is Mr. Pat Riott’s, Mr. Patriot’s Dedication:

“Dedicated to…millions of men and women who have valiantly fought and died for our country. No number thanks can repay them for their sacrifice…our founding fathers whose incredible vision and foresight gave us our Constitution –America’s last vestige of hope against the planned global tyranny of the international elite…the starving innocent American children who were so hungry they chewed on their own hands, while godless men, who lived a life of luxury, ordered tons of precious food destroyed – incinerated millions of oranges and other citrus with gasoline in California and elsewhere…my fellow patriots – millions of you – the trumpet has sounded. Do not give up your effort for truth and justice. Just as the darkness of night is melted away to brilliant rays of morning, so will the truth rise on the horizon for all to see. With light never is there darkness – without it – darkness only offers the empty abyss from which it emanates"… ~ Pat Riott


GOD will light our way, on our march to Truth and victory. United we will prevail!

“Citizens of the United States of America,

"Over 80 years ago, a creature was created, not by GOD, but instead by a product of the despotic imaginations and beliefs of foreign agents” {Rothschild agents, one in particular Paul wolf Warburg a founding cfr director.} “who had successfully infiltrated the top echelons of government in the United States. They named him Philip Dru, I am his grandson. These agents sought to pillage America, her people, and vast resources for their own insatiable appetite.

"In horror I watched as entire nations have been laid waste by their evil trinity: love of money, greed, and power. I watched as grandfather and his associates attempted to indoctrinate my father into their sorcery. He rebelled and like others paid the price.

"I have witnessed the heirs to this sinister cabal behind your backs. Today you are drowning in the ocean of lies they have created around you. They own and control the vast array of broadcast and print media that perpetuate their falsehoods.

"This book describes one of their most hideous actions and best kept secrets. For too long it has been chained in the Ezra Pound dungeon where all Truth is now imprisoned. I have visited that place, a tremendous backlog exists there to process the long line of new inmates that will be held captive in that subterranean hell-hole where light was forever extinguished the hour its final capstone was set in place.

"With the mighty power of the pen, one truth has been released for all to see. One prisoner has been freed. With great efforts that all of you must diligently pursue many others will follow.

"The trumpet has sounded. Fate’s bow and quiver are stretched and focused on his target. Your country has been stolen from you. If you do not take it back soon – there will not exist a country to recover.

"The Achilles Heel of their conspiracy is the central banking system, known in the U.S. as the Federal Reserve. Forget any other mindless cause, I know of what I speak. These forces maintain their power through one of their gods – money. They use it as a tool to control and consolidate their power base. America’s most serious crises of war and depression followed the creation of THEIR Federal Reserve.

"I have forsaken my family name and taken up your noble cause. I offer assistance and insight, for if the truth is not revealed, soon all freedoms casually taken for granted, those which your forefathers spilled their blood, will soon perish –overnight!

"Elected servants – you swore a solemn oath – you placed a hand on the word of GOD, to uphold the Constitution. Stop trampling upon the honest men and women who blindly put their faith in you. Remove your hand from the word of GOD if you do not intend to abide by the covenant you make with them! Who among you has honor? Stand atop the rooftops and shout the Truth – be cowards no more –millions of Americans will join together and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you on that day.

"With GOD, victory is imminent – you can once again reclaim what is rightfully yours and return to the prosperity this country was endowed with." Philip Dru III”


It goes without saying I Respect Mr. Patriot for all the Right Reasons. That typed Pat Riott along with every other writer except The Patriet, Mrs. Devvy Kidd, has forgotten The First Americans, The Red People. Bottom line, Christopher Columbus did not discover AMERICA.

Chapter 1 - Cecil Rhodes - A Blueprint and Its Architect Exposed, Mr. Patriot: “For a long time now we’ve all been hearing whispers in the media about citizens being or who have been indoctrinated into the beliefs of the new world order with educational assistance via the Rhode’s Scholarships. These individuals are commonly referred to as “Rhodes Scholars”.

Perhaps now is the time to shed light about the shadow figure who from his grave, has helped finance and transform our world in more ways than the vast majority of Americans realize.

With the election of Rhodes Scholar, Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton” {Pat since we are Brothers allow me to fill in the wolves’ secret society memberships.} “to the White House in 1992, it is important Americans learn more about this man who seems to have captivated the minds and imaginations of politicians and industrialists worldwide and left them spellbound.

The truth about Cecil mason Rhodes is startling. This book is not intended to be a biography of Cecil Rhodes. Several very good biographies exist and can be found in your library and bookstores.

FACTS: Interesting threads that weave their way into current world politics.

1. Winston master mason Churchill and Cecil mason Rhodes were dear friends with shared beliefs.

2. Churchill’s son Randolph was educated at Oxford, home of the Rhodes Scholarships.

3. Churchill’s son married Pamela Darby, now known as Ambassador Pamela pratt rat Churchill Harriman.” {as in Averell bones scum, pratt rat Harriman} “She is the newly appointed Ambassador to France, given that prestigious position by her friend and admirer President Bill pratt rat Clinton. Although the marriage to Randolph was short, her friendship with Winston chatham hyena, pilgrims society Churchill ended only after his death.

4. President bilderberg Clinton is himself a Rhodes Scholar. Ambassador Harriman told Barbara pratt rat Walters during a November 1993 interview that she admires Bill trilateral Clinton second only to her deceased one-time father-in-law, Winston hyena Churchill.

5. In 1979 Ross player Perot received the Winston Churchill award which was presented to him by Prince bilderberg, chatham, pilgrim Charles in Dallas.” {Dallas residents ask one of the Perots have you been a member or sponsor of Dallas's council rats?} “Perot claims that Winston Churchill has always been his hero. Perot is one of only 4 individuals to receive the award – Averell bones, pratt rat Harriman, Margaret bilderberg, chatham hyena Thatcher and Ronald alfalfa club, owl Reagan.

Perot’s wife, Margot, whom we seldom hear much about, is a descendent of a long line of Englishmen – the Birmingham’s. Her maiden name was Gertrude Margot Birmingham, daughter of a wealthy banker from Pittsburgh.

During and after his campaign Perot liked to play on words stating that you could join his United We Stand as a R-O-A-D Scholar for $15. Great joke, Ross!”

Under the above Mr. Patriot quotes Scripture: Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15

AMERICA, Perot was on the ballot in 1992 to take votes away from rocke-pub George skull sr. to insure the election of rocke-dem Bill bilderberg in 1991 Clinton. Skeptics ask another bilderberg, Dan alfalfa Quayle. Also both George and Bill were trilateral wolves with Charles rocke-dem Rangel, Jim rocke-pub Leach, the duke of Kent and senator Jay Rockefeller in 2005.

Nine of then vice-president  Dan rocke-pub Quayle’s fellow bilderbergs in 1990 were Bill bones, pratt Bundy, Spain’s queen Sophia, the Netherlands’ queen Beatrix, current chatham advisory board member John pratt Whitehead, Paul pratt, quill & dagger Wolfowitz, Franklin president of the ford foundation Thomas, George pratt, trilateral Soros, then Belgian prime minister Wilfried Martens and then rocke-dem speaker of the house of rats, Thomas pratt, trilateral wolf Foley.

Eight of then New Jersey rocke-pub governor Thomas 9/11 commission, pratt rat Kean’s fellow bilderbergs in 1989 include rocke-dem senator Lloyd alfalfa club, pratt rat Bentsen, German parliament member Herta Gmelin, cbs network's Lesley pratt rat Stahl, Rupert Pennant-Rea the editor of the Rothschild's The Economist, English parliament member John Smith, Oxford university’s Timothy Garton and two Rockefellers – David sr. and jr.

David Rockefeller sr., I could care less what you or any of your putrid hearted friends think about me. David, I am proud to type there are no bones society scum bags in my family tree. On the other hand, your uncle Percy bones, cfr member Rockefeller provided office space in New York City for Winston chatham hyena Churchill while they and other cfr members and directors Paul Warburg and Otto Kahn crashed the stock market in 1929.

Part 6, we will continue breaking down The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and take a closer look at Obama’s bilderberg pals in 2008.

And since I am a Virginian - give some thought to Why the organization Benjamin rhodes scholar Jealous heads Won’t Mention the Thousands upon Thousands of Negros who Took Up Arms and Fought For the South?

Most of the faces at the rhodes scholar link are/were very familiar with the pratt house and there’s more than a few bilderbergs and trilaterals named as well.