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The House that Evil Built -- Part 7



by Little Bobby Motch
October 2, 2013

Over the last two months I have expanded Mrs. Devvy Kidd’s The House That Evil Built in the effort to show Americans everything We've been taught is a lie. Where have most of the lies originated? Secrets of The Tomb: Skull & Bones, the Ivy League and the Hidden Paths of Power is a good place to start because Miss Alexandra Robbins’ title all by itself sums up the societies controlling AMERICA and where they are located. And since Yale's skull & bones society founded the american historical association, the association which edits our ‘history’ books, that goes a long way explaining why most of US have never heard of Yale's scroll & key, book & snake, wolf's head, elmo, berzelius, elihu along with Princeton’s ivy club, Haahvard’s porcellian club and Cornell’s quill & dagger pack.

Margaret pbs Warner, you've made a career out of providing dis-information to the Public via the public broadcasting system and since you are currently a board member inside the council on foreign relations why don't you announce on PBS NewsHour the perks members of Yale's book & snake like Porter cia, 9/11 cover-up Goss, Sheila elihu, nafta backer Jackson-Lee and fellow pratt house board member Fareed scroll & key, bilderberg in 2005 Zakaria enjoy? 

Margaret, Americans were taught Winston Churchill was a fine man, however those who have read Mr. Pat Riott’s/Mr. Patriot's The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (published in 1994) or Sir Antony Sutton’s The Best Enemy Money Can Buy know for a Fact that's a bold faced lie!!! Citizens please take the time to read the Chapter Soviets in the Air in Sir Sutton’s The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.

Fred cfr director, skull & bones Smith, bones is a pack of perpetual liars. One example is George skull Bush senior's eulogy to Gerald alfalfa club, bilderberg, bohemian owl, master mason, pratt rat, warren commission Ford. Bush on January 2, 2007: “After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy, our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness. And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford's word was always good.” Smith are you and your pratt house directing pals actually stupid enough to believe Arlen lawyer-liar Specter’s magic bullet bs?

AMERICA, Arlen wolf Spector put forth the bullshit a bullet can hover in mid-air for 1.6 seconds, make up-down and left-right directional changes on a whim and for its Grand Finale a U-turn. How was Spector rewarded for his lies? He was handed a seat in the bought and sold crooked congress.

Fred when was the last time you and skull sr. had a conversation about the damn katzenbach memo? Fred why is it these columns are the first time 99.999% of Americans have learned the deputy attorney general at the time, Nicholas Katzenbach, wrote a memo delivered to the White House where Katzenbach advised J. Edgar master mason Hoover's fbi be placed in charge of covering up President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination?! Fred fill US in on why skull sr. and Katzenbach sat side by side in 1977 as pratt house directors?!

Today We the People live under the bondage put in place by pratt house rats, England's chatham house - a den of hyenas; skull & bones which George sr., George W., John Kerry and Obama’s pal Austan Goolsbee are members; the bilderberg group, the trilateral commission, bohemian grove – a pack of secretive owls, the masonic brotherhood, ivy league secret societies and rhodes scholars.

A bit of history, the council on foreign relations took its present form in 1921 and London's hyenas packed together in 1920. Those twin sister-sinister organizations were preceded by the pilgrims society. The English pilgrims were whelped in 1902, the year Cecil mason, rhodes scholarships Rhodes died and the American branch was set up in 1903. Sisters the pilgrims are the base for the modern day crooked as a snake anglo-american establishment. From their web site: “The Pilgrims of Great Britain and its sister society, the Pilgrims of the United States, are the two oldest and most prestigious Anglo-American organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.” Brothers, I hope that sentence sheds some light on the bush-blair memo/blair-bush memo and its precursor the downing street memo - England and America waging war in Iraq over non-existing weapons of mass destruction.

George W. alfalfa club, skull & bones, owl Bush - lying on 05/29/03: “We found the weapons of mass destruction.” George skull jr. on 10/08/04: “I wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons.”

Dick alfalfa club, former pratt house director, owl, trilateral wolf Cheney - lying on 08/26/02: “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” Cheney on 09/14/03: “We never had evidence that he had acquired a nuclear weapon.”

Colin alfalfa club, bilderberg, current pratt house director, owl Powell - lying at the united nations on 02/05/03: “Iraq today has a stockpile of between 100 and 500 tons of chemical weapons agents.” Colin sec. of state Powell on 09/13/04: “I think it's unlikely that we will find any stockpiles.”

Those three with George former cia director, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Tenet, Condoleezza bilderberg, pratt, trilateral, national security advisor Rice, Robert fbi director, pathological liar Mueller, Donald bilderberg, owl, pratt, sec. of defense Rumsfeld who announced at bilderberg 2002 the U.S. was going to attack in Iraq in 2003 and the acting military chief of staff Richard owl, pratt Myers are eight of the sorry as it gets wolves who covered up SEPTEMBER 11, 2011.    

Three of the primary wolves in the stock market crash of 1929 were Winston chatham house, master mason, pilgrim Churchill, Percy skull & bones, cfr member, pilgrim Rockefeller and Bernard cfr Baruch. Baruch along with Elihu pilgrim Root, the bag man between Woodrow ivy club Wilson and the Bolsheviks were two founders of the original cfr. Baruch’s cfr legacy lives on today at Baruch College in NYC where Mitchel B. pratt rat Wallerstein is the current president. Five of Wallerstein’s pratt rat pals are Jesse master mason, race baiter Jackson sr., Tom nbc Brokaw, Harold bilderberg Ford jr., Jim trilateral Leach and Penny billionaire Pritzker, Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign finance director. Until a few months ago she was a pratt director like Brokaw, Powell, Jami cia Miscik and Ruth bankster Porat, the executive vice president and chief financial officer at skull & bones founded, pratt house corporate sponsor, Morgan Stanley. Also visit the chatham house's sponsors to see for Yourselves the Saudi royals who promote the twisted salafi mindset are just like Europe's royals - players in the game within a game. There's a reason why queen pilgrims society Elizabeth is the hyena house's “patron”. If you doubt me ask her bilderberg in 1965 husband the duke of Edinburgh and prince bilderberg in 1986 Charles (scroll down the page), who are also pilgrims with Henry bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Kissinger and Paul bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Volcker.

In Mr. Patriot’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told… Pat provides an itinerary of Winston’s and major Jack Churchill’s (Winston’s younger brother) trip to Canada and America in 1929 and the players they met with.  Please read Part 5 and Part 6 for more details about their trip across Canada east to west by train, and after entering the States in Washington on September 6, 1929 (Day 1 in America), south to California, on to Chicago, to NYC and from NYC down to DC. Knowing the wolves', rat's and owl’s names they and Baruch met with is important. AMERICA the media's job is to keep the owl’s names and their discussions a secret. Doubters can ask a black Scripps Howard writer, Deroy owl, pratt Murdock, who surprisingly wrote the Truth about fast and furious. Deroy since the ap and upi wires refused on two occasions to print copies of Sir Sutton’s detailed presentation in August 1972 to members of congress discussing the U.S. government arming the Soviets, will scripps howard? Ladies and Gentlemen the “cold war” was a lie from start to finish.

Mr. Patriot: “Day 39 – Winston, Jack, and Bernard Baruch arrive in Washington and started Talks with key USA Government leaders; among them Vice-president Charles Curtis and Senate Democratic Party leader Joe T. Robinson.

Baruch served with [Herbert] Hoover under President Wilson on the War Industries Board set up for World War I. In June 1919 Baruch traveled to Brussels, Belgium with Herbert Hoover, who headed the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference after the conclusion of World War I.” It's a known fact Herbert owl Hoover attended bohemian grove, likewise Jimmy rocke-dem Carter, George rocke-pub Bush sr. and jr.

“Day 42 – Friday, 10/18/29 – Churchill visited President Hoover at the White House. He was accompanied by Lord Feversham and British Embassy counselor Ronald Ian Campbell.

Hoover learned of the intentions of the plungers and had compiled a list of their names. The names at the top of the list were Bernard Baruch and John J. Raskob. He knew they and other plungers met on Sunday afternoons in New York to plot the following week's strategies.”

From page 125: “Plunging – Class 101

To help the unacquainted understand how a “plunger” profited from a sinking market, the following paragraphs briefly describe the tactics used.

If a plunger wanted to buy large quantities of a stock they wished to acquire, one trick was to first buy up a large quantity of a particular stock. Next, after they acquired a sufficient number of shares, the stocks were unleashed onto the trading floor in giant blocks from one professional trader to another. The group of traders generally sold the large blocks amongst themselves in the hope of scaring the public into dumping their “plunging” shares before “John Q. Public lost it all.” Instead of paying $150 for a share of a stock, the wolves purchased stocks for as little as $2 to $3!

To profit from their actions, the wolves only needed to hold on to their ocean of shares until the environment improved. When a $2 stock rebounded to $60 it provided them with a 30 fold return! Such is one of the tactics the plungers use to acquire wealth that is beyond comprehension for even affluent Americans.

The enormous wealth the “family of plungers” conspire to consolidate and control is limited to their inner circle. Sorry folks, admission to the plungers club is by birth or marriage – rarely anything else.”

From pages 35, 36, 37 and 38: “In 1927 a meeting was convened by Montague pilgrim Norman of the Bank of England, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, Hjalmer Schacht of the Reichsbank, and Federal reserve Benjamin Strong and the Secretary of the Treasury Andrew pilgrim Mellon of the USA.

An agreement was made to lower USA interest rates; in 1927 the Federal Reserve lowered its discount rate from 4 to 3.5%.

With cheap money in abundance the formula had all the ingredients to concoct a bull market witch's brew to poison the masses – after they had drunk from the cauldron of speculation. In the process most of these suckered into the market experienced a living world nightmare worse than any hallucinogen even today's most experienced chemist could cook up.

Selling the market short was a task the plungers and manipulators thrived on.

In 1929 there were less than 1.6 million stock market brokerage accounts reported by Wall Street firms. There were 600,000 “margin” accounts while the entire USA population in 1930 was 123.2 million.

There is no way the crash can be attributed to individual small investors failing to meet their “margin” calls;” (margin is buying on credit, the amount of cash required can be as little as 10%) “not enough of them existed. In Addition, when the crash occurred it was enormous “blocks” of stocks traded. 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 50,000 and 100,000 block trades were traded with such rapidity that the tape of the market ran behind for hours!   

Although the common man on the street was blamed for the market free fall he had little role to play other than a bit part as a “patsy” for the diabolical forces behind the scenes.

In the June issue of American magazine Bernard Baruch urged the public to continue to participate in their buying binge.

He stated: The economic condition of the world seems on the verge of great forward movement.”

While he talked up the market for his own advantage … Baruch had planted another one of the many lies that were sown, up to and during the Crash.

Baruch was not alone in his scheme to tell all of America how great the USA stock market was as an investment.

John J. wolf Raskob, another friend of Bernard Baruch, also got into the act. While luring people into the market, Raskob had quietly liquidated his enormous stake in the stock market and was instead selling the market short.

Raskob successfully infiltrated another dynamic segment of the American economy after his Everyone Should Be Rich” article appeared in the August 1929 Ladies Home Journal. The story sent housewives, nationwide, scurrying about to participate in the get-rich-quick scheme which Raskob proposed in his interview…

His sales pitch was irresistible to many of the readers – women and men alike. Raskob described how a person who had invested $10,000 in General Motors stock ten years earlier was now worth over $1 million.

Of the thousands of women he duped into believing his scheme, none of them stood a chance against it. Raskob knew exactly what he was doing. As an inside player of the game he and his cronies needed new “patsies” to fuel the raging bonfire of overheated speculation he played a major role in creating. John J. Raskob later received the title chairman of the Democratic National Party.

It is further evidence of just how pervasive the complete lack of ethics and morals had become throughout the network of government and corporate America. After 60 years, has anything changed?” End quote.

On page 102 Pat lists some of the hairy financial wolves in 1992; Pat calls them “Big Players”.

“Stephen quill & dagger, pratt, trilateral Friedman – Goldman Sachs - $26.5 million salary in 1992. Head of Wall Street firm with $1.02 billion in pretax profits in 1992.

Robert current pratt house co-chair, bilderberg in 2013, trilateral wolf Rubin – Goldman Sachs - $26.5 million salary in 1992. Assisted Clinton during his campaign, now part of his administration.” Rubin’s first role was chairman for the national economic council, after which sec. of the treasury when he replaced Lloyd bilderberg, pratt rat Bentsen. Today Gene pratt rat Sperling chairs the worthless national economic council.

“Peter bilderberg, owl Peterson – Chairman, Blackstone Group; Peterson is also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.” The Blackstone Group was founded by Peterson and Stephen bones Schwarzman. I hope most can see the ivy league's money grubbing secret societies, bilderbergs, owls, pratt rats, trilateral wolves and master masons like the late Earl alfalfa club, master mason, owl Warren, who chaired the crooked warren commission, have run this once promising country into the ground.

“Day 43 – The trio met with elected officials in Washington and configured their final strategies.

Day 44 – Sunday, 10/20/29 – Winston, Jack and Baruch headed back to New York City for the “big week” on Wall Street.

Day 45 – Monday, 10/21/29 – Winston and Jack met with Baruch. Baruch was frantic because he did not know if he had all of his pieces in place.

During the week of the 20th, Baruch and Churchill monitored most of their work from the workspace that Percy bones, cfr, pilgrim Rockefeller had set up for them inside his Manhattan office apartment.

Percy bones – class of 1900 Rockefeller was 53 years old. His father was a longtime family friend of Churchill’s grandfather Leonard James, another Wall Street manipulator and speculator. Percy was the son of William Rockefeller, chief of the Standard Oil Company, New Jersey.” End quote.

AMERICA the rotten to its core “bones pack” like book & snake, scroll & key and wolf's head initiate 15 new members every year from Yale's student body and those secret societies have members all over the planet including Arabs, and there's been a surge in African and Asian membership during this century.

Princeton's ivy club operates in much the same manner and to show how the Saudi royals are players in everything, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister prince Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul Aziz is a member of ivy club like the deceased Woodrow signed the federal reserve act Wilson and Laurence Rockefeller, one of the principle organizers of the very first bilderberg pack meeting in 1954.

The carnage of the stock market which led to the orchestrated Great Depression of the 1930s was about to begin. Sisters and Brothers what I've learned over the last six years brings me to tears at times because of how the AMERICAN PEOPLE have been played by the powers that be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Patriot's Book is Powerful all by Itself, however The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 takes on New Meaning after the wolves’ secret society affiliations have been revealed.

“Day 46 – Tuesday, 10/22/29 – Winston, Jack and Baruch spent the entire day and evening on the phones. Although it had been “snowing dollar losses” on Wall Street the real “blizzard” was scheduled to begin, in just two more days, on Thursday.

Day 47 – Wednesday, 10/23/29 – Another frantic day consumed, lining up all the players before the big day – Black Thursday.

Day 48 – Thursday, 10/24/29 – Black Thursday finally arrived. Churchill was at Percy bones Rockefeller’s office apartment and met very early with Baruch who was in close contact with his brother's Hentz & Company brokerage firm. Baruch’s “secret” account there was known only and managed under account number 19.

Another long-time group of mutual friends were the Rockefellers of Standard Oil. The Rockefellers had been friends of the Churchill family for a long time. Churchill's own grandfather, an American, had held a seat on the New York Stock Exchange with Rockefeller. The Rockefellers (maggots) themselves owed a great deal of their success from the Rothschilds (rats) and the seed capital for their ventures.

At the opening of the market, gigantic transactions began to take place. Trades in giant “blocks” of 20,000 shares for Kennecott Copper, Sinclair Oil 15,000 shares, Standard Brands 15,000 shares, 13,000 shares Packard Motors, and 20,000 shares General Motors quickly overwhelmed the market.

The forces had mobilized and were ready for an all-out assault on the market that would culminate the following Tuesday.

Unable to restrain himself from viewing the carnage first-hand and up close, Churchill visited the New York Stock Exchange at 11:45. There he hovered, like a vulture, above the financial massacre of millions of American's dreams of the future. Some were so distraught and overwhelmed they committed the only act of dignity they had left – suicide.

Just another in the endless string of lies that would go forward covering up his involvement, Churchill later wrote that just by chance”, he happened to be walking down Wall Street at the worst moment of the panic” past the Exchange when a perfect stranger invited him into the gallery to view the devastation that was going on inside.

The only problem with master mason Churchill’s innocuous story is that you'd have to be a complete idiot to believe it.

Furthermore, an aide of Richard porcellian club Whitney, acting president of the New York Stock Exchange and brother to George Whitney of the House of Morgan, had just delivered to William Crawford, the superintendent of the mechanical department and man who wields the gavel, a message at 9:50 AM stating that Churchill was on his way and would be arriving shortly.

After arriving chatham hyena Churchill did not stay at the Exchange long. Instead he returned to meet with Baruch and monitor the progress of their big day and begin planning their next assault – Black Thursday, October 29.

Also conducting meetings of their own at the offices of J.P. Morgan were:

         Charles Mitchell, National City Bank Chairman (a Rockefeller Bank)

         Albert Wiggin, Chase National Bank Chairman (a Rockefeller bank)

         William Potter, Guaranty trust Co. President

         Stewart Prosser, Bankers Trust Chairman

         Thomas Lamont, Morgan Senior Partner” End quote.

I don't have access to the council on foreign relations membership in 1929 but in their own words the cfr was founded by: “…high-ranking officers of banking, manufacturing, trading and finance companies, together with many lawyers.”

Mr. Patriot: "After the meeting Lamont told reporters that the bankers had met to exchange information and that they had no plans to stabilize the market.

Since it was later discovered, during the Pecora investigations, that most of them were actively involved in sabotaging the market, Lamont was stating what he seldom spoke – the truth. It would have been much more interesting for him to describe, in detail, the whole truth to the reporters, how he and his co-conspirators were actually raiding the market and offering a false sense of security and hope to the general public about their secret meeting!” An important side note: the banksters chose Otto council on foreign relations board of director's member Kahn as their primary spokes-rat during the Pecora investigations. Kahn’s last year as a cfr board of director's member was 1934.

Day 49 – Friday, 10/25/29 – Winston spoke as a guest of the Iron and Steel Institute dinner at the Commodore Hotel.

Charles pilgrim Schwab was there as toastmaster and of course, as always, Churchill's constant companion Wall Street speculator and plunger Bernard Baruch.

Churchill said in his speech, We don't want all the good people in the world to disarm while the bad ones remain heavily equipped for war. You are the friends we would like to see most strongly armed. We welcome every growth and development of each arm of the American Navy.”

Meanwhile the Citizen stabbing governments of England and America were aiding the Bolsheviks; soon Hitler, and Those who have read Soviet's in the Air already know Churchill as prime minister approved chatham house sponsor Rolls Royce selling the Kremlin fifty of their most up to date jet engines in 1946 to get the Soviet's Mig series of jets off the ground in time for a war in and over Korea.

From the cfr’s online history: “On May 30, 1919, a little group of diplomats and scholars from Britain and the United States convened at the Hotel Majestic, billet of the British delegation, to discuss how their fellowship could be sustained after the peace. They proposed a permanent Anglo-American Institute of International Affairs, with one branch in London, the other in New York.” The proposed anglo-american institute is the modern day anglo-american establishment.

Day 50 – Saturday, 10/26/29 – Meetings are held, cables are sent and numerous phone calls were made – their strategies were in place. The network was vast and sophisticated – it was worldwide!

Day 51 – Sunday, 10/27/29 – Strategies continued to be refined and moved into place like all the ships before a great battle.

Day 52 – Monday, 10/28/29 – A busy day with Baruch at the helm. A bad day for all Americans and on Wall Street, Tuesday the conspirators and plungers would make it even worse.

Day 53 – Tuesday, 10/29/29 – Churchill and Jack remained at Percy Rockefeller’s Manhattan office apartment most of the day. Baruch was in contact with numerous players in the USA and Europe as the disaster reached a fever pitch.

Churchill claimed that he had lunch with Bernard Baruch while the worst financial crisis unfolded in American history; one only wonders how Churchill, poor liar that he was, could think such a story would be considered believable.

To make matters worse, while the numbers were still being calculated, well past midnight, there was a care-free atmosphere for those present at Bernard Baruch’s Fifth Avenue Mansion where pilgrims society Churchill was the guest of honor.

Over 40 guests were on hand, among them bankers and financiers. For the group of people who later claimed they had just lost everything, the mood was jubilant and ecstatic – one of celebration!

Churchill himself wrote, He (Baruch) had gathered around his table forty or more of the leading bankers and financiers of New York.”

Some of those at the party were:

        Charles Wiggins, National City Bank

        Albert Wiggin, Chairman of Chase National Bank

        Charles Schwab, Bethlehem Steel

        Percy Rockefeller, Standard Oil (and bones founded Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.)

        John D. Ryan, President of Anaconda Mining

        Eugene Meyer, Federal Reserve Governor

        Tom Lamont, Senior partner J.P. Morgan

        Herbert Bayard Swope, Editor New York World

        Adolph Ochs, Publisher New York Times

        Gerard Swope, Chairman General Electric

        George Blumenthal, Senior partner Lazard Frères

        Jules S. Bache, Chairman J.S. Bache & Co. (brokerage firm bought by Prudential in 1981)

        Otto cfr board member Kahn, Chairman Kuhn Loeb

        And over 30 other financial titans.

While millions of Americans were in their homes gnashing their teeth, frightened over what their future held – the group in Baruch’s mansion knew exactly what their future held – for this evil group of men now held America's future tightly in their grip. The pain of losing everything was too much to bear for quite a few.

Day 54 – Wednesday 10/30/29 – early in the morning, the finance part of their mission completed – Winston and Jack departed aboard the Cunard ocean-liner Berengaria.

Baruch was at the dock, and joined them onboard to bed them farewell. Each congratulated the other for successfully creating the most incredible financial debacle in the history of mankind. While millions suffered, their evil cabal reaped profits and bought stocks for hundreds of thousands of dollars that were actually worth billions of dollars!
Churchill wrote on his way home:

“No one who gazed on such a scene could doubt that this financial disaster, huge as it was, cruel as it is to thousands, is only a passing episode in the march of a valiant and serviceable people who by fierce experiment are hewing new paths for man, and showing for all nations much that they should attempt and much that they should avoid.”

How dare Churchill write such garbage about Americans being a “serviceable people”! For whom, Winston Churchill? Millions of “serviceable” men and women put their lives on the line to fight the two world wars that Winston Churchill was instrumental in creating! Many Americans made the ultimate sacrifice – many more were severely injured.” End quote.

Winston master mason Churchill was back in the States in January 1932 and Bernard whose cfr legacy lives on Baruch met him at the docks. 

Beginning on page 184, Mr. Patriot: “Winston declared in an interview from his hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria that democracy was not functioning properly and it would be up toeminent individuals” instead of the masses electing public officials to solve the world's woes.

He stated, The progress of the world is dependent on eminent individuals. It has never been ground out by political machines. It is a great delusion to think that the people have the kind of government that they want in any country in the world now. They have got the kind of government they vote for and are told they want.” (Hmm “…and are told they want.”)

On January 28th Churchill gave a speech to some 2,000 listeners at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Churchill described the Soviet Union as this new tyranny”…” End quote. A tyranny the governments of America and England brought about!! How many Americans have reflected on the pain and misery suffered by Well Meaning Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Latvians, Poles, Slovakians and……?

I’ll be the first to admit it is difficult to accept everything we were taught is a lie, especially if you have a conscience, because Your Conscience wouldn't allow You to carry out the wolves’ agenda. FACT - their elitist attitude is right there in the cfr’s history section. Hell the founders of the chatham and pratt houses decided the fate of millions of Europeans after World War I “over tea”.

He continued, England and America are going in the same direction. They have the same outlook and no common discords. Why then, do we not act together effectively? Why do we stand gaping at each other in this helpless way, ashamed that it is said that America and England are working together, as if that were a crime? We must be the strong central nucleus at the council board of nations.”   

From page 187: “Tuesday, 2/09/32 – In the morning Churchill was escorted to the 102nd floor of the new Empire State Building by Governor Alfred E. Smith. …

Although it was built over 60 years ago, the Empire State Building remains the fourth tallest building in the world.”

At Wikipedia You can read about a B-25 crashing into the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors in 1945. Because of that crash an “Engineering Study” was made prior to building the Twin Towers which were designed to withstand a minimum of Four Direct Hits by a 707. Yes indeed WTC 1 and 2 were Imploded!! And the putrid hearts REALLY screwed up when pratt house sponsor Time Warner’s Cnn and chatham house sponsor Bbc announced #7 was crashing/had crashed straight down before #7 was imploded on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

When a B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors on Saturday, July 28, 1945 at 9:40 am, the resulting fire was put out in less than 45 minutes!

The first time I watched Loose Change – Final Cut was around five years ago. Mr. Dylan Avery: “After 4:00 pm, news outlets began reporting the building (#7) had collapsed. CNN BREAKING NEWS: (4:10 pm) “We are getting information now that one of the other buildings, Building 7 in the World Trade Center Complex is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing.”

All of this is shown in Final Cut. At 4:57 pm Eastern Standard Time the bbc’s anchor in London announces: “We’ve got some news just coming in, actually that the Salomon Brothers Building in New York, right in the heart of Manhattan has also collapsed.”

The bbc’s London anchor at 5:10: “Now more on the latest building collapse in New York. You might have heard a few moments ago I was talking about the Salomon Brothers Building collapsing and indeed it has! Apparently that’s only a few hundred yards away from where the World trade Center Towers were. And it seems this is not the results of a new attack, it was because the building had been weakened during this morning’s attacks. We will probably find out more about that from our correspondent Jane Standley." Bbc anchor asks Jane, “Presumably there were very few people in the Salomon Building when it collapsed, I mean there were I suppose fears of possible further collapses in the area?”  Jane: “That’s what you would hope because this whole downtown area behind me has been completely sealed off and evacuated apart from the emergency workers. That was done by the mayor, Rudy Giuliani.” Anchor: “Jane, I think many of us when we heard the news, perhaps on the radio earlier today we were ah completely flabbergasted by it and just couldn’t comprehend it. It almost sounded too far-fetched. I was wondering what it felt like for you being in Manhattan? Well unfortunately I think we have lost the line with ah Jane Standley in Manhattan, perhaps we can rejoin her and follow that up later.”  

Dylan asks: “Where did cnn and the bbc get their information? Especially considering the building was Still Standing directly behind their reporters?”  

At first we were told no Firefighters reached the 78th floor of the South Tower, the second Tower hit and the first imploded. The “why” is found in a radio communication by Battalion Chief Mr. Orio J. Palmer: “Battalion Seven … Ladder 15, we got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock them down with two lines. Radio that, 78th floor numerous 10-45 Code Ones.” 

Please read the New York Times’ version of Battalion Chief Palmer’s statement, “At that point, the building would be standing for just a few more minutes, as the fire was weakening the structure on the floors above him. Even so, Chief Palmer could see only two pockets of fire, and called for a pair of engine companies to fight them.”  The Times’ published bullshit. The Windsor Hotel (Madrid 2005) fire is Everyone’s proof. And let no American forget the 9/11 commission’s co-chairs Thomas rocke-pub Kean and Lee rocke-dem Hamilton along with the commission’s executive director Philip trilateral Zelikow are bilderbergs.

After tracking down the rest of story about another u.s. government cover-upABLE DANGER - the 9/11 commission’s bullshit report was summed up in Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s testimony before the rat and skank filled congress. LTC Shaffer: “During my first meeting with Congressman Weldon [2005] I was asked some questions about what became of the overall ABLE DANGER effort – he had heard some details from Capt Phillpott in their first meeting (that preceded my meeting with the Congressman by several days) – he asked me to provide my details – which I did. I gave him the same basic SECRET level briefing I had given the 9/11 Commission on Oct of 2003 at Bagram, AFG. During the briefing, Congressman Weldon asked Russ Caso, his chief of staff, to call the 9/11 commission and find out if they (the 9/11 commission) had ever heard of ABLE DANGER. Mr. Caso left the room and called Chris Cojm [Kojm] at the 9/11 Discourse Project and asked him if they had ever “heard of something called ABLE DANGER”. Chris quickly checked and told Russ Yes we had heard of it” – Russ then asked him why they had not put it in their final report – Cojm’s answer was this It did not fit with the story we wanted to tell”. Russ came back in and told Congressman Weldon and me of the comment. Both Congressman Weldon and I could not hide our astonished looks at hearing the news. This was the beginning of the investigation as to why ABLE DANGER information was not examined or included in the 9/11 report that has brought us to where we are today.”

Hmm it did not fit with the story we wanted to tell. In other words it did not fit the lie we wanted to tell. The link in the above paragraph is full of everyone should know information. George trilateral wolf, former cia director, pratt rat Tenet - you haven’t pulled the wool over my eyes about Atta or anything else.

Back to The Greatest $tory NEVER Told…, Mr. Patriot: “In the evening Churchill delivered another speech to the New York Economic Club at Hotel Astor. Seated on the dias were his old friends:

Bernard his cfr legacy lives on Baruch

Charles pilgrim Schwab

John D. pilgrim Rockefeller Jr.

Otto H. founding cfr director, pilgrim Kahn

Henry founding cfr member, lawyer, ambassador, whose son was a pilgrim Morgenthau” I didn't list the other seven wolves on the dias, heck the first five show US who they are.

An excerpt from Churchill’s speech:I would like to see the governments of United States and Great Britain, through their agents the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, come to the definite conclusion that commodities must be revalued up to the 1927 or 1928 level, and that thereafter currency must be available to provide a stable measure of prices.”

Hmm the federal reserve and bank of england. Paul former fed bankster, bilderberg, pilgrim Volcker why were the players at the top secret Jekyll Island meeting in 1910 which laid the foundation for the federal reserve bankster act signed by Princeton ivy club Wilson in December 1913 all pilgrims society members?!  

One paragraph from an American Patriot, Mr. Eustace Mullin’s Secrets of the Federal Reserve: “Accompanying Senator pilgrim Aldrich at the Hoboken station were his private secretary, Shelton; A. Piatt pilgrim Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and Special Assistant of the National Monetary Commission; Frank pilgrm Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, Henry P. pilgrm Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company, and generally regarded as Morgan’s personal emissary; and Charles D. pilgrim Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York. Joining the group just before the train left the station were Benjamin pilgrim Strong, also known as a lieutenant of J.P. Morgan; and Paul pilgrim, cfr founding director Warburg, a recent immigrant from Germany who had joined the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb.”

Two Facts: senator Nelson mason Aldrich's daughter Abby married John D. maggot, pilgrim Rockefeller jr. Bottom line only Holder’s dept. of corruption agencies like the fbi will deny the significance of the pilgrims society. Please compare the American pilgrims with a list of skull & bones scum. An example is Henry bones, co-founder of Time magazine Luce. Folks the wolves know how important it is to control the flow of information the Public receives.

Since the bones pack is a masonic spin off, another paragraph from Winston master mason Churchill’s speech at the New York Economic Club: “There is remember another world force, international communism, centred the armed and arming strength of Russia. Is it not the duty, nay, the appointed task of the English speaking peoples to stand between Europe and Asia and the new tyranny? To raise again the standards of personal liberty, of enlightened, liberalism, of family home, faith in God upon which the glory of mankind has been erected? If so, the task is surely not beyond our united strength.”  Meanwhile behind the scenes England and America were united in building Russia, and later mainland China. Reality: the reason why the bones controlled pentagon quit supplying Chiang Kai-shek with bullets in 1945 was to facilitate Mao's take over.

Beginning on page 195, Mr. Patriot: “In August of 1930, James Gerard, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany listed the names of the men who actually ran the United States.

When questioned why his list did not include ANY elected officials he explained that they were only figureheads. The men in the order Ambassador Gerard listed them:” Pat does this in column form and types their positions/titles at the time. To save space I didn’t and Readers can look up the wolves’ positions on their own.


“John D. maggot, pilgrim Rockefeller Jr., sec. of the treasury Andrew pilgrim Mellon, J.P. Morgan pilgrim Jr., George F. pilgrim Baker – chairman of First National Bank of New York, John D. Ryan, Walter C. Teagle – president of Standard Oil, Henry Ford, Frederick E. skull & bones, lumber magnate Weyerhaeuser, Myron C. Taylor, Charles M. Schwab, Eugene G. Grace, H. M. Warner (Warner Brothers), Adolph Zukor (Paramount), William H. Crocker, the Van Sweringen brothers, Charles Hayden, Daniel C. Jackling, P. G. Gossler, R. C. Holmes, John J. Raskob, the DuPont family, Edward Berwind, Daniel Willard, Sosthenos Behn, Owen D. Young, Gerard Swope, Thomas Lamont, Albert Wiggins, Charles cfr member Mitchell – chairman of National City Bank, Samuel Insull, the Fisher brothers, Daniel Guggenheim, William Loeb, G.W. Hill, Adolph New York Times Ochs, William Randolf Hearst, Robert R. Chicago Tribune McCormick, Joseph Medill Patterson, Julius Rosenwald, Cyrus H.K. Curtis and Roy W. Howard – chairman of Scripps Howard newspapers.”

Page 210 shows a copy of the very first payment the federal reserve bank of New York under Pierre bones Jay made. The date was November 16, 1914 and the amount was $21 million. Today the receiver National City Bank of New York is chatham and pratt house sponsor Citi.

Mr. Patriot: “Copy of the first receipt issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to National City Bank (now Citibank). Also present at the New York Federal Reserve were officials from England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. They refused to be interviewed by reporters or make any comment regarding the purpose of their presence at the Federal Reserve for the period of time prior to and during the Federal Reserve’s opening day of business.” After adding 2 + 2 Mr. Patriot’s paragraph hands US the crooked as it gets anglo-american establishment on a silver platter.

Why has the federal reserve system never been audited? Because an audit would Reveal the names of the owners, the receivers of hundreds of billions of dollars in interest payments on America’s so-called national debt. Folks it’s Time to put an end on the current bankster system something senator Elizabeth alfalfa dining Warren or her alfalfa dining opponent in 2012 - would never dream of doing. Both are at the link. Warren dined at table 8, then senator Scott Brown dined at table 5.

The intent of these news articles is point out the players in AMERICA’S planned demise and I want to make Chrystal Clear the First Americans, the Red People are not among the wolves involved. On the other hand Arabs, Blacks, Browns (Indians and Pakistanis), Whites and Yellows are up to their nostrils in George skull Bush senior’s favorite phrases a new world order.

A can’t be denied example of Arab participation is found in the current Saudi ambassador’s bio at their website: Mr. Al-Jubeir was [a] Visiting Diplomatic Fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York, 1994-95. He has lectured at universities and academic institutions in the U.S. and appeared frequently in the media. In 2006, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from the University of North Texas.

Another example is Saudi prince, Alwaleed Bin Talal, a controller of information who owns more than 6% of Rupert bilderberg, pratt house rat Murdock’s News Corp., plus he's one of the largest shareholders of chatham and pratt sponsor Citi. Skeptics can do some tracking on their own or visit here and here.

One example of prince billionaire Alwaleed controlling the flow of information is here. Mr. Walid Shoebat: “Conversely, Bin Talal is the second largest shareholder of Newscorp. As such, the Saudi Prince has demonstrated an ability to influence how news is portrayed on Fox News Channel. For example, back in 2005, during coverage of Muslim riots in France, Fox News displayed a banner that identified the riots for what they were – “Muslim riots”.

Bin Talal relayed what happened next, via Think Progress:

“I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

Since Saudi Arabia’s royals finance and proselytize the sharia-salafi mindset, these are facts Americans should know.

The best website I’m aware of dealing with Saudi royals is Mr. Walid Shoebat’s. Walid used to be terrorist himself before Walid knelt before the CROSS. Bottom line - Walid has translated many documents our state dep. currently run by John bones, bilderberg, pratt, alfalfa diner Kerry and Saudi Arabia’s chatham hyena sponsoring royalsmuch preferred to keep a secret.

Those with an interest in learning about the First Americans please read The Soul of an Indian and The Gospel of the Red Man. Ladies and Gentlemen, while We may not agree I Strongly Believe THE GREAT SPIRIT – HOLY SPIRIT Are ONE And THE SAME.