Monday, February 27, 2017

A Note from the Author



Ladies and Gentlemen ~

Please be sure to read the comprehensive pieces in the Features section and all of the Parts contained therein. Each piece is extensively researched and documented with, in most cases, the paperwork of the organizations mentioned themselves. Many years have been spent in research and discovery of the groups who make and dictate policy in these States united.

In some cases, links that worked at one time from the web have expired and for that, apologies are made in advance. In most cases, that cannot be helped. The information here is as thoroughly documented as possible, both from a historical viewpoint as well as in the light of current events.

We hope you will endeavor to read and study the information presented here in an effort to understand just how deeply -- in many cases unelected persons dictating policy and how -- the path of government is manipulated.

Please bookmark this site as content is being added regularly. These are bitter truths and hopefully will aid the reader in understanding the world around him. Of particular note, the author wishes to call attention to the membership lists of many organizations, many directly from the organizations themselves.

Most sincerely,
The Author